The first time they were formally introduced was during the opening of an amusement park beside a land near Magnolia.

She was with the blue-haired water mage who was once the woman of his dreams, while he was with the dark-haired Ice-Make mage whom the said woman had fallen in love with. Also, he might be what he'd considered closest to a brother. Closest to an idiot brother, that is.

"Gray-sama, Lyon-sama! What brings you here?" Juvia asked with wide eyes. Her face flushed crimson and she gasped dramatically. "Could it be? That the two of you are on a-"

"Heavens, no, Juvia! We're NOT on a date," Gray responded immediately in annoyance, "Stop your fantasizing with this nonsense."

"We just happened to stumble upon each other on a certain place, Juvia-chan," Lyon replied in a more calm and friendly manner, "I have some errands to do in Magnolia so we decided to head there together, but we discovered this place on the way there. There is no need for any misunderstandings."

"Juvia sees..." she uttered with a odd tone mixed with relief and disappointment, "But now that you're here, would the two of you like to go with Juvia and Meredy to the amusement part? If you're not busy, that is!"

Gray agreed, explaining that he had nothing else to do that day anyway.

Likewise, Lyon stated that his errands were not really urgent. "Would it be alright for your friend, though?" he questioned politely, glancing at the pinkette beside Juvia. The water mage similarly turned to her and waited for her response.

"Not a problem," Meredy answered with a smile, "The more, the merrier, right?"

He only smiled back.

With everything settled, the four entered the amusement park.

"How'd you two end up here?" Gray asked, turning to the two girls.

"Oh, Meredy and her companions just moved in to town this week! Previous days have been quite stressful for her, especially with the matters with the council, but now that it's done, Juvia wanted to help her relax a bit, and the opening of this park was just at the perfect timing!"

"I'm really grateful, Juvia," Meredy said, "It wasn't an easy process attaining this freedom granted by the newly reformed council, but I'm just glad it's all over. Thank you for this trip, too!"

Juvia smiled at her back. "Oh! Juvia just remembered something!" She turned to Lyon, and then to her pink-haired friend. "The two of you haven't been introduced to each other, right?"

Lyon breathed out and took initiative. He reached out his hand with the same small smile he gave earlier.

"Lyon," he said.

She looked at him. She already knew who he was, of course; he was one of the popular names that people looked up to during the Grand Magic Games.

She shook his hand.

"Meredy," she said.

And he already knew her as well. He learned of her existence around the time Tenrou Island disappeared, due to her connection with Ultear, the daughter of his teacher.

"You know," Gray interjected as they released their hands from each other's grip. "I just realized that this isn't the first time the four of us are together."

And they all knew that. Yet they did not allow the painful moments of dragons and death go over their heads as they went over the various rides and stalls, passively drowning away the negative emotions with newer, more positive memories together.