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Shawn shifted in his seat in front of the Chief's desk, waiting for her return to brief him on the next case. He had always hated waiting, no matter how short amount of time it was.

Slowly moving his head around, Shawn tried to take in his surroundings. He still wasn't quite used to relying on his hearing as his new source of most of his information.

While the door to the office was open, the room itself did muffle a lot of the sounds of the station, which made him have to strain further. He did his best to filter out the useless noise- the front desk phone ringing, the murmur of casual conversations, someone tapping away at their computer keyboard. Instead, he focused on what stood out- an angry suspect being led into what he guessed was the interrogation rooms, Lassie yelling at McNab to check on something with forensics, and the high pitched squeal of rusted wheels on a mail cart rolling down the hall.

Shawn jumped as a file was slammed down on the desk in front of him.

How did I not notice someone come in? Damnit Shawn, focus! Great, now I'm hearing my dad's voice again.

Chief Vick's face flashed with a glimpse of guilt before addressing the consultant.

"Okay, Mr. Spencer, we have a case similar to the last one, but this one is a bit more serious. Are you sure you want to participate in this?"

"Chief, I am two hundred percent sure. I've never been surer- surer? More sure? The suriest? in my life. In fact, you can call me Sure-ly Temple, I'm so sure."

"Okay, Mr. Spencer, thank you." She looked up as her two detectives walked in the room. "Last night, the body of Nadine Ramos was found inside of her car which had drove off a cliff around two a.m. last night. She was dead hours before her car was discovered."

"And you suspect foul play?" Shawn asked, starting to see where they were headed.

"Preliminary reports show that her brake line was tampered with. We'll know exactly what happened once the full report comes in." Lassiter answered.

"That's correct." said Vick. "Right now, we have two suspect in custody. The husband, Derek Ramos, and her brother, Jordan Smith."

"What makes them suspects?" Shawn said.

"Ramos just took out a multi-million dollar insurance policy on his wife two months ago. He also has been in a long term affair with his secretary. We think it's possible he killed her off to collect the insurance money and be with his mistress. Unfortunately he has an firm alibi for last night because he spoke at an event last night. We can't keep him for very long." Juliet explained.

"Oh, dang."

"The brother, however," added Lassiter. "Has been seen recently having heated arguments with Nadine and them screaming at each other and at several different places. He has a small criminal record and also no alibi for last night. We can't eliminate him as a suspect."

Shawn thought back to the sounds he heard earlier and raised his hand to his head. "I'm sensing that they are in the interrogation rooms right now?"

"Yes, and we'd like you to talk to them and try and get a read off of them."

Shawn nodded. "Will do! Uh, Chief, you mentioned this case is a little similar to the last one? How so?"

"Both suspects are vehemently denying any kind of involvement and are blaming each other. So far we've gotten nothing helpful out of either one."

"I see." Shawn stood up and stuck his elbow out towards where he thought Juliet was. "Could you lead the way, Detective O'Hara?"

Juliet smiled as she took her boyfriend's arm. "Sure thing, Mr. Spencer."

"Where would you like to start?" she asked him as they approached the doors to the interrogation rooms.

"The husband sounds like he's got a lot going on. Let me see if I can't clear the brother first." Shawn explained before letting go of Juliet. "I've got it from here." He put his hand to his head and directed himself into the interrogation room and to the open seat from memory.

"Oh come on!" the suspect whined as Shawn came in, noting his bandaged up appearance. "What is this? Am I free to go yet? Believe it or not I have business to attend to, it's not like my sister just died or anything."

Shawn sat down carefully and gave his most charming smile to the man on the other side of the table. "Mr. Smith, I-"

The psychic consultant stopped suddenly. Now that he was close to the brother, he could read him better. Specifically, with his heightened senses, he could smell him better.

He smells like burgers, specifically McDonald's dollar menu. Ew. Is that of any importance? Probably not. Shawn subtly sniffed deeper and processed what was coming in. Okay, and Axe body spray. That's no surprise. But what is that last smell? It's so familiar. Suddenly it clicked. He had just been working on his bike last week and dealt with the stuff himself. It had a very funny and distinct smell, like fish or castor oil. Brake fluid. It was very weak, but it was there. This is going to be fun.

"Why did you kill you sister?" Shawn asked. Behind him he was sure his viewers were probably flipping out and he smiled internally at their assumed confusion at his accusation. It always fun to wrap things up like this.

"Excuse me?! Who do you think you are-" the brother seethed.

Shawn jumped up into his psychic pose as he started putting together basic scenarios. "I can see it now! You found out your sister's husband was cheating on her! You tried to to tell her but she just wouldn't listen! You-"

"No!" Smith shouted. "No! Shut up!"

Shawn heard the quick scuffle of a chair falling backwards moments before there was a sudden pressure around his throat. He was pushed back so fast that he felt instantly nauseous as his head collided with the two-way mirror. The pinching around his neck cut off his breath and he found himself struggling to get any air in. His body was starting to feel tingly and he found it hard to focus on anything but trying to not die at that moment. He clawed weakly at his attacker but it had no effect on him. He could hear what sounded like shouting and his name being called, but it was like they were coming to him from down a long tunnel.

Right before Shawn thought that he wasn't going to stay awake much longer, the pressure released and he tumbled to the floor like a rag doll. He coughed and sputtered as air rushed back into his lungs, giving him a huge head rush at the same. He heard a shuffle and shouting somewhere to his side and what he thought was handcuffs being closed. What just happened?

"Shawn! Are you okay?" Juliet rushed over to him as soon as she could get into the room. Behind her Vick stood looking angry and bewildered.

"I'm fine." he whispered, still coughing as he tried to calm his body down.

"I'm calling an ambulance." Vick announced from the door.

"No!" Shawn wheezed. "No ambulance, I'm fine!"

"Shawn, you were just choked! I saw you nearly pass out! You need to see a doctor." Juliet reasoned.

"I'm okay!" he emphasized.

"Like hell you are Spencer!" Lassiter said as he re-entered the room after handing the criminal off for booking. "We all saw what happened."

Shawn wished he could see the glare that he was failing to send the detective's way. "Look, I'm going back to the hospital in the next day or two anyway. If I'm not better, I'll have them look at me then."

They all exchanged looks in front of the consultant that was still on the floor breathing hard. A stubborn Spencer was hard to argue with.

"Okay Mr. Spencer. But you have to bring me a note saying they checked you out. Understood?"

Shawn nodded grudgingly and reached his arm up. "Help me up, Jules?"

She pulled him up and leaned him against the glass he had just been pushed into. His head was already starting to pound and he was pretty sure he was going to have bruises on his neck.

Shawn stumbled past everyone and towards where he thought the door was but instead knocked into a chair, unknowing it had been moved in the scuffle to subdue the perp, nearly falling over again before catching himself. He was getting real tired of things being where they shouldn't be. He grunted and pushed it out of the way before anyone in the room could say anything or offer their pity.

He was going to head straight out of the station but pulled back and hid out of sight when he heard Lassiter speak up.

"Dammit!" he cursed, kicking the knocked over chair.

"What's wrong, Carlton?" asked Juliet.

"I saw the anger that was building in Smith but I did nothing about it until it was almost too late!"

"Detective, we had way no knowing he would react like that!" Vick reasoned, even though she was feeling just as guilty. It was part of her job to keep the consultants safe.

"Spencer probably wouldn't have even been assaulted by the guy had he been able to see him coming after him!" Lassited said, shocking them all at his snapping. "Spencer is good enough at getting himself into trouble, he didn't need my irresponsibility getting him into more!"

Shawn scrunched his face at the words coming out of the detective and ran towards the bullpen before he could hear anymore of the conversation. He had never heard his coworker so worked up over anything. He rarely revealed his thoughts or feelings to anyone. It really is eating at him. But, why? I know he seems to think it's his fault but there's got to be something more to it. Shawn sighed to himself as he reached the end of the station. I've really got to say something to him.

"Shawn! There you are!"

He whipped around in confusion at hearing his name being called. A hand fell on his shoulder as his dad approached him. "I was looking for you kid, ready to go?"

Shawn nodded quietly and Henry noticed the odd look he had on his face, the redness around his throat, and the fact that he seemed to be breathing heavier than normal. "Are you okay, what happened?"

"It's nothing, Dad, I'd just like to go home, okay?" he said tiredly as held out a reluctant elbow to father. He really wasn't a fan of having to be led around like a dog.

Henry looked like he wanted to push further but figured he would save it for later. The kid really did look like he was pass out.

"Okay, let's go."

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