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Sonia's POV

"You're what?!" I gasped as Lucas said what he said. "You are Queen Aleena's son?! How is that even possible?"

"It's true. My father was with our mother before she met your father. He was killed after trying to save our mother. After I was born, Queen Aleena gave me up to my uncle. My uncle was the one who was just robotized back at the factory." I felt sorry for the kid.

"Listen, Lucas. Lets go back to our base and we can keep talking there." I suggested and he nodded as Manic went to go get the van.

While at the base

Sonic's POV

"Alright then. What do we do with him? We can't just leave him here." I asked my siblings. We were back at the base while Cyrus was giving Lucas a look over.

"We can't bring him with us either. Maybe Cyrus can look over him?" Manic suggested as he stopped tapping his drumsticks. We all looked at Cyrus as walked over. "No injuries as far as I can see. Sonia, I did that blood test you asked and it's positive. He is your brother by Queen Aleena." I saw Sonia sigh and mutter something about having a sister.

"Cyrus, old buddy old pal, wanna do us another favor?" "Only if you're paying for a chili dog supreme." Cyrus said with his usual grin. "You got it. Back in a sonic flash." I said as I went out.

Manic's POV

"So, um, Lucas, you play any instruments?" I asked him as Sonia came back in the room. "Well, no, I never thought about playing an instrument." "Well, if you are gonna be traveling with us, you need to know an instrument. Sonic is the lead guitarist, Sonia is on the piano/keytar, and I got the beats of the band."

Lucas looked up at our medallions and he sighed. "No, I don't know if I could. I mean, the guitar is a cool instrument but I could never be apart of your band." Sonia got up and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Maybe you could learn the bass guitar. Sonic plays on the electric one." Lucas looked up at her and smiled. "Ya, I would like that." I stood up and said "We wait for Sonic to return and then we can start getting you practicing." As soon as I said his name, he returned with a bag of chili dogs. "About time." Sonia muttered. "Hey hey hey, chili dogs like these need time to perfect." He said as he eat one.


Dr. Robotnik was busy trying to think of a new plan to destroy Sonic and his siblings when Sleet and Dingo came in with a third person. "Who is this? I didnt order for him to be here."

"True, your highness, but he says he can help you." Sleet said as the stranger walked forward. "Ello, Robotnik."

"Thats Dr. Robotnik to you! What do you have that can help me beat the freedom fighters?" He asked

"My skills as an bounty hunter." the stranger grinned under his hat.

"Sure" Robotnik said. "I already have two bounty hunters, I don't need a third one to pay."

"Then fire these two. Thier job was eliminate the Hedgehogs but they are still around." he said

Sleet and Dingo looked at each other abit worried. "Um, sir, how do we know hes not one of the Freedom Fighters spy?" Robotnik looked at them and then back at his guest. "I'm not because I brought you a gift. A freedom fighter named William." Robotnik smiled. "I'll give you a shot. Bring me Sonic the Hedgehog!"

The guest grinned wider and said "With pleasure."

"Wait!" Robotnik said. He stopped and turned around. "yes, Robotnik?" "What is your name?" The guest grinned and tipped his hat. "I have many names but you may call me...Jackel."