Only My Family

Summary: They were the only family she had ever known, and now they're gone, and so is she.

T for character deaths


"Onii chan? Where are you?" The sound of a child calling for his brother in the middle of the night. "Onii chan!?"A door opened, just a crack, "Onii chan! There you are! I've been looking all over for you!"

CoME CloseR

Footsteps running and a soft thump was heard. The glint of something long, shiny, and silver . "Onii chan, what are you doing?""What's that for? Onii cha-!" A constant sound of something dripping and hitting the floor and a loud thump was heard.


"Don't be upset Wataru you were my favorite, so you had to go first."

Not another sound was heard that night. Except the sound of 12 more bodies hitting the floor and soon after one more.


~One Day Later~

"It seems like it was a murder suicide." Click. "Masaomi Asahina-" Click. "Killed his family-" Click. "-commited suicide-" Click.



~A Few Hours After~

"It appears Ema Hinata-Asahina has commited suicide after learning about the death of her family. We shall hold a memorial service for her and her family in a few weeks. We hope you all will attend."


I know it's depressing, but I had writer's block. I write depressing things when I have writer's block. Anyways, tell me how you like it and if you read my Hetalia/InuYasha x-over: Of Countries and Portals don't forget to vote on my poll for who you want Kagome to end up with.