Now it's My Turn

Sequel to "Gibbs's New Girl" & "Switching Places"

By MchakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 2

On Saturday Gibbs woke Ali at her usually time, changed her then went down to make her a special breakfast while she dressed. After breakfast Gibbs had wanted to blow off the regular weekend chores but Ali insisted so they made quick work of the chores, then spent the rest of the morning playing in the backyard. Since the last time that Gibbs and the family had "played" with Ali she had become quite enthusiastic about learning how to throw a football and baseball. So when they were finished Gibbs and Ali were in the backyard tossing a football. Ali had made progress on learning how to throw the balls but still needed Gibbs to pattern her every once in a while.

After about an hour and a half of throwing the ball Ali wanted to play on her play set so Gibbs sent her on and park himself in the bench swing to watch. At times like these Gibbs could really see the child in Ali shining through. As she climbed up the ladder then slid down the slide, then ran over to the monkey bars and swung herself down the row Gibbs couldn't help but smile at the unabated laughter that was coming from Ali. She was just wearing an oversized tee-shirt, diaper, shorts and bare feet and she couldn't have been happier. She was free to be the carefree little girl that she'd always craved to be.

The past few years had been rough on both of them with Gibbs getting hurt and Ali having to take over his care. Then Ali got hurt and it finally dawned on him what he had almost pushed away. Now five years later they were both healthy again, except for the occasional twinge when it got really cold. Things had slowly gotten back to normal for their little group except that Ali had become a little more reserved in letting go of her adult Allison. But finally and with a lot of love and support she'd returned to the carefree Ali that Gibbs loved so much.

At noon they went inside and fixed lunch then after they had cleaned up and Ali was down for a nap Gibbs called Tony asking if he would pick up Ali's car at her office. He dropped the car of about an hour later and they spent a few minutes talking until Ali started to awaken. Gibbs had promised an exclusive "Daddy" weekend so Tony left saying that he would see Gibbs on Monday.

After Gibbs went upstairs and woke Ali, she asked Gibbs if he would take her to the store. She and Ziva had been working on a special dinner and she wanted to try it for her and Gibbs tonight. So after a quick change of her diaper and clothes Gibbs and Ali were off to the store. On the way home they made a stop at the hardware store where they got the supplies for their next project. Ever since Gibbs had discovered that Ali enjoyed making things with wood he had tried to kept simple projects going that they could do together. She had slowly progressed so that their next project was a chest for the living room so that Ali could keep all her games and toys there. This was going to be their first big project and he wanted Ali to be proud of it.

As they returned to the house and carried the groceries into the kitchen he noticed the perfect place for Ali's chest. There was a small wall that made sort of a little hallway between the living room and the kitchen entrance. Right now that space was empty but he could see Ali's chest sitting there when they finished it. After putting up the groceries Gibbs pulled Ali into the living room and planted her on the couch. He knew that Ali liked to watch college football so he turned the television on the headed back towards the car.

"Where you going Daddy?" asked Ali as she turned around on the couch to watch him leave.

"Just to put the boards and stuff in the backyard," answered Gibbs.

"I can help Daddy," called Ali as she started to get up off the couch.

"No, stay put." answered Gibbs a little harsher than he had meant.

While they were at the hardware store he had gotten a surprise for Ali. When Ali had helped Gibbs with all their other projects she had been happy to use his tools but now since this was her first bigger project and they would be working together she needed a set of her own. So Gibbs had put together a tool box for Ali and he wanted to surprise her with it when they started on the chest.

"Yes daddy," pouted Ali as she turned around and sat back down on the couch.

Gibbs knew he would have to make it up to her but he was sure she was going to love his surprise. She had asked so many questions about what each tool was, what it did, and how it was used that he just had a feeling that she would be thrilled about having her tools.

When he finished putting all the wood and supplies up he returned to the living room to find Ali still sitting on the couch watching television but slouched down in her pouting pose. Over the years Gibbs had come to know that that meant she was upset. As he sat down beside her he looked over and smiled then held his arms open for her. Only after a moment's hesitation she crawl into his arms and put her head on his chest.

"I'm sorry I got upset with you Daddy," whispered Ali as she snuggled her face against his shirt.

"And I'm sorry I yelled at you, but I'll make it up to you. I've got a surprise for you when we start our next project." said Gibbs as he looked down at the woman in his arms.

"You do really! For me! Honest Daddy?" exclaimed Ali as she bounced up almost knocking Gibbs in the chin.

"Honest sweetheart. Why don't we go out tomorrow and look at the plans for our next project."

"Ohhhhh thank you Daddy...thank you!" said Ali as she once again threw herself into Gibbs' arms then snuggled down against his chest.

After that they spent the rest of the afternoon watching college football on television until it was time for Allison to start dinner. Ali had told Gibbs to stay out of the kitchen and yell if he wanted anything so after a few "cries of wolf" Gibbs settled down in the living room and left Ali alone.

Two hours later Ali called to Gibbs that dinner was ready and he entered the dining room to find the table set for two along with the serving plates. For the main course Ali had marinated and baked two chicken breast in a garlic and white wine cooking sauce adding some mushrooms and onions on top. As a side dish she'd made seasoned potatoes with herbs, topping the meal off with a salad and individual cheesecakes for dessert.

Gibbs looked at the meal on the table then pulled Ali into his arms kissing the top of her head.

"Thank you sweetheart, this looks wonderful."

"Well don't thank me yet, until you tasted it but thank you anyway for the complement. I'm still learning from Ziva how to cook," replied Ali as she pulled out of Gibbs' arms and sat down at the table.

"I'm sure it will be wonderful, you're cooking has improved in the past few years." said Gibbs as he sat down at the table then started dishing out the food.

After that they eat in silence Gibbs only commenting once about how good it was. After dinner he helped her clean up the kitchen then they spent the rest of the night watching television with Gibbs carrying Ali upstairs after she fell asleep on his chest.

Sunday was almost a picture perfect repeat of Saturday with the exception of Gibbs and Ali playing in the backyard. During breakfast Ali had bugged Gibbs about their next project and her surprise so that after the kitchen was cleaned up Gibbs took Ali to their workshop in the backyard.

After Gibbs had discovered that Ali enjoyed building things he had bought and had installed a medium sized prebuilt workshop. It sat in the back of the yard on the other side of her play set so he could watch her play while he worked. As they headed towards the workshop Ali all but bounced her way across the yard. She really enjoyed working with Gibbs build thing and he hoped she was going to love this next project to. As he opened the doors and turned on the light Ali could see a large box sitting in the middle of the table which sat in the middle of the workshop. Gibbs could see that she wanted to tear into the package but was a little hesitant until he smiled and said.

"Go on sweetheart, it's for you."

After that Ali descended on it and soon had all the wrapping paper scattered across the floor and stood in wonder at the gift before her. There on the table was her own tool box, filled with all the essentials. Hammer, screwdrivers, wrench and tape measure. Plus a few extra tools that Gibbs knew she'd expressed an interest in. Ali turned and looked at the man behind her then threw herself into his arms crying tears of joy. No one had done so much, and loved her as completely as this man whom she now considered her daddy.

With a slight hitch in her voice Ali whispered. "Thank you Daddy, I love it."

"Look inside, there's more." said Gibbs as he gently turned her around and headed her back towards the tool box.

On both side of the box was painted "Ali's tools" and sticking out one side of the box was a large folded sheet of paper. Ali reached for the paper and unfolded it taking a few minutes to look at it before once again she was launching herself into Gibbs' arms still clutching the plans.

"Really daddy...really! My very own hope chest." cried Ali.

"You can call it whatever you want sweetheart. But I thought it might come in handy to hold all your toys downstairs instead of you lunging them back and forth when everyone comes over."

"That's a wonderful idea Daddy!" exclaimed Ali

With a laugh Gibbs replied. "I do have them occasionally sweetheart. Now how about we take a look at those plans then see what we need to get started." said Gibbs as he walked with Ali to the table to lay out the plan and help her read the plans.

After that Gibbs and Ali spent the rest of the day working on starting the project only breaking for lunch and Ali's nap, then starting back again and working until Gibbs called a stop for dinner.

After dinner was eaten and the kitchen cleaned they once again spent the night watching television on the couch until Ali's bed time.


Monday morning dawned bright and with a little dread Ali woke early and was waiting for Gibbs when he came in to change her. As Gibbs took care of their morning ritual he noticed that she was a little quieter than usual and when he finished he sat back down on the edge of Ali's bed.

"Sweetheart, are you feeling alright?" asked Gibbs as he gently ran his hand over her cheek and forehead.

"I'm okay Daddy, I just don't want to go back to work today and face Jameson and the others after what happened Friday" answered Ali.

"Sweetheart, I doubt very seriously that Jameson thinks any less of you because of what he saw. He knew you were upset by whatever happened with that lawyer and was concerned for you like I was." said Gibbs honestly.

"Are you sure, because I…." started Allison then stopped when she saw the look Gibbs was giving her.

"Allison. I wasn't going to tell you but he called twice this weekend just to check on you and ask if you were alright"

"Awe he did. That was so nice, I'll have to do something for him." said Ali as she started to sit up.

"Well don't go overboard and make him feel uncomfortable. Remember he's still the newbie to your office and you don't want the other's to think he's your favorite." said Gibbs as he got off the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

"You're right, thanks Daddy. Love you," called Ali as he exited the bathroom and she headed in to get dressed.

Breakfast was fixed and eaten quickly with both of them cleaning up and then leaving for their cars. As Gibbs watched Allison's car pull out he felt in his pocket for the envelope that had started this whole thing. Admiral/Ambassador Douglas Grayson might not know it but he had a fight on his hands if he was going to try and hurt his Allison. So with a firm determination Gibbs went to his car and got in. In the marines the best defense was to know your opponent so that's what he was going to do. He was going to have Tony and Tim find out everything they could on Admiral Grayson and his family so when they went to the funeral there hopefully wouldn't be any surprises.

Twenty minutes later Gibbs entered the bullpen to find all three of his younger agents at their desk working. He locked up his gun and then sat down to boot up his computer. After a few minutes he looked up to see Tony and Tim furiously working on their computers.

"Tony, what is the status on our last case?" called Gibbs from his desk.

"All wrapped up Boss, just working on finishing up the paper work now" answered Tony as he stopped and looked at Gibbs.

He knew that Gibbs knew the status of their last case, and wondered what he hand in mind for him to do.

"Good because I want you and Tim to do some research for me, privately? Tony, I want you to research and get all the background you can on Admiral Douglas Grayson."

"Allison's father Boss?" asked Tony a little louder than he meant to.

"That's right DiNozzo, is that a problem?" asked Gibbs pointedly.

"No Boss, no. On it Boss." answered Tony then furiously started typing on his computer.

"Tim, I want you to check out Allison's mother's family. I believe the name is Abrahams." said Gibbs

"On it Boss," said Tim firmly then started his search.

"Ziva I need you to get in touch with someone in legal and see if you can set me up a private meeting with a lawyer."

"I thought you had a rule about involving lawyers in cases Gibbs?" asked Ziva as she reached for the phone.

"I do, but this is a personal matter not tied to a case." said Gibbs.

"Well I hope it is somehow case related because I would hate to think you're using NCIS resources for personal gain Gibbs" said Director Vance as he stepped out on the catwalk just above the bullpen. He had heard the last part of Gibbs' instructions and was curious as to why Gibbs was investigating Allison's parents.

"You're office Director?" asked Gibbs as he looked at the man that ran NCIS and knew that he was skating a very thin line, but was almost sure that once he knew all the facts would have his full support.

"Of course," answered Vance as he nodded to the others then headed towards his office.

Gibbs took one more look at his agents then headed up the stairs, calling over his shoulder. "I want that information as soon as possible," then continued up the stairs.

"Got it Boss," called all three of his agents at almost the same time, then smiled quickly returning to their assigned jobs.

As Gibbs entered Director Vance's office he quickly felt for the envelope in his breast pocket knowing full well that this would explain everything. Vance was sitting behind his desk waiting and as he entered all Gibbs did was hand him an envelope.

"What's this?" asked Vance as he took the plain white envelope.

"This was served to Allison Friday by a lawyer for her father, read It." said Gibbs then stood and watched as Vance opened the envelope and quickly read the papers. The emotions that crossed Vance's face told Gibbs that he had been right. Vance was outraged by the way that Douglas Grayson was treating his eldest daughter.

"Is she alright?" asked Vance as he folded the papers and replaced them back in the envelope then handed them to Gibbs.

"She's fine now. Friday was rough on her but we had a "Daddy weekend" and she seems ok now."

"Do you know when and where the funeral will be held?" asked Vance.

"That's one of the things I want to discuss with the lawyer private," answered Gibbs

"Well keep me informed and I'll make arrangements for you and your team to have the time off. I'd also like to attend if you don't think Allison will mind."

"I'm sure she'll appreciate all the support she can get Director," answered Gibbs with a smile.

It warmed his heart to know that he'd been right in his judgment of Vance. He might not be an active part of their little family but he didn't discourage it either and would support them in anything they did for Allison or each other. With a quick nod to the man behind the desk Gibbs returned to the bullpen to check on the progress of his requests.

As Vance watched Gibbs leave he once again was amazed at the change in the older man since Allison had come into their lives. He always knew that Gibbs cared for the members of his team and would do almost anything for them but with Allison it was different. It was almost like he'd gotten a second chance at being a father again, and because of it had became a whole man again and he would be damned if he was going to let anyone, even Admiral Douglas Grayson upset that. So with a steely determination Vance picked up the phone and asked his secretary.

"Angela, get me Sec Nav" asked Vance as he leaned back in his chair.

"Yes sir." answered Angela quickly then a few minutes returned saying. "He's on the line sir, go ahead."

"Sir, this is Director Vance of NCIS. And I think we might have a little personal situation on our hands…." said Vance and then went on to explain the situation regarding Gibbs, Allison and Admiral Grayson.