A/N: Whelp, thanks to TheShulesLovinPsycho, I'm taking a chapter from my 100 Themes Challenge story and turning it into a story of its own. If you're curious, the chapter this is from is Chapter 37, "Eyes". This is kinda inspired by the Monk episode "Mr Monk Can't See a Thing" honestly but I'm trying to make it my own. I know stories like this have been made before but I've always wanted to make my own.

Shawn's stomach growled as Gus pulled up into a parking space outside a red building and grabbed a small box from the backseat.

He got out of the car and caught up with Gus.

"What are we doing here Gus?" Shawn asked as he and his friend walked up to a fire department. This was NOT Firehouse Subs.

"I'm having our fire detectors checked. The two from my apartment, the two at the office, and the one from your place." he said simply.

"Seriously Gus? We already know they work, probably! At least the ones in the office. They wouldn't shut up the other day when my Easy Bake caught fire. I removed a few wires from them to shut them up but it was working just find before then!"

"When you're what- SHAWN?! Why didn't I know about this? Are you kidding me? So your saying two of these are completely broken?"

"Define brok-" Shawn stopped as a man came running around the corner just as they entered the building.

Not soon after behind him was Lassiter and McNab.

"Spencer! Stop him!" Lassie yelled.

Shawn stepped between the small fire exit door and the man, blocking his way.

Seeing this, the man grabbed a bucket of chemicals sitting on a table on his way out and threw them in Shawn's face, causing Shawn to stumble to the side.

"Ah!" screamed Shawn, falling to his knees and holding his head in his hands.

The man kept going as the police followed him out.

"Shawn! Are you alright?!" he heard Gus say and felt his arm on his shoulder.

"Gus... my eyes... I can't see!"

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