Two more days until school is out for the summer and I was excited since my best guy friend Logan Huntzburger invited me to stay with him for the summer but my mom won't let me go since she doesn't know Logan and want me leaving for the summer, when I got off the bus I went to my friends Lane Kim's house to tell her something but when I walked in I saw her and my ex-boyfriend making out, they both saw me and I ran out the door.

Later that night I called Logan to tell him everything "so I saw my best friend kissing my ex-boyfriend and mom won't let me go see you next week," "that sucks about Lane and Dean and I'm sure that you will figure a way to see me," the next day I was thinking of other things so I wasn't listening to Mr. Medina until Paris dropped her text book " please stay after class," once everyone had left I was still sitting "your mom told me about your break up with Dean" I was confused "your back with my mom?" "Well yes."

After that talk with Mr. Medina I ran to the bus stop and when I got to Stars Hollow Lane was waiting for me with coffee "Rory I'm sorry about what you saw yesterday but we never planned on hurting you and we didn't plan for us to kiss," I just looked at her "well then why did you kiss him?" she looked hurt "he kissed me and if you can't believe that they we can't be friends."

Once Lane left my mom showed up "look I know that you're in a bad mood but do not take it out on any of us" I was so annoyed with my mom right now and I didn't want to be around her "so why didn't you tell me that you and Max got back together?" my mom was speechless for a while and that was a shocker "I didn't want to rub it in your face," I rolled my eyes at her "I will see you at home."

When I got to the house I called Logan "so Lane and I had a fight and then my mom and I had a fight and I just can't be here anymore" it was silence on the other end "don't worry Ace, Frank is on his way so just be ready" we hung up and I started packing two minutes later I was done and then Frank showed up and we took off on the two hour drive.

Two hours later we had pulled up to an apartment building and there was Logan standing waiting for me "Logan I've missed you so much" he hugged me " I know Ace I've missed my best friend like crazy" we walked up to his apartment building "wow Logan this place is huge" he smiled at me "so I figure that on your first night over here we have a movie night with tons of junk food" I smiled at him " thank you for doing this for me.

Later that night I called my mom "Rory where have you been everyone is worried sick looking for you?" I closed my eyes "I just need to get a way for a couple of days and cool off" I heard other people talking "you better be back here in a week" I looked at Logan "if you give me a set date when to go back then I'm not going to want to go back," and with that I hung up on her.

"So you take my bed and I will get the sofa" I threw a pillow at his head "how about we share this big bed