Now it's My Turn

Sequel to "Gibbs' New Girl" & "Switching Places"

By MchakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 9

On Sunday the rest of the team including Ducky showed up at Gibbs' and Ali's house even before Ali was awake. Gibbs let her sleep in so when Ducky showed up around ten o' clock Gibbs went reluctantly upstairs to wake Ali. He'd hoped for a quiet day just the two of them but knew the team was upset and worried about Ali so he'd give them this time to reassure themselves that she was alright.

As he entered Ali's room he saw that once again she was in slightly tangled sheets. He'd thought he had hear her moan a few times last night, but by the time it totally registered in his sleep induced mind she had quieted down so he hadn't gone and checked on her. Now he wished he had but with the exception of getting tangled in the sheets she seemed alright. As he dropped the bed rail then gently moved her over, sitting down on her bed he suddenly realized why she'd been a little fussy. Allison had very tender skin and was sensitive to wearing a wet diaper for too long. And by the looks of the diaper she was wearing she needed to be changed quickly. Getting up quickly Gibbs gathered her supplies then carefully changed Ali while she slept before gently shaking her awake.

"Ali baby, it's time to get up." said Gibbs as he sat back down on the side of the bed.

Ali slowly opened her eyes, smiling and mumbling around her pacifier. "Da da?"

"I'm right here baby girl. How are you doing?"

At Ali's slight nod, Gibbs pulled the pacifier from her mouth then leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Good, because there are some people waiting downstairs to see you as soon as you get dressed." said Gibbs as he stood up and started towards the door.

"Who Daddy?" asked Ali as she pushed the covers off and sat up.

"Ohhhh just Tim, Tony, Ziva, Abby, Palmer and Ducky"

"Jimmy and Ducky!" cried Ali as she quickly jumped out of bed and ran towards the door then headed downstairs.

It had been a while since Jimmy and Ducky had been able to come over and see her and she missed their reading time. Beside they almost always brought her another book every time they came to see her. As Gibbs followed her downstairs he saw her take the last two steps at the same time then launch herself at Jimmy who was still standing in the foyer talking to Ducky and Tony.

"Palmer" called Gibbs just in time for him to turn and catch her in his arms before they both landed on the floor.

"Oaf, hello sweetie" said Palmer as she suddenly had his arms full of a very happy Ali.

"Oh I missed you Jimmy, what did you bring me?" asked Ali as she leaned back to look at the man in her arms.

"Ali" warned Gibbs as he came down the last stairs.

"Oh it's alright Agent Gibbs, we actually did promise her a new book on our next visit" said Palmer as he pulled a medium sized package from his coat.

"Yes but she needs to say hello first, at least" reminded Gibbs firmly.

"Sorry Daddy. Hello Jimmy, hello Ducky" said Ali as she extracted herself from Jimmy and went over and hugged the older man.

"Hello my sweet angel. I heard there was some excitement yesterday, are you alright?" asked Ducky as he put his hands on her cheeks and looked her squarely in the eyes.

"I'm fine Ducky. Daddy and Ziva took care of me last night and I feel better today." answered Ali as she leaned into his hands

"That's my girl. Now here's something from me as well" said Ducky as he handed Ali another package.

As Ali took the second package she turned and looked at Gibbs. "May I open them now Daddy?"

"Go ahead but don't start reading them until after breakfast." said Gibbs with a smile.

Gibbs knew that Jimmy and Ducky were trying to re buy her all the books she'd said she had read when she was younger. Most of those books had been bought by her father for her younger brothers and sisters and had gone with them when they left. As Allison tore into the packages her face lit up and once again both men found their arms full of a happy bouncing Ali.

"Oh thank you Jimmy, Ducky! I love them, can we read them later on?" asked Ali as she came over and showed Gibbs the books they had given her. They were working on her next collection of books, the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

"As long as Gibbs says its ok" said Jimmy as he looked at the older man. At his nod Jimmy took the books from Ali and placed them on the small table in the foyer.

"Why don't you go get dressed first then we'll fix breakfast okay sweet?" asked Gibbs.

"Sure Daddy, thanks again Jimmy, Ducky" said Ali as she raced back upstairs.

Five minutes later Ali was back down stairs wearing one of Gibbs old polo shirts, her diaper, and a pair of shorts. As she crossed the living room she gave Gibbs another hug then raced into the kitchen to see if she could help with breakfast and twenty minutes later everyone was sitting in the dining room eating. After the dishes were washed and the kitchen cleaned Ali talked Ziva and Abby into helping her with her puzzle again while everyone sat on the couches and watched or talked.

At noon they stopped for lunch, then Gibbs announced it was Ali's nap time but she asked.

"Daddy, could Ducky read me a story first. Please Daddy, pleaseā€¦."

At her plea Gibbs looked over at the older man and smiled. He knew that Ducky enjoyed Ali's "story time" as much as she did so at his slight nod he relented.

"Alright, but only a short one" answered Gibbs.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I have the perfect one. Go upstairs and let Jethro get you ready for your nap and I'll be there in a minute." said Ducky as he came over and kissed her forehead.

He knew that Ali was still a little self-conscious of anyone but Jethro changing her and after her scare yesterday he didn't want to upset her.

"Thanks Ducky, come on Daddy." cried Ali as she practically pulled Gibbs up the stairs.

Five minutes later Ducky headed towards the stairs after retrieving Ali's most favorite book "Winnie the Pooh". It was guaranteed to have her asleep or quiet within twenty minutes. As he ascended the stairs the looked back to see the rest of the team cleaning up Ali's "play" area and putting her puzzle board back in the spare room.

As predicted twenty minutes later Gibbs and Ducky descended the stairs to find the rest of the team sitting in the living room watching television.

"Thanks for the story Ducky, I wasn't sure how I was going to get her to calm down. She was so excited about everyone being here." said Gibbs as they came in the living room and sat down.

"Glad I could help Jethro, I miss spending time with our little angel." answered Ducky.

"How is she Boss?" asked Tony.

"Sound asleep thanks to Ducky here and "Winnie the Pooh" said Gibbs with a grin.

It had been such a sweet sight to watch her curled up against Ducky's side as he read to her. It warmed his heart to know that at least know Ali had a family that loved and cared for her.

"So Boss, what do you want us to do about Grayson?" asked Tim.

"For right now, nothing. He hasn't broken any laws so we can't go after him, but I want Ali watched. Her phone called monitored, and I'm going to get a security system put on the house so if anyone tries to come in we will know about it."

"I can help with the security Boss" said Tim.

"And the rest of can be on watch detail" said Tony.

"I'll speak with Jameson at work and see if he can get someone to keep a list of Ali's calls" said Ziva.

"Thanks guys. I don't know what Grayson is playing at but whatever it is it spooked Ali badly." said Gibbs.

"Don't worry, Jethro. You know none of us will let anything happen to her" said Ducky.

"I know, Duck. But it's so hard to think about how close I came to pushing her away, then when she was in that accident and got hurt. I could have lost another of my girls, Ducky" said Gibbs his voice shaking with the emotions he was feeling.

"But you didn't Jethro, and she's happy and healthy again. You need to concentrate on that and put the past behind you. She doesn't blame you for what happened and neither should you. Besides you should know it takes a lot to make our little spitfire give up something when she has her heart set on it, and she has her heart set on you. Leroy Jethro Gibbs being her "Daddy".

"And I couldn't be prouder to have her call me that either Ducky, thank you. Thank you all for everything you've done for us both." Said Gibbs as he looked around the room at his little family.

"We're family, Boss" said Tony.

"It's what family does, Gibbs" answered Ziva.

After that everyone settled down and watched television until they heard noises coming from the baby monitor. He hadn't been using it recently because Ali hadn't had any nightmares in a while but after yesterday he had a feeling he would be using it again. As he turned on the video he saw that Ali was beginning to squirm a little so he headed upstairs and a few minutes later a slightly sleepy but bouncing Ali descended the stairs.

While she was asleep Ziva had fixed her a fresh bowl of fruit and topped it with whipping cream then brought it to Ali as a snack. While she ate everyone discussed what to do that afternoon. They knew that Ali was still a little spooked by what happened yesterday so they didn't even mention her playing out side.

So the rest of the afternoon was spent with Tony, Tim, Ziva, Abby and Palmer around the coffee table helping Ali put together her lego set from Harry Potter. Not only did she like to build things in wood she had also developed a great fondness for legos' especially anything Harry Potter. So Tim had started buying Ali lego sets from the Harry Potter movies along with things they had seen on their museum trips. Over the years Ali had amassed quite a collection from Harry Potter to the Washington Monument, along with a replica of the space shuttle and even a diorama of a dinosaur.

At five-thirty Gibbs called a halt to the fun and they cleaned up then all collected in the kitchen to fix dinner. It was an easy spaghetti dinner with several pairs of two making each thing. Tim, Abby made the spaghetti and sauce, while Ziva and Ali made the meatballs. Which left Tony making the bread and Palmer with the salad. Gibbs and Ducky stood on the edges and supervised and watched their children interact. While everything finished cooking Ali and Gibbs set the table while Ducky selected the wine. He knew Gibbs had a small store of wines for special occasions and figured this was as good a one as any. So after returning from the garage Ducky opened the bottle to let it breath. He fixed Ali a wine glass with cranberry juice in it so she wouldn't feel left out. As everyone took their place at the table he raised his glass and proposed at toast.

"To good family and friends."

"Here, here" answered everyone, then sat down and started eating.

After dinner was finished and the dishes washed, everyone went into the living room and watched Sunday Night Football with Ali curled up on the couch between Gibbs and Ducky.


Weeks and then months passed without any more incident like the one in Gibbs' and Ali's backyard, although she still got an occasional strange phone call and even felt like she was being watched a few times. But nothing major so by the time the weather started to change and get cold Ali and the rest of Gibbs' family were back to their normal routine.

This year Ali asked Gibbs if they could skip Halloween so on October 31th the Grayson/Gibbs household was dark but by the weekend it was filled with activity as the whole team once again descended on the house and started decorating for fall. This year Ali wanted to decorate the front porch as well so while Gibbs and the men decorated the house, Ali, Abby and Ziva went to the store to buy the decorations for the front porch.

On the way to store Ziva noticed what she thought was a car following the so she speed up a little then called softly.

"Abby, can you distract Ali for me while I make a little detour." asked Ziva as she looked into the rear view mirror catching Abby's eyes.

"What's wrong Ziva?" asked Abby as she locked eyes with Ziva in the mirror.

"Dark colored sedan two car behind us." said Ziva.

Abby quickly turned to look out of the back window, then turned back around and distracted Ali while she quickly texted Tim. A few minutes later she received a return text asking if they could get the license.

"Can you get a license plate number Ziva?" asked Abby.

"Hang on a minute" said Ziva as she tried but the car stayed just far enough back so she couldn't see it.

"No" said Ziva solemnly.

As she heard Abby typing feverishly on her phone she waited for what Gibbs wanted them to do trying her best not to upset Ali. A few minutes later she heard the returning bing, then Abby answered.

"Gibbs wants us to lose them then take Ali shopping but get her home as soon as possible."

"On it, hold on" replied Ziva then put all her concentration on losing her possible tail then getting Ali to the store as quickly as possible.

An hour later Ziva pulled the car into Ali's driveway, Abby helping Ali get the decorations into the house while Ziva went to find Gibbs. She found him working with Tony and Tim to put out the living room decorations.

"I'm sorry Gibbs" said Ziva softly as she came up the him.

"It's not your fault Ziva. I'm sure you did your best and you're first priority was keeping Ali safe, and I thank you for that." said Gibbs as he pulled her into his arms.

"Boss, I might be able to pull the footage from the traffic cams." said Tim.

"Good thinking, Tim. Look into it monday, right now I don't want Ali to find out so it's our little secret for now." said Gibbs as he looked at this three agents.

"Got it Boss, hey squirt do you need help with those hay bales?" asked Tony as he headed towards the front porch pulling McGee with him.

"Gibbs...I..."started Ziva but stopped when she saw his face.

"Ziva, let it go. You did everything you could, but you were distracted because you had Ali with you. And don't worry, if any can find a picture of the cars it's Tim. We will stop Grayson or who ever is behind this believe me." said Gibbs as he put his hands on her cheeks then leaned in kissing her forehead.

"Thank you Gibbs," whispered Ziva as he closed her eyes.

"Now take a minute then go help Ali with the decorations, and remember. It's our little secret." said Gibbs as he gently patted her on the cheek then when to make a quick call to Vance.

By dinner time all the decorations were up and they celebrated with another team dinner then movie night.