Hello gladiators ! I have not forgotten my other stories but also have been wracking my brain for a holiday Olitz story. I finally decided to do a Christmas in the future story where everyone gathers for the holidays and the opening of the Fitzgerald Thomas Grant 111 Memorial Library. This idea was borrowed from the finale of West Wing.

The building was almost finished. Only a few touches had to be added to the interior and the front stained glass window had to be installed. Glass cases held the mementoes of a lifetime. One absolutely had to be enshrined and appropriately it was pinned to a piece of blue velvet. It was still shiny even after all these years. It was special enough that it was the pin that was wore by Eisenhower , but it was the gift that she gave him all those years ago.

"I still remember all those years ago when you gave me that pin. You said you wanted me to have something special and I said you were my something special." Grinned Fitz as he held onto his wife's gloved hand.

"I remember how we celebrated that night. Then you found out that the Oval Office was filled with cameras." Laughed Olivia. Her laughter was still the sweetest thing he had heard.

They had come a long way and had a lot of happy and tragic moments. Finally it all came together and Mellie wanted a divorce. He proposed on a warm spring day in the Rose Garden. All three networks broadcasted a true once in a lifetime event, the wedding of a current President and the woman he loved. The bride was in Vera Wang and he had the brightest smile on his face as Olivia Carolyn Pope became the First Lady and his second wife. Soon after , Olivia got pregnant and had Fitz's fourth child. (in this story. Jerry , James, Harrison, are alive. , Andrew has been redeemed

So now Jerry was entering law school. Karen was engaged to be married, Teddy was starting junior high, Analise Carolyn Grant was entering first grade. Fitzgerald Grant was had been out of the White House for about five years now. He was busy touring and lecturing and also was a guest professor at Georgetown. Olivia split her time between Vermont and Washington . She was happy as a mother, wife, and the best fixer in DC, NY, and LA.

The street lights of the small Vermont town were strung with lights and red ribbons festooned the poles. The store windows were filled with animated dolls and flowers for the holiday season. Music blared from the speakers announcing that Christmas would soon be here. Everything from the traditional "White Christmas" to the more modern "This Gift" was playing , encouraging shoppers to get into the season and buy those gifts.

She had her head on his shoulders as the snow fell down. The couple walked from the inside of the library absolutely still in love. Olivia wore a black and white checked Prada coat to keep warm from the frosty New England weather . Flakes fell into her black silky hair causing it to fall into ringlets. Running his fingers through it, caused him to smile.

His hair had felt the effects of the snow as well. The brown curls were now tinged with silver. He had worried that she wouldn't think of him as handsome as he was when they met. She assured him that the gray just made him more distinguished and sexier. He looked like a movie star in the woolen Brooks Brothers coat he was wearing.

"I think it will be ready by the ribbon cutting." Fitz said as they walked along.

"Just think , your legacy will be protected for generations to come." Olivia added.

"Hey there were times where I didn't think there would be a legacy to protect. I owe a lot of people for saving my ass. " Fitz leaned over and brushed his lips on hers. "That includes you , Mrs Grant." This brought a smile to her face. She couldn't think of anyone else she wanted to spend her life with . There were a few who tried like Edison and Jake. This is where her heart belonged. . She had moved the promise ring to another hand when the promise had been kept . She had made only one request when they were married , no gold band. As per her request, the two wore platinum bands. The platinum band on his hand replaced the mark of Mellie's band . She was his.

"I can't believe that Andrew and Mellie are coming." Olivia said.

"For better or worse, she is part of the story. I guess I owe her a lot because if she and I were screwing, there would be no us. " Fitz said sweetly.

"I guess James hopes that Cyrus can make the trip. It has been hard. He has his good days and bad days. " Olivia was sad when she heard that the man she considered like a father was in the last days of his illness. "We owe Cyrus a lot too."

"Our house is going to a full house this Christmas. Especially with the dedication of your Presidential library a few days after. I am so glad that you had the foresight to have a lot of bedrooms put into our house when it was built. "

"Believe me that wasn't the idea I had." Fitz laughed. "But I think that I am a little too old to do the dad thing anyway."

Olivia 's heart sank when she heard the comment. Her cashmere gloved hand rested on her now flat stomach . She had went to the doctor after Fitz noticed that she was getting tired and sick a lot. The doctor took some blood and announced that she was going to a mommy. She wanted it to be surprise, but now she wasn't so sure.

"Hey I am getting hungry. Let's pick up some sandwiches from that gourmet shop and bring them home. The kids are coming home tonight. Karen and Jeff's flight comes in at eight and Jerry comes in from Boston. " Fitz opened the door for his wife as she slid into the Range Rover.

"It's going to be the best Christmas ever." Fitz exclaimed as he closed the door and got behind the wheel of the car.

Olivia hoped he would be right.

Dedicated to all my fellow Olitzers … a place where Vermont exists and so do happy endings.