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It had been the Spring of her Sixth year that she would always remember the best. Despite everything else that had been going on and the chaos that seemed to dog their steps like the very hounds of hell, she had found a single moment of peace.

It had been the dancing of light over her face that had first brought her back to the realm of the wakeful and living. Brown eyes cracking open only to shut them just as quickly with a faint frown, and then turning into the comforting darkness of the robes beside her.

She could hear him…laughing at her in the low almost amused tone of his. That one that often told her she'd done something cute and adorable. Childish.

Huffing a little she'd let him laugh at her expense a little while longer, right now she was pleasantly lost in the wonderful scent of that waffled up on the air around her. Spring had come early this year, the ground bursting forth with smells of fresh grass, sun warmed earth, and little something sweet from the wild flowers in the fields and forest. Breathing in deep she felt herself smile at that little extra added smell of herbs, the pine coming from the black cloth she held to her face.

Hearing the soft sound of a book snapping closed she knew their time was drawing closed, she'd fallen asleep to him reading again. Giving one last sigh she peeked her eyes open once more and tentatively looked up at what had woken her in the first place.

The sun had moved since the last time she'd seen it, the early afternoon light brighter as the sun now sat above them, creating a dappled light through the canopy of the tree they had picked to read under. She'd never been sure just how old the old oak was, but she'd claimed it as hers from the very first moment she'd seen it in her first year, during her first trip to the lake. She'd been taken in by the many names she'd later found carved into its dark skin, a living history book of every child who'd found solace under its heavy branches.

It had been His tree once, she'd found his name carved high up on the trunk. The spidery scrawl drawing her attention even as she added her own name right beside it. It had become Her tree then, the most recent student to claim it…and then by some odd twist of magic or by the whim of fate it became Their tree.

Their hidden little spot just off the path of the lake were the water lapped at the grassy muddy bank, the great oaks roots thick and twisted dipping deep into both earth and water creating the perfect single most hidden in plain sight spot.

She could feel his eyes on her, watching her as she took in the simple pleasure of the light dancing through the branches, and turning her head she felt herself smile. Those eyes. Those blacker then pitch eyes.

Oh how they peered out of that pale face normally so cold and now gazed at her with a warmth that nothing she could ever do or find would match. Oh how she laughed to herself every time she'd catch him glaring at some student, and how she envied those eyes so capable of reducing even the brashest of people into meek children.

She loved those eyes.

She loved them even more as they met her own brown gaze and warmed even further until she could see the shift of that fire. He was thinking something…something maybe a little naughty. Thoughts that would have her skin open to the spring air, her body pressed into the cloak under her and into the earth by his weight while he rose over her.

And like that, with a single heated look he could reduce her to a wanton creature of love and need. Their hands moving even before either one could think to do so, clothing finding its way shed and then forgotten as flesh met flesh and she lost herself to the sound of the birds calling out to each other in their own mating cries, while the scent of pine rose heavy in the air around them, and the spicy scent of herbs tickled her nose. His name on her lips as they spoke not a single word but oh..those eyes, had said everything she'd ever needed to hear.

And then like that..with a single choked sob brown eyes flew open once more, and gazed not up at the man who has just been hovering above her, and who's body she could have sworn she just held while light danced across both their skin…

But the pale cream color of her own bedroom ceiling, the scent of pine, herbs and the sound of birds long faded.

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