Lucas the Hedgehog

As time passes, my children will learn that trust is an important virtue, even to those they don't know – Queen Aleena

Sonic's POV

"Hurry up, Sonic!" I overheard my sister's voice as I looked for a way. We were in one of Dr. Robotnik's lairs and we were busy saving freedom fighters from turning into Robotnik's slavebots. "Hey bro, I could use some help here." I called out to my brother, Manic.

"Look Sonic, I can't just snap my fingers and the door unlocks." Manic told me as he demonstrated by snapping his fingers. Upon snapping them, swatbots came and started shooting at us, which resulted in them shooting down the door. "Maybe I was wrong." Manic grinned to me.

"Get going. I'll hold them off while you free the freedom fighters." I told him as I used my medallion as I shot gun, shooting down swatbots.

Manic's POV

As I rushed in, I heard Sonic and Sonia fighting the swatbots. "Ok, ok. If I was holding a bunch of people hostage and was gonna turn them into swatbots, where would I leave them?" I thought and I realized my answer. "Underground." As I lifted up a rug, I found a cage and saw people. "Bingo." I exclaimed as I went to work.

As I got the cage unlocked and helped them out, one Mobain took off. "Hey, come back here!" I hollered, taking off after the kid as Sonia and Sonic came. "Sonic, one kid started running off. Me and Sonia will get these people out. You get the kid." I told him and Sonic nodded with a grin.

"No problemo. Be back in a sonic flash." Sonic stated as he took off.

Sonic's POV

As I ran after the kid Manic said, I overheard Dr. Robotnic talking to Sleet and Dingo.

"I want those hedgehogs! And find that black hedgehog! I need him to power up my Ultra-Robotizer." As Sleet and Dingo left, I began thinking I need to find him. He's got some explaining to do. Just as I was about to go, I saw lights and I got curious. I walked over to the room and saw the black hedgehog in the corner.

There was a robotizer in the middle of the room and it stopped flashing lights. Out came a new slavebot and the black hedgehog started tearing up. He yelled in misery and suddenly, an earthquake started to happen. What in the name of Mobius is going on?! I ran and reached the kid as swatbots started shooting at us. Me and the kid were out of factory as it started to crumble.

Sonia's POV

As I waited, I started to get worried.

"Chill sis. Sonic got out on time." Manic tried telling me just as Sonic came. "Sonic! Your- wait, whos the kid?" I asked and Sonic replied by saying "That's what we are gonna find out."

We all turned to him and he sighed. "My name is Lucas. I am searching for Queen Aleena." This came as a shock to all of us. "And why are you looking for Queen Aleena?" Manic asked and what Lucas said shocked me more. "She's my mother."

Sorry about it being short but I hope you enjoy my first chapter as we discover someone who claims to be related to them.

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