Visiting Logan_3

The next day Logan and I decided to make it official, the next morning we got up early and got dressed and went to the country club, towards the end of our golf course Finn had went looking for a women that he had seen earlier that day and Collin and Stephanie had gotten into a disagreement and left, so it was just Logan and I left golfing.

After we were done golfing and getting a steam we went to get lunch, when we got back to the house you could hear Collin and Stephanie arguing and Finn wasn't back yet, so Logan and I went to the beach and just sat there.

For the rest of the week Collin and Stephanie weren't talking to each other and any time that they would see each other they would ignore the other person, and Finn had found someone and was spending a lot of time with her so we didn't see him much, Logan and I would spend a lot of time out of the house.

It was time for us to go back home I wasn't looking forward to being grounded for the whole summer and I wouldn't be able to see Logan, when we got to Stars Hallow I groaned and Logan grabbed my hand, when I got home my mom was at work so I didn't have to deal with her for a while.

Logan helped me get my bags out of the car and I went inside and went to my room to unpack and wash my clothes, when my mom got home I was sitting on my bed reading a book for my summer reading list, "Rory we need to talk!" so I put my book down and got up and went into the living room.

When I walked into the living room my mom was sitting on the sofa so I sat next to her "I'm still mad about what you did two weeks ago!" I looked at her "I was upset that you didn't tell me that you got back with Max and I was hurt that my so called best friend was making out with my ex boyfriend weeks after we broke up," Lorelai was shocked.

They sat in silence for a while then Lorelai spoke up "there is something that I need to tell you!" Rory turned and looked at her mom "the other night Max had asked me to marry him but when he had asked we were having an argument."

Rory's jaw dropped open "so what did you tell him?" Lorelai turned to Rory I told him that "proposing during an argument wasn't right and when it was time to propose I want a 1,000 yellow daisies," Rory just nodded her head and Lorelai looked at her watch "it's time for you to go to bed," Rory got up and went to her room.

Around 2 in the morning Rory got out of bed and got the phone and went to her room so that she could call Logan, Rory was happy to hear Logan's voice

Logan-Hey Ace what are you doing up still?"

Rory- I went to bed around nine and I just woke up and I miss talking to you.

Logan- I enjoyed being with you last week and it is so strange not being able to see or talk to you when ever I want.

Rory heard movement from her mom's room so she hung up with Logan and tried to go back to bed, in the morning Rory had woken up and Lorelai had left for work already and left a note that Babbette would be watching the house and would be coming over to check on her every hour, after Rory made breakfast she went and started cleaning her room.

She had packed all the stuff that Lane had given to her or had left at her house and she would ask Lorelai to drop it off when ever she went to Luke's, Rory was getting bored so she started cleaning the house and she was washing dishes when she head a knock on the back door.

When Rory opened the door she saw that it was Logan "what are you doing here?" he walked inside and kissed her "I missed you so I had Frank drop me off and I walked around the side of the house so that no one would see me, they went to Rory's room and started making out.

They had pulled away when they heard someone knocking on the front door, so Rory got up and closed the door and went to the front door when she opened it she saw Babbette "Rory sugar your mom wanted me to check on you!" Rory nodded her head and Babbette walked in the house.

Babbette walked around the house and checked everything and then walked to the door and then turned and looked at Rory and waved goodbye and went home, Rory closed the door and went to her room.

Rory and Logan spent hours talking and making out and twenty minutes until Lorelai would get home Logan went out the back and waited for Frank, after Logan had left Rory went to the kitchen and started making something for dinner, while to pasta was cooking Rory looked around her room to making sure nothing was out of place.

Right when Lorelai got home the food was done, they sat down and ate not saying much.