Chapter One

Ethan runs after Christian around the kitchen and they giggle happily. Manny is at the table doing some homework for his online school. Christine is playing a new song she wrote on the Baby Grand piano Edward bought her for her birthday. In the past few years, our family has had many changes and it has been a wonderful time. I put the food in serving bowls and take them to the table. Jasper is in the study doing some more paperwork before we are swamped with the holidays.

"EJ and CJ, get your butts in here to help me with setting the table!" I shout to the running boys. Manny gather his papers and goes to put them in the living room. Christian insisted he be called CJ since Ethan was called EJ. I turn and see Jasper holding our sweet Annabelle in his arms.

"She crawled after me into my study," Jasper says. I take my sweet girl and kiss her blonde curls. Annabelle is a little delayed in physical aspects, but she is as smart as the rest of her siblings. Ethan and Christian come in to set the table. Christine walks into the dining room with her notebook in her face. "Chrissy, put the book away for dinner."

"Yes, papa," Christine says. She kisses Annabelle's little hand and set her book on the counter to the kitchen. My sweet Annabelle is one years old now and as spoiled as her older brother Ethan. We all sit down to eat and the boys consume most of the food. Jasper sits at my side to help me feed our little girl. "So, mama, any plans to have another baby?"

"Christine," Jasper says with a warning tone in his voice. I smile at Christine and she smiles back at me. She was very happy when we learned we were having a girl. Christine has been a big helper since Ethan and has been excited about having more siblings, luckily Jasper loves having more children as well. Ethan is now six, Christine and Christian are ten, and Manny is fourteen now. Time has gone by so fast over the past few years.

"AS of right now, no," I giggle. "Papa and I have not talked about anymore babies yet. Besides, Annabelle is still little."

"Why do you ask, Chrissy?" Jasper asks with a raised brow.

"Because I was wondering if we need to save Ethan and Annabelle's things for the next baby," Christine giggles. Jasper moves to snap at her, but I stop him.

"Jazz, she is just asking an important question. Relax, sweetheart," I say. Annabelle coos and she claps her hands happily. I smile at my baby girl and hold up a spoon full of mashed potatoes. The doorbell rings and Jasper goes to answer it. "Chrissy, you know your papa does not like when you talk about things like that. Feom now on, you only talk to me about those things."

"Yes, mama," Christine says. She continues eating and my eyes draw to Manny at the end of the table. He is quiet and it is worrying me.

"Emanuel," I say. Manny looks at me and his face is calm. "Is there something bothering you?"

"No, just thinking about dad's email this week," Manny says. Embry has been seeing less and less and Manny since he got married and started another family of his own. Manny has been taking it hard lately and I am unsure on what to do now. Jasper comes back with Sam and Jacob not far behind him. I look at the three of them in confusion.

"Marinna, we need to talk to you," Sam says.

"No, you can tell me right here," I say. Jasper shakes his head sadly and I rush to my feet. "Christian, finish feeding Annabelle."

"Yes, mama," Christian says. I walk with the boys to the study and cross my arms to keep from getting too nervous.

"Marinna, you knew dad was getting older and he was always getting sick," Jacob says.

"Yes, I went and saw him the other day and he was not doing any better than when I saw him last week. What does that have to do with anything?" I say. Jacob walks over to me and takes a deep breathe. The long pause causes my heart to sink and tears begin to fill my eyes.

"Mari, dad died this last night in his sleep. He had a massive heart attack in his sleep and he never woke up. I am sorry," Jacob says. I take a few steps back and cover my mouth with my hands. Jasper walks over to hold me in his arms to let me release my feelings. I grab onto him and I scream out in pain. Billy was the man I saw as my father, he gave me everything and loved me for who I was. Billy was everything to me since the day we joined his family. I let my tears go and I heave a little from my screaming and crying.

"No, daddy come back," I scream. Jasper holds me close to him and he kisses my head. "Daddy!"

Christine comes into my bedroom with a bowl of ice cream in her hands and Annabelle in a carried on her back. I smile at my two girls and open my arms for them. Christine walks in, puts the bowl down at the end of the bed, and lets Annabelle crawl to me first before crawling up after her. I hold my little princesses in my arms and begin to cry again.

"I am sorry grandpa died, mama," Christine says.

"I know, baby, but it was his time to go. He is with grandma now and he is walking around happily," I sniffle. Annabelle wipes my tears and she gives me her version of a kiss. "He was so proud of you and your siblings and he loved you all very much."

"What is to happen to his house now?" Christine asks. I smile at her mature attitude towards this.

"Uncle Jake is going to possibly sell it after he takes everything out. He has been living in his own house anyways for some time now," I say. Christine snuggles closer to me and Jasper comes into the room.

"Esme and Carlisle are here to see you," Jasper says sadly. I nod and get off the bed with Annabelle in my arms. I hug Jasper for a moment to reassure him and myself. "I am so sorry, darlin', Billy was a great man."

"It is okay, he loved you as much as I do," I say with a small giggle. Jasper smiles and kisses my forehead. Christine takes his hand and the four of us walk down the stairs to the living room. Esme smiles and is the first to give me a hug.

"Oh, Marinna, how are you holding up?" Esme asks. She cups my cheek and looks at me.

"Better than a few days ago. Did Jasper tell you when the funeral will be?" I say, wiping my eyes. Annabelle reaches for Esme and her grandmother takes her.

"No, but I think it be best of we not go," Esme says. Annabelle lays her head on her grandmother's shoulder and I smile a little. Carlisle walks over to give me a hug.

"I am so sorry for your lose, Marinna," Carlisle says.

"Thank you," I say. Christine and Jasper remain by the stairs to let me have moment with Esme and Carlisle. "Please give my love to Bella through this. I know this may hurt her too."

"We will, baby," Esme says. "Bring the kids over for a bit this week before the funeral. Meme wants to see her grandchildren very much."

"I will put it on the schedule and thank you so much for stopping by," I say with a half smile. Annabelle comes back to me while I walk Esme and Carlisle to the door. The children will never have to suffer losing any more grandparents since Carlisle and Esme will live forever and ever.