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The sob still held in check at the back of her throat, her eyes wildly scanning the room for the man she would have sworn was just with her, her eyes coming to land back on the single window of her room. It was brighter outside, warmer, then when she'd last been awake and seen the still dark predawn sky. Her breath once a little panicked came in much slower as her mind caught up with itself and she shook the last lingered dredges of the dream off.

Yes, of course it had only been a dream. She was becoming such a ninny in her old age,to be taken by such a thing. She'd dreamed of that time so long ago often enough and she'd always recalled them like bitter-sweet chocolate. So why had this last one felt so much more real?

Sighing faintly as her breath once more came and went with measured and genital puffs of air she continued to gaze out the window, watching her lace curtains dance as the sun warmed breeze slipped through. The stirring warmth on her face made her smile as a white cloud seemed to drift past that pane of glass, standing out so much at odds against that blue blue…sky.

Blue. She'd loved that color ever since she'd been a little girl. And that shade of blue always brought to mind the times of summer. Time spent with her parents before she'd gotten her Hogwarts letter, the trips they used to take to some new exotic land her father had a whim to visit.

That..blue. That..color. The same blue as the jumper she'd worn during that absolutely horrible awful year her and her two friends had spent in hiding. That.. year they had gone on that hunt for those Merlin cursed dam Horcruxs in order to defeat the greatest threat to their lives once and for all!

The same jumper he had given her their last night together,the one just before the wedding and the night the three of them had fled, the one she'd worn the night He'd found them. The same one she'd never been able to ever wash clean again no matter what spell or magic she used, she'd never been able to remove that faint tint of copper brown that…

Closing her eyes against the color of the sky outside that so reminded her of summer, she felt her eyes pricked against the first rush of tears that ran down her cheeks. And once more she felt herself fall and then dreamt.

A/N: And no I can't recall exactly what color the jumper she was wearing was, but I'm just going to assume she had more then one, and the one she cherished the most had been a gift from the man she loved.

The chapters will also vary in the number of words. Sorry if some of them seem shorter then others, but I'll try to keep at least the dreams longer.