Chapter Twenty-Five

Jasper carries me on his back as we walk past a few backyards that belong to humans, but the rest of the family has taken off before us. I look into the windows of some of the houses we pass by and become a little homesick when see the love between the family. I miss my children and the pack right now, but I know that this is for the best. Jasper shifts me to distract me with a cough to clear his throat and I smile while giving him a kiss on his cheek.

"Stop that or you will start crying on me," Jasper teases.

"I just miss home," I say quietly.

"I know, darlin', but we are keeping everyone safe this way," Jasper says.

"I know, I know," I sigh. We begin to get a little further into the woods and it gives us enough coverage for me to shift. Jasper smiles widely as he watches me strip naked to help not rip my clothes and I throw my shirt at him to make him stop making my toes curl from his hungry gaze. I take a deep breathe and shift effortlessly into wolf form before tackling Jasper to lick his face. He playfully pushes me back, but accepts my kisses happily.

"Mari, everyone is going to hunt before us," Jasper chuckles. He gets up, puts my clothes in the bag, and motions for me to take off first. I smile with a soft growl to challenge him to a race and he accepts the challenge. We take off as quickly as we can and I can only keep up for about a few minutes before I decide to use a tree as a leverage point. We stop at a clearing in the woods to see it is mostly green grass that could hide us if we lay down in it. I smile as I trot over tot he grass and roll in it like a puppy and I can hear Jasper laugh at me. He walks over to sit next to me and he runs his hand down my back softly. I enjoy the pets for a moment and then shift back to human form to straddle his lap.

"Let me take you," I moan, as I undue his zipper. Jasper groans when my hand caresses his hard cock, pull it out, and slide it through my slick folds. I ride him slowly at first to enjoy him inside me once more and bite my bottom lip from screaming out.

"I have missed this," Jasper growls. He grips my hips tightly to keep from making it go faster, but I decide to move my hips more. "Marinna, easy, baby."

"I want all of you inside me. I want you to fill me to the brim," I moan. Jasper snarls before gripping me harder to move my hips faster and faster, until I feel like I am going to rip in half. It is not long before we both find our sweet relief together. Oh how much I have missed this.

We catch up to the rest of the family when I see they have caught up to something. I make my way up to Bella, where she gives me a nice scratch behind the ears, and poke my head around the tree to look at what has everyone's attention. It is a young woman with a black cloak on and she is doing something to the trees above her. She smells like a vampire, but she is not alone. I notice a little girl dancing around her with a smile on her face and realise the girl is not human exactly. A twig breaks under my foot and it causes the woman and small girl to jump.

"Come out or I will kill you," the woman says. I see her red eyes and a pendant of the Volturi house dangling from her neck. Carlisle steps out with Edward and they are both smiling.

"We mean no harm to you or the child," Carlisle says gently. The girl hides behind the woman and I notice the ground shake a little.

"Who are you?" the woman asks.

"I am Carlisle Cullen and I am hunting with my family," Carlisle says while motioning for us to come out of hiding. I come out first and the little girl gasps at the sight of me.

"I am in need of the one named Marinna," the woman says. I raise my head to let her know I am there and she looks at me with confusion. "You are Marinna?"

"She is my sister," Matthew says, as he walks up behind me. "How can we help you?"

"I am Leandra Williams," the woman says. "Marcus sent me to find her because we need your help."