A.N: These short were written for the sole purpose of cheering up my roommate and myself. They are silly and often blatantly disregard canon. They may or may not be loosely connected. I welcome ideas and prompts. Have fun reading!

The Institute of War was abuzz with activity, every champion and summoner excited for the Championship. This was the rare time of the year when political alliances meant nothing, old grudges were buried and the champions of Runeterra officially competed as individuals, not as representatives of their countries and nations. Sure, there were numerous matches with mixed teams during the year, but they weren't serious and they didn't count.

As nobody bothered to attend to their request, it was unlucky timing for the Shuriman delegation to finally request the forming of an official team, now that they finally had an emperor and something other than sand and the occasional ruin to build an empire on. On the other hand, it gave Azir the much needed time to catch up on history and get to know the Institute. Sivir had a different agenda, so while the ascended emperor was getting acquainted to Jericho Swain and Jarvan IV, the two rulers sharing a drink to bury their usual dislike before the tournament began, she sought out Nasus.

The curator of sands was nursing a drink of his own a bit further away, buried in a heavy tome, but looked up when he caught sniff of the mercenary.

"Ah, the newfound heiress to the empire. What brings you to me, Sivir?"

"Please, don't call me that. It reminds me that I am related to him." She collapsed onto the seat next to Nasus and gave Azir, still in the company of Jarvan and Swain a weary glance. The golden emperor was very carefully sipping a drink that probably packed a bigger punch than Lee Sin. "Birdbrains. I don't know what I'll do to him if he gets drunk."

Nasus followed her glare.

"He won't. Not in that company. For all his faults, Azir was never a stupid man."

"And this is why I'm here: he's a secretive bastard and I need info on him. You came to this world in his reign, correct?"

"In the very last year of his life. He was considered an unusual ruler. His successor had little trouble painting him an unsuited emperor. It didn't help that he was assassinated in plain sight either; a most unprofessional way to die." He turned a page, eyes glued to the text, but most of his attention was still on Sivir.

"Was he busy conquering other nations and let his people starve or something?" Sivir guessed. "He talks about conquest and restoring Shurima's glory a ton."

"Oh, no. Quite the opposite. Conquest would have been a sign of greatness. He made plans and strategies for several campaigns, but never got around to go through with them. As I understand, he believed that he can only depart to conquer foreign lands if his empire is standing strong and united. He spent his reign organizing a regular army, setting up peace treaties between the tribes, building caravan routes, trying to figure out how to get the agriculture work in the desert and all sorts of things that, in the views of his time, should be left after one has conquered his fair share of foreign lands. He might have been the greatest strategic mind in the history of Shurima; it's a pity he never put it to good use." Nasus looked into Sivir's shocked face. "Surprised?"

"Very. He's such an arrogant bastard, I would have never pegged him the type who puts his country before glory." She looked back at her ancestor, currently crushed in Jarvan's alcohol-fuelled hug.

"His first action after his resurrection was to save you, was it not? I would give him a chance if I were you. He might be the man Shurima needs to reclaim its rightful place among the other nations." Nasus lifted his glass in silent toast to the ascended emperor.

"Nasus? Just one last question." The canine champion hummed an affirmative. "Will you be part of the Shuriman team if we get a green light to form one? I know you are not technically from Shurima, but we need everyone we can get."

"Of course. I would never miss the chance to fight beside an ascended being. I went ahead and asked Skarner and he agreed to join as well. Azir used to have a very beneficial alliance with his people back in the day and it seems our crystalline friend has long memory."

Sivir quickly looked around to ascertain that nobody was watching and the ruthless mercenary gave the librarian a fleeting, but very honest hug. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet, Sivir. We still need Xerath's agreement and he would only talk to Azir. Let's hope that our emperor is as versatile in the art of diplomacy as he is in the art of war."

They watched as Azir showed off his joke, a rather lifelike impression of a pigeon, which prompted Jarvan IV. to fall under the table laughing and Swain to chuckle – chuckle – in a not-exactly-ominous way.

"I believe he will manage."