During the lead up to the battle of Dras-Leona Eragon occupied himself by duelling with Arya in both steel and mind, the ancient golden dragon Glaedr whose body and rider were killed was assisting in the duelling by offering advice and techniques. The red dragon Thorn keeping sentry over the city appeared to be asleep but it was obvious to some that he was constantly vigilant watching for any who might try to enter the city, Thorns rider Murtage was nowhere to be seen but every one knew that he was close by. Upon the third day of waiting halfway through their training routine Eragon head a thundering boom, then another and another. Eragons stomach sank he only knew of two creatures that could make that sound one of them was dead and the other was under the mad kings controll, "Shurikan" Eragon yelled running to find Nasuada's tent, as he ran he could not help but knowtice how much of an ants nest this police is during a panic and he thought to himself that they need to come up with an emergency plan, if they lived past today. As he skidded to a halt outside Nasuada's tent the nighthawks drew their blades and forced him to a halt, they yelled out his name and a voice from inside said "enter". As Eragon entered the tent he noticed the council and all the commanders of the Varden were present, "good you are here" she turned to address everyone else "Shurikan and even the dark king himself may be riding out to destroy us, so we need to act fast, Roran take your men out to meet the king, Orrin keep your horsemen back in case there are soldiers with him, and everyone else ready the defences, sharpen your blades and prepare for a fight".

As everyone rushed to get to their positions Eragon stood still waiting for his instructions, Nasuada walked over to him and asked "do you believe you can defeat him?"

"I don't know he may be to far away from the Eldundarí to take their strength or he may have brought them with him, either way breaking his mind is the only chance we have"

" I want you to ride out and meet him but take Arya with you she may be able to help"
"As you wish" he then bowed and sprinted outside and jumped on Saphira, she took of before he could tie his leg straps on, as they searched for Arya the thudding intensified getting closer, Thorn was standing now and his tail was twitching a half snarl fixed on his face Murtagh was standing next to him a smirk of his face his magically enhanced voice yelled " Your in for it now Brother" Eragon wanted to reply but doing so would waste time, at that moment Eragon saw Arya running through the camp holding the green Dauthdeart she waved at him and Saphira landed at a nearby training field "get on" he said, as she climbed Saphira Eragons mind was flowing with ideas on how to defeat the king. He was so engrossed in his thoughts he did not notice Arya had sat behind him and Saphira took of.

As they flew over the cam they saw Roran leading a large group out of the main gate to men the king and his dragon, Eragon believed he saw a glint of black on the horizon but as soon as he saw it appear it disappeared, the army stopped about 600 yards from the camp and drew their weapons awaiting the upcoming battle. Saphira flew to the forefront of the army and landed Eragon was astounded to see Angela sitting on a rock knitting, strolling up to her he asked "why aren't you getting ready for the fight?"
"I'm not sure there will be one"
Before Eragon could question her the wing beats stopped, and for a few agonising seconds they heard nothing then a earth shattering crash could be heard then the air before the Varden began to shimmer and the outline of a dragon was formed. As the spell of concealment vanished a giant purple dragon shot with streaks of white appeared, Eragon felt insignificant compared to this beast it was so large if Saphira curled up she would fit on the dragons eye, it was at least ten times the size of Glaedr, there was nothing on its back but Eragon dare not underestimate the kings power, if it was the king.