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Chapter 2: Dragon Slayer

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!"

A large ray of blue lightning shot forward from Natsu's mouth, tearing up a portion of the ground beneath it as it came upon a tree. When it struck, a blue explosion ensued while the earth shook, multiple arcs of lightning racing away from the quaking epicenter, tearing up even more of the ground.

"Good, Natsu! Now, the staff!"

"Lightning Dragon's Shocking Staff!"

Conjuring a long, blue staff of apparently solid lightning, Natsu twirled it around, alternating between hands, striking at invisible opponents from all directions. Finishing his routine, he let the staff flicker into nothingness.

"The cannon!"

"Lightning Dragon's Bolt Cannon!"

Gathering large amounts of electricity between his open palms held behind him, Natsu threw them forward and spread them apart, releasing a flurry of laser-like lightning bolts that spread over a wide area, striking multiple trees. Smoke trailed off into the sky, product of the powerful impacts.

"Raggio… I'm tired," gasped out Natsu, his hands on his knees. "I used up too much magic energy, and I haven't had lunch yet!"

Raggio couldn't help but laugh at his adopted son's antics. Always, after every single training session, Natsu would eat… a lot.

"That's quite alright, Natsu. Lunch will be ready in a bit."

"Yeah! Food!" he cried out happily, summoning energy out of nowhere and skipping his way over to his cavern home.

Three and a half years had passed since Raggio saved Natsu from the horde of wyverns. Natsu was now eight years old, just six months away from nine. He had grown a little taller, and his body had lost a considerable amount of baby fat, but it was still obvious that he was still a child. He was lean, with his body beginning to show a bit of his muscle. His pink hair had grown slightly, but it remained as spiky as ever.

Natsu showed an incredible affinity for learning, much like his affinity for Lightning Magic. Everything Raggio showed him— that was appropriate for children his age— he learned. He learned to read and write just a few months after Raggio had adopted him.

From there, a tsunami of learning and training came forth, almost smothering the sharp child. At first, he started learning about magic in general, the different uses of magic, and how to access his magical container. Sure, he may have been able to arc the lightning around his body when he first met Raggio, but he was unconscious at the time. He still needed to learn how to do it consciously.

At first, progress was slow, leading to some frustration on Natsu's side. But, when he managed to access it for the first time, it manifested in what Raggio considered a predictable way: a spark of lightning.

This drove Natsu's excitement off the roof and it motivated him to push himself harder than ever before, with Raggio supervising him intently, of course.

At the age of six, Raggio decided to test Natsu, to find out what the true limits of his magical container were. Knowing about the child's immense magical reserves, he gave Natsu what he called the "bulb test". The test was simple… give Natsu a specialized lacrima that naturally drew out his magic. The brighter it glowed, the higher the magical energy. The only prerequisite was the ability to access his magic.

When the test was administered, the results were enough to shock even Raggio… no pun intended.

The lacrima glowed like a miniature sun, bathing the cavern in a blinding flash of light before it blew up, leaving them in overbearing darkness.

At first, Raggio thought that Natsu had, somehow, unlocked his Second Origin. He knew that the child possessed immense magic reserves for a child, but not that immense. It was beyond the average human S-Class Wizard, and he was just six years old! They would only grow as he got older! It was incredible!

But he quickly dashed that thought out, knowing it was impossible. There was no way in hell Natsu was born with his Second Origin unlocked. To even think about unlocking it, he had to have had knowledge of it and how to unlock it in the first place! And he was pretty sure a six year old would not have that kind of advanced knowledge.

"Hey, Raggio! What are we eating for lunch?!" exclaimed Natsu, snapping the majestic dragon out of his reverie.

"Hmm? Oh, we're having boar, your favorite food."

"Really? Yeah! Let's eat some boar!" he shouted gleefully, sitting down as Raggio prepared the food. Raggio couldn't help but chuckle. Every time he mentioned food, Natsu was practically drooling at his side, anxious to see what kind of entrée the royal-blue dragon would cook up.

They ate in amicable silence. Even with his hyperactive attitude in regards to food, Natsu had his table manners brushed up and ready to go, courtesy of Raggio.

"Hey, Raggio?" called out Natsu softly, interrupting the peaceful silence.


"You said you were going to show me something cool today after lunch, right?" he asked, wishing to confirm whatever Raggio had told him.

"Ah, yes. That… Well, considering the incredible progress you have made in learning my magic, I was debating whether I should teach you something new or not."

"Oh, really?" Natsu's excitement was once again palpable, and that was what Raggio enjoyed about Natsu. He was always willing to learn something new when it came to Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, and he learned it rather fast, much to Raggio's surprise and joy.

"What is it, Raggio? Come on, tell me!" the boy chirped, quickly finishing his food and literally jumping up and down at the dragon's feet.

"Oh, alright, I'll tell you…"

'Can't really keep anything from you, kiddo.'

"The difficulty of what I'm about to teach you is much higher than that of the other spells. It would be wise to keep that in mind."

The stern warning almost fell on deaf ears, which was understandable when it came to children like Natsu. However, to the immense satisfaction of the dragon, the pink-haired child quickly settled down and gave him a small nod of understanding.

"Good of you to heed my warning. Now, this spell falls into a category above your current knowledge of spells. This category is called "Dragon Slayer's Secret Art"…"

"Whoa… such a cool name!" said Natsu jovially. From his body language, it was obvious that he was barely holding himself from jumping all over the cave in excitement.

"It is, right? And it deserves such a name. Normally, Dragon Slayers only learn that category of spells when they are in their teens, when their mastery of their magic is at a higher level than what they had at your age."

Natsu snapped… He couldn't resist it! Learning something only teenage Dragon Slayers were supposed to learn was more than what he could handle. He jumped all over the cave, whooping every time he landed on the ground and shouting "I'm going to learn a super-strong new spell!" every now and then. Raggio laughed heartily at his son's immeasurable excitement and jumpiness, but he had to stop him, so he cleared his throat.

"Alright, Natsu, settle down…"

Natsu didn't hear him. He was still running around like a headless chicken while cheering his lungs out. The Lightning Dragon King couldn't help but grow a tad bit ticked after a little while.


The sheer volume of his booming voice scared the living daylights out of Natsu. The rumbling of the cave only added to that… not to mention the draconian growl that followed it.

"KYAA! Aye, sir!" he screamed, rather girlishly. Almost as if he were lightning, he was sitting on the ground, his eyes locked on his adoptive father's. Raggio sighed in seeming tiredness.

"Alright… Now that you're settled, let's get this started. The spell I am about to teach you is called Raining Lightning. This spell is considered a Secret Art due to the immense amount of concentration needed to cast the spell."

"Oh, really? What does it do?" Natsu asked excitedly.

"Instead of explaining it, why don't I show you, and you tell me what I did?"

Natsu was instantly on his feet, rushing towards the cavern's entrance. "Come on, Raggio! Let's go! Hurry up!"

"I'm coming…"

When Raggio stood up and began to lumber outside their home, Natsu was apparently already outside, if his nigh indiscernible voice was any indication. The second he arrived outside, the dragon quickly dove into the show.

"Here goes!"

Lifting his massive clawed forelimb, Raggio gathered an incredible amount of blue lightning that quickly assimilated the shape of an orb. Without even uttering a word, he launched the massive orb into the clear sky. However, the sky quickly began to darken as the orb expanded at an alarming rate. Lightning began to crackle across the orb, the resulting thunder relaying its superheated message.

"Get under me, Natsu!"

There was no need to ask why. The seriousness that dominated Raggio's tone of voice was more than enough to spur Natsu into action.

Then, Raggio swiped his claw downward…

Suddenly, without so much as a warning, vast amounts of pure blue lightning bolts rained down on the ground, striking multiple places in a very sporadic manner. The ground shook ferociously, causing the pink-haired child to lose his balance and fall on his butt.

His eyes were as wide as they could go, taking in the image of nigh endless destruction before him. Wherever lightning struck, earth would cower and fall apart before its superheated might.

Then, the lightning disappeared, leaving a scorched and scarred earth that only released smoke into the now lighter day.

"Now you see why it's categorized as a Secret Art?"

"I do!" Natsu breathed amazedly as he exited the safety of Raggio's massive body. "It was so… cool!"

"Now, tell me… What did I do to cast this spell?"

"You gathered a lot of magic energy into your claw and formed a large ball of lightning…" Natsu looked up to the dragon for confirmation.

"Good… Keep going."

"Then, you threw it into the sky, and it began to grow. Then, you brought your claw down and lightning just starting coming down…" he finished.

"Correct, Natsu. But, how did it grow?"

That threw Natsu for a loop. He opened his mouth a few times, but he couldn't utter a sound since he had no legitimate response.

"Umm… concentration and manipulation…?" he tried softly, finally managing to speak after a few seconds.

"Right you are, Natsu. And that's where your amazing lightning affinity will help you… a lot. You will still need great concentration, but it will be easier to manipulate, so any small slip of mind will not yield catastrophic results."

For a few seconds, Natsu had a blank look, his brain racing to process all the information given. When it all clicked together, Natsu smiled.

"I… I think I understand!" Natsu stated.

"Oh, really? Well, go on then. Show me!"

"Alright! You're in for a shock!"

July 7th, Year X773…

Six months have passed since Natsu was first delegated the difficult task of learning the mighty Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Raining Lightning. Like all other spells, at first, progress was frustratingly slow. But, exactly how Raggio predicted, his incredible affinity for lightning helped ease the task greatly, allowing Natsu to complete the technique in less than two months.

From there, Raggio began teaching him a greater variety of spells, as well as two new Secret Arts: Smashing Thunder and Desgarrón.

Smashing Thunder was a devastatingly powerful spell that relied heavily on physical strength and speed. Gathering a large amount of lightning, Natsu would rush at his opponent and uppercut him into the air. Afterwards, he would unleash flurry of electrified attacks until the stored lightning is completely discharged into the enemy before ending it all with a devastating axe kick, causing tremendous damage as well as nigh complete paralysis.

Desgarrón was arguably the most powerful of the Secret Arts, but the most difficult to perform as well. After concentrating large amounts of magic energy into his fingertips, Natsu would release it as five scythe-like waves of lightning that possessed extreme speed, explosive power and cutting power. That was the hard part, though… Giving lightning a cutting edge was no easy matter… especially when stability decreases with distance, making Desgarrón a close to mid-ranged attack.

While he knew the spells and how they worked, mastery was still beyond Natsu's reach for all of the Secret Arts. He knew that, to master such advanced spells, time was needed…

Natsu woke up with a start, a large smile playing on his face.

Slowly getting up, trying to to not make a single noise, he sneaked past his dragon father and ventured deeper into his cavern home.

That was where Raggio kept all of his collected goodies that he had gotten over the years, as well as the books he used to teach Natsu everything he currently knew about magic.

That wasn't his objective, though…

His objective was a rather large and intricately designed chest that rested under a rather odd-shaped rock. As he pushed it aside, his eyes fell on the prize. He had to give Raggio credit… the chest was very well hidden. So well hidden it was that if Natsu had not stumbled upon it by sheer dumb luck, it would've probably stayed under the rock for the rest of eternity.

He gingerly picked up the rather large and heavy chest. For quite some time he wanted to know what the contents were, but an incredibly complex array of Sealing Magic prevented him from ever finding out. He was sure that Raggio did not know that he knew of the existence of the chest, and he wanted to keep it that way until he managed to unseal the chest.

"I see you already found that chest, Natsu…"

Natsu yelped in surprise, whirling around painfully quickly and locking eyes with his foster father.

"R-Raggio! Good morning! I d-didn't know you w-were awake!" Natsu greeted shakily, now looking at anywhere but him.

"Don't worry, Natsu. You were bound to find it, anyway. Want to know what's in it, right?"

Natsu could only nod, completely nonplussed. Raggio lowered his snout to the ground right in front of the pink-haired birthday boy.

"Well, I suppose that shouldn't be a problem, since you've been training extra hard these past few months, and it's your birthday today. Happy birthday, Natsu."

Natsu did not respond. He just jumped at his father's snout and hugged it as tightly as he could.

"Thanks… dad…" he muttered. That single word always had a profound effect on the Lightning Dragon King. While he preferred being called by his own name, even by his adopted son, being called "dad" once in a while always served to bring happiness to the old dragon's heart.

"Now… for your gift, please come with me. I'll tell you about this after you get your gift. Okay?"

Natsu nodded giddily, his mind full of thoughts of what kind of gift he would receive from his adoptive father. Together they trekked through the cave for less than a minute when Raggio stopped in front of a small boulder that seemed to be sectioned evenly.

Without further ado, he pushed it aside, revealing another particularly similar chest without the complex array of Sealing Magic.

"Here is your birthday gift, Natsu. It took some time to prepare it, but it's finally complete."

Natsu heaved the chest out, placed it in front of him, and opened it… all in the span of 30 seconds. The gift, though, was not what he expected…

"A lacrima?" he intoned his query. However, he noted that the lacrima was not like any of the lacrima he had seen before. While all the lacrima he had seen were transparent, this one was a royal-blue color, just like… Raggio…

"Ah, but there's the catch, Natsu. This is not just any ordinary lacrima. This lacrima contains something very special, something that will help you a lot in your training as a Dragon Slayer."

"Really?! What is it?!" Natsu almost demanded with overbearing excitement, earning a few, deeply rumbling chuckles from the dragon.

"It's a Dragon Slayer Lacrima, Natsu… It contains Dragon Slayer Magic, or more specifically, Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic."

"You mean…?" Natsu trailed off, disbelief flooding his system completely.

"This lacrima contains my magic and a piece of my soul, so you'll always have me with you… wherever you go."

Natsu was rendered completely speechless, and for a vastly energetic nine-year-old child, that was damn near impossible. Even he understood the serious implications of what he was just told. Entrusting a piece of one's precious soul to another, be it friend or family, was an absolute sign of the highest trust held in that person.

"Wow… A Dragon Slayer Lacrima!" he whispered excitedly. "And it's going to help me with my training?!"

"Yes. It'll augment your dragon qualities, giving you greater manipulation of your lightning as well as access to techniques that are far more difficult to access for those just trained by a dragon or implanted with a Dragon Slayer Lacrima. Also, your magical container will grow. How much, I don't know, but it will."

It took a few minutes to understand what Raggio was talking about, but when he did, a smile adorned his face.

"Thanks… dad," he said for the second time that day, joy lacing his voice. Raggio grinned toothily at him.

"So, what does the other chest have?" Natsu asked suddenly, throwing the old dragon for a loop.

"W-Wha…? Oh, right. That chest contains a Dragon Slayer Lacrima, very similar to the one I just gave you. However, that chest contains a lacrima for Fire Dragon Slayer Magic."

"Really?!" Natsu shouted, his eyes shining. "Who gave it to you?!"

"A friend of mine, the Fire Dragon King, Igneel."

"Why did he give it to you?" the pink-haired Dragon Slayer inquired further.

"I honestly am not too sure. Igneel was always rather secretive, and his motives were never clear. All he said when he gave it to me was "Just in case you find someone worthy". And he disappeared right after that. Haven't heard of him ever since, and that was well over 50 years ago."

"Oh…" was all Natsu said before a thoughtful silence reigned. "How do you find someone "worthy"?"

"That's actually rather simple. The person must have a very high affinity for Fire Magic, show great potential both as a person and a wizard and… be willing to take the pain of becoming a Dragon Slayer. Believe it or not, implanting a Dragon Slayer Lacrima in someone who was not originally a Dragon Slayer is painful, since the magic stored inside basically forces the body to take on the traits of a dragon in a short span of time. When trained by a dragon, the process is gradual, hence painless."

Natsu only nodded, somewhat understanding what Raggio was talking about. But, he stored that in his mind for later… Right now, he wanted food!

"Okay! Let's go get something to eat! I'm hungry!" he shouted gleefully, rushing to the exit of the cave.

Raggio only followed suit, a toothy smile playing on his scaly face.

"Alright, Natsu. Lay down right there, please. Did you bring the lacrima like I told you?"

"Yeah!" answered Natsu, holding out the royal-blue Dragon Slayer Lacrima almost reverently as he laid down.

"Good. Now place the lacrima on your chest and let me do the rest."

Natsu nodded fervently, excitedly anxious at what was coming. He was about to receive the most precious gift he was ever given in his short life apart from a caring father in Raggio… a piece of his own soul. Natsu reveled in the overwhelming happiness and love he felt…

His thoughts were interrupted when Raggio softly placed a claw on his chest and applied a small amount of pressure.

"Ready, Natsu?"

Natsu nodded, smiling.

"Very well… Fusionem Lacrimam!"

Instantly, Natsu felt an incredible surge of magical energy invade him, coursing through his every cell and filling it with even more power. It was hypnotizing, calming and empowering… all at the same time. He felt his senses sharpening… his sight, his smell, his hearing, his touch… everything felt so much more powerful.

The cave never looked so clear at night. The entirety of his forest and cavern home never smelled so good. His steady, shallow breathing, coupled with his father's deep rumbling, never sounded so serene. The dirt on which he lay upon never felt so rough, yet comfortable. It was as if the door of a whole new world was being opened to him, showing him the wonders he so blatantly missed.

A wave of sleepiness overcame the boy, dragging him steadily into unconsciousness.

Raggio, sighing deeply, settled down next to him carefully, making sure to keep him warm.

"Sleep, Natsu…"

He was about to sleep, but a surge of pain forced him to stay awake. He cursed silently before laying eyes upon his son, a wistful expression taking over his scaly features.

'To think that my time with you has already drawn to a close… Damn it… I wanted to raise you at least one more year… Forgive me… my son…'

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