Chapter 2

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Okay, I've decided to continue this as a backup story in case I am suffering from writer's block on my other two stories. As a result updates will be sporadic at best and there is no time table set up for them. Here's chapter 2:

Last Time:

….Ma smiled as she noticed to two teens had their hands intertwined. "You two seem to have grown closer too. It must have been a bonding experience."

Both of them blushed slightly but kept holding hands. They were both glad that Ma and Pa didn't know the explicit details of their bonding experience. "I guess we'll have to train hard so we can impress Ero-sennin when we finally catch up to him.' said Naruto darkly.

"That's the spirit!" said Pa. "We'll get you both stronger in no time. Illyana-chan, I'm sure we toads can help you in your physical and mental disciplines even though we don't use magic like you do."

"I'm a teleporter as well as a sorceress. I'd be very thankful if you would help me get stronger." answered Illyana.

The two teenagers were going to train until the two of them together could take on the world; but actually they were just planning to kill one dirty old man….

Mount Myōboku

Naruto and Fukasaku were taking a break from Naruto's sage training and his wind manipulation training that they'd started today. Naruto was taking to wind manipulation like a fish to water in Fukasaku's opinion. They watched as several battle toads were running from Illyana who was brandishing her war axe in this so-called spar. It turned out her expertise with axes and swords were rather unbelievable given her small size. Naruto was laughing hysterically as he watched his girlfriend terrorize the poor toads. It had been six weeks since he and Illyana began their brutal training on Mount Myōboku and Fukasaku and Shima wanted them to train two more weeks before they departed for Fire Country.

Naruto reflected on how hard it had been but at the same time he had never felt stronger or been happier in his entire life. He and Illyana trained together, slept together, ate together and of course there was the incredible sex….

Flashback two weeks ago….

Naruto and Illyana were in the hot springs near Ma and Pa's house. They'd both been absolutely filthy and had to help each other scrub clean. Inevitably the two got carried away and Illyana was soon in his lap slowly riding him for all she was worth. The two soon shared the utter bliss of climaxing at the same time and Illyana moaned, "I love you Naruto-kun." as she held onto him in the afterglow.

Naruto gasped and seemed to freeze up. Illyana wondered what was wrong. When she pulled back slightly to look in his eyes she saw they were full of tears. She suddenly felt very afraid. Did he not want her to love him? "Naruto-kun…?"

Naruto gave her a passionate kiss and held her tight with their bodies still connected. "I'm sorry Illyana-chan; no one has ever told me they loved me before. Thank you so much! I….I love you too."

Illyana had been shocked that he'd never been told he was loved. She promised herself to say those three little words to him every day since and the lovemaking that carried on well into the night was the best they'd shared yet….

Flashback end….

It was one of Naruto's most cherished memories. He asked her to be his girlfriend the next morning and she laughed telling him that of course she was his girlfriend. Naruto couldn't believe his good fortune. He not only was training hard to get stronger but could spend his time with his beautiful girlfriend who loved him! Naruto had been spacing off but he came back to reality when Illyana finished her spar and waved up at him on the hill. He waved back and quickly went down to see her with Fukasaku and the old toad sage said, "Well, since you've chased all of your sparring partners into the hills why don't you two sit down and have some lunch Illyana-chan?"

The two sweaty and dirty teens agreed and plopped down in the shade of a tree to eat some food they'd picked out themselves. Fukasaku had a warm smile on his face as he saw the two interact. They made a great team. Between Illyana's teleporting abilities (Fukasaku figured it was a new bloodline) and Naruto's endless clones they seemed to be able to overwhelm and disorient just about anybody. When you added in Naruto's growing jutsu arsenal and her amazing sorcery it became even more apparent that their synergy was near perfect….and much to Shima's delight the two were obviously very much in love….Ma thought it was adorable.

"You're so awesome with that axe! It still amazes me you can use all those big weapons you have stored back in Limbo Illyana-chan." said Naruto as he munched on an apple.

She laughed. "I just seem to have a knack for them Naruto-kun." she said between bites of a banana. "They are the preferred weapons in Limbo. I had to learn or else."

The young couple had bonded over their rough childhoods. Illyana's upbringing under Belasco had literally been hell and Naruto's isolation and mistreatment because of his jinchūriki status made them both very empathetic to one another. It had been hard for both of them to open up about it emotionally but once they had their connection had grown much deeper and stronger than before. The pair had agreed it was a wonder they both turned out as well as they did with what they'd been through. Now that Illyana and Naruto were together they had the emotional support they both longed for so much in their lives.

"I can't wait to show you Konoha." said Naruto with enthusiasm. "I hope you will like it there."

"They should feel very lucky you're so loyal to your home." said Illyana darkly. "I had to conquer Limbo before I could set things right. Of course you're planning to be Hokage someday so I guess it's kind of the same."

Naruto placed a hand on her cheek and kissed Illyana sweetly. "There are people that are very precious to me there that I want to protect but you are the most precious to me of all. I can forgive them for the way they treated me but if they ever even try to lay a finger on you I'll end them come hell or high water."

Illyana sighed and held his hand against her cheek. "I'm sorry Naruto. I'm sure there are good people there. I shouldn't make you feel anger towards them because of me. Sometimes I can't tell if the good or the evil in me is my true nature. I never want to hurt you."

"It's alright Illyana-chan." said Naruto. "I just want you to know I'll always keep you safe." The two basked in each other's company quietly for the rest of their meal.

Two weeks later….

"Well Naruto-chan, I have to say you've even exceeded Jiraiya-chan in the sage arts. I'm truly proud of you. Your wind manipulation training has progressed well too so keep practicing on it." said Fukasaku. "Illyana-chan, I know we weren't able to help you as much as Naruto-chan these last couple of months but even I can see you've improved by leaps and bounds. Ma and I will always be happy to have the both of you come here and visit us."

Shima smiled and said, "I want you two to be good to each other and take special care of each other. I'm counting on your future tadpoles to be toad summoners as well." The two teens blushed at the thought and Shima chuckled.

"Now don't tease them too much, Ma although I look forward to meeting their tadpoles as well." said Fukasaku smiling. "Are you two ready to go?" Naruto and Illyana nodded and held hands. "Alright, summon us if you need us!" said Fukasaku as he reverse summoned them away. The two teens vanished in a puff of smoke leaving the two toad sages alone.

Shima turned to Fukasaku. "They really are good for each other, Pa. With all the darkness they've had in their lives they have become each other's beacon of light. I think they are destined to do great things."

Fire Country near the Border of River Country

"….And here we are by River Country!" said Naruto. "If someone told me two months ago when I was bored camping by myself that I'd return here with my beautiful girlfriend; I would have told them they were absolutely insane."

Illyana smiled at the beautiful comment. It still made her blush prettily. "Where do we go from here Naruto-kun?"

"Well, if we head northeast we'll be at Tanzaku Gai and then we can head straight on to Konoha from there." said Naruto. "We can probably stay at an inn there."

"Isn't that the gambling town you told me you found Lady Tsunade at?" asked Illyana.

Naruto nodded. "That's the one. It's hard to believe it's been two and a half years since then. There's a lot more there than Casinos there though. It's kind of a tourist spot. We should probably resupply there."

"Well, I'm all for it." said Illyana. "As much as I love Ma; I've eaten enough of her cooking to last me the rest of my life. Humans should eat human food." They both laughed. "Any idea how we can hunt down a certain old pervert?" she asked with a vicious grin.

Naruto matched her grin with a rather feral smile of his own. "Patience, Illyana-chan. When we find him we'll make him beg for mercy. Baa-chan will have a way to recall him to Konoha. We'll ambush him then."

"I love when you plot evilly Naruto."

"And I love when you plot evilly with me Illyana-chan."

Near Tanzaku Gai, three days later….

Naruto pointed at a large circular city with a partially demolished castle that was in the process of being rebuilt. "There's Tanzaku Gai. You can see the castle still isn't fully repaired from Orochimaru's attack back then. Let's rest for a day before we head on to Konoha." The pair soon arrived at the busy city gates and his bright orange and black uniform and her yellow and black one stood out a bit.

"Maybe we should tone down our colors a bit Naruto." said Illyana feeling a little self conscious that her form fitting attire was drawing a lot of attention of the male persuasion. She also noticed several women were eyeing her Naruto-kun as well and she was starting to get steamed. "Let's go look for some Kimonos or something." she said curtly.

"Okay Illyana-chan but I think you look great." complimented Naruto.

Illyana whispered, "So do all the other guys." she said as she looked around.

Naruto quickly looked around and saw the men staring at her with lust in their eyes and he started leaking out killing intent that made most of them scamper away. "Maybe we should get kimonos Illyana-chan. It looks like they are gearing up for some kind of festival so there should be some for sale." Illyana nodded and smiled.

The pair were soon window shopping and found a blue kimono with white crane patterns on it for Illyana and a black one with green leaf patterns for Naruto. They were able to get a room at one of local inns for an inflated price (due to a festival being held soon) and settled in. They were both tired from the road and had to bathe separately since mixed bathing was only allowed at certain times of day and they wouldn't have had any privacy alone anyway. After cleaning up and having a quick dinner at one of the food stalls they called it a day and curled up in their futon for the night.

Illyana woke up early in the morning snuggled in Naruto's arms but was irritated by the sounds of the city filtering into their room. She wanted to bury her head back in the crook of his neck and doze some more but the city noises just wouldn't go away. After about fifteen minutes of wriggling about Naruto hugged her gently and asked, "Can't sleep?"

"No, I'm sorry I woke you up Naruto." she answered. The two shared a good morning kiss and laid there looking into each other's blue eyes.

Naruto brushed a couple of her golden bangs out of her face. "We got pretty spoiled to the peaceful sounds of nature on Mount Myōboku Illyana-chan. Between the thin walls here and all the city noises I couldn't sleep in either. Let's get up and have some breakfast before we decide what to do. I don't know if we should stay here another day or just head straight on to Konoha. I really thought it would be more peaceful here."

Once they were up and dressed in their new kimonos the pair went to a café and were eating a traditional breakfast of steamed rice and miso soup. It was quiet and all in all it was very pleasant until they started overhearing things from some of the other patrons….

"….Not only is Icha Icha: Tactics a masterpiece but Jiraiya-sama's new Icha Icha: The Soldier and the Sorceress is the beginning of a brand new trilogy!" announced one patron.

"….I can't wait until the second and third parts of the trilogy come out!" said another giggling like a school girl. "Maybe they'll make a movie!"

"….In the author's preface Jiraiya-sama states he was divinely inspired by real life events to start The Soldier and the Sorceress. He claimed he wrote it in only a few weeks. What do you suppose he saw? This book tops everything he's written to date!" said another excitedly.

"….I know what you mean, the romance, the steamy sex scenes, the action, the engrossing storyline; it has it all." said another with a blush.

"….I couldn't put it down. The beautiful sorceress Yana and the lonely soldier Ruto falling in love even though they couldn't speak the same language….I'm rereading it for a third time now. We are so blessed. This is truly a great time for the literary arts." another added in reverence.

'Yana and Ruto?!' thought the two teens in horror and shock. They both wanted to faint.

Illyana looked so red in the face that she might explode whether it was from anger or embarrassment. She was trying to think of a curse to put on all these perverts so they'd be impotent the rest of their lives.

Naruto was blushing and grinding his teeth to the degree sparks were flying. He was mentally going through the 99 ways he intended to kill Ero-sennin for this.

"Will there be anything else today?" asked the waitress jarring the young couple out of their catatonic states.

"W-we're good t-thanks." stuttered Naruto as he handed over the money for their breakfast and a tip for the waitress. The waitress thanked them and excused herself.

Later back at the inn….

Naruto concluded, "So it's decided. You portal him to Limbo and the pair of us feed Ero-sennin to a pack of hungry demons; feet first. Then we really get nasty!"

"I don't know Naruto-kun. That might be too quick and not painful enough." Illyana sighed as she hugged Naruto. "I thought I was going to die of embarrassment back at that café. What if somebody recognizes us from the books?"

"We don't know the descriptions out of the books Illyana." said Naruto warily. "They may not look anything like us."

Illyana's eyes narrowed. "How can we be sure? He basically used our names; how do we find out about the descriptions without buying a copy to make sure?" The two sat in thought for a long time. "Could we put on disguises and steal a copy?" she asked.

Naruto pondered, "If Ero-sennin ever found out we had a copy of one of his books whether we bought it or not we'd never hear the end of it."

"I guess we could burn it ceremonially after we checked out the character descriptions." offered Illyana.

"My god I never saw this coming…." said Naruto. "We're actually considering reading one of that old pervert's books!" Naruto could only lament at the injustice of it all.

Two hours later….

It had been simple enough for Naruto to use the henge and turn into an Ebisu (the closet pervert) lookalike so he could purchase the book. Now the two teens were sitting on the futon in their room at the inn. Illyana was reading and resting her back against Naruto's chest. Naruto was sitting behind with his chin resting on her shoulder and his arms around her waist reading as well.

"He gently pushed his holy love rod into her most sacred place….What the hell is with Ero-sennin and all these crazy euphemisms? Why didn't he just write that Ruto stuffed Yana like a turkey?" asked Illyana incredulously. "He was obviously watching us in the hot springs as well. Grrrr….There's even a section about when I gave you a blowjob in the forest against that tree. Ero-sennin must have been there the whole damned time." she hissed.

Naruto shook his head slightly, "At least he changed our hair color."

"Yes, he gave perfect descriptions of me with black hair and green eyes. –And you have brown hair and no whisker marks." Illyana growled. She felt Naruto growing erect behind her and start grinding her rear against him. She quickly closed the book and tossed it away. "You know, it seems silly to be getting all hot and bothered reading about us having sex when we could be enjoying the real thing together. Ilyana turned around and started kissing Naruto hotly. She said huskily, "Come to Mamma…."

Hours later the two were holding each other in the afterglow. "I love you Naruto-kun" she said as she kissed him gently.

"I love you too Illyana-chan. You are so incredible." He snickered a bit. "Do you feel like your magic is recharged?"

Illyana smiled and then gave him a mock glare. "I couldn't believe that Yana had to have her magic recharged through sexual intercourse. What a ridiculous concept."

Naruto grinned "Yes; and only Ruto could give her the full power she needed after scraping by on poor lovers for years."

"Were really do need to kill Ero-sennin." said Illyana. "If I wasn't so damned comfortable here with you holding me I'd say we should start our pervert hunting immediately. Right now I want just cuddle."

"That's fine by me." said Naruto happily. "We'll get up later before dinnertime. We should probably set out tomorrow though."

"Let's stay and see the festival tomorrow. We'll leave the next day." she replied.

"Anything you want my hime." said Naruto as he pulled her a little closer and kissed her forehead. "Let's doze a little longer."

The eventually just ordered room service and went on to bed. All the embarrassment over the scenes about them from Icha Icha: The Soldier and the Sorceress was enough to have them worn out for the day.

The day of the festival….

The young couple got up late and waited around to go to the festival. Illyana hadn't ever been to this kind of festival before and was very excited. Naruto hadn't been to many festivals himself and was very happy to show Illyana all the different games and food. Generally Naruto was pretty good at most of the skilled throwing games because he was a ninja. Eventually he won Illyana some prizes but the one she treasured the most was a fox plushy that reminded her of Naruto that she named 'Naru-chan.' They stayed out rather late and agreed they should make for Konoha after breakfast in the morning….

Mount Myōboku

Jiraiya arrived at Ma and Pa's house hoping for some further inspiration from his apprentice. That kid and his girlfriend were a goldmine! Much to his dismay he couldn't find Naruto anywhere so he decided to ask Fukasaku for the boy's whereabouts. Knocking on the door he poked his head in and saw Fukasaku reading a scroll in his chair. "Hey, Pa…."

Fukasaku looked up. "Well, well; if it isn't Ero-sennin."

Jiraiya did a face plant of epic proportions as Fukasaku laughed and Shima came out of the back wondering what the commotion was. Jiraiya pleaded, "Come on Pa, not you too! It's bad enough that my apprentice calls me that."

Fukasaku smiled. "You have to admit that Ero-sennin is quite fitting given your hobbies."

"Pa is right Jiraiya-chan, the name does suit you well." interjected Shima as Jiraiya shed anime tears. "So what brings you out here Jiraiya-chan? Are you looking for Naruto-chan and Illyana-chan? They went back to Fire Country almost a week ago."

"Dammit! That disrespectful gaki took off without telling me again." grumped Jiraiya.

Shima patted Jiraiya's side. "Don't worry Jiraiya-chan, they said they were planning to seek you out and head for Konoha."

"Well, I guess I'd better get after them then." said Jiraiya.

"Why don't you stay for lunch?" asked Shima. "I'm making your favorite, Cockroach Surprise!"

Jiraiya suddenly turned green but knew refusing Shima's cooking would incur her wrath later. He cringed and said, "Sure thing Ma….lunch sounds great."

Tanzaku Gai, the following morning…..

"Ready to go?" asked Naruto with bags under his eyes. The two teens got frisky again late last night and were paying for it with exhaustion now. Naruto wondered if they'd ever be able to keep their hands off each other….'Probably not.' he figured.

Illyana nodded and yawned as she stretched. "If we don't leave now we'll sleep in till noon at the inn and have to pay for an extra day. Let's head out."

Gathering their things Naruto was back in his full ninja gear and Illyana was now sporting an all black top over her Yellow and black uniform shirt. She pondered why the X-men chose the bright yellow and black colors to begin with. It really wasn't stealthy at all….She decided that she and Naruto of them were going to get some darker gear when they made it to Konoha. She'd convinced Naruto to go with a burnt orange instead of the neon one. Actually Illyana thought Naruto might look really cool in a black tiger stripe pattern. Decisions, decisions. Maybe they could….

"Illyana-chan?" asked Naruto.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, I was in deep thought. What did you say?" she asked.

Naruto smiled softly. "I was thinking we should further your training with kunai and shuriken just in case. They are easy to conceal and there are a lot of places that you can't enter with a war axe or a broadsword on your back. Anyway, you're already pretty handy with a kunai because of your abilities with swords and daggers."

Illyana looked at the handle of her war axe sticking up above her right shoulder. "I suppose you're right but a massive piece of quality steel like this really does make a statement don't you think? It just screams feminine charm to me." She laughed. Their cheerful banter carried them well into the midday when they stumbled on something unexpected….A group of bandits were tearing up the road and headed straight towards them. It was obvious that they were running from something.

The bandit group….

The leader of the group Kosuke was urging his men on. "There are eleven of us and three of them! We can take them."

"But they are ninjas boss." whimpered one of his men.

"They already took out eight of us! We need to get away." whined another.

"They can still bleed, let's…." Kosuke saw Naruto and Illyana ahead on the road. "Let's take those two hostage!" he said desperate and wild eyed. "Those Leaf ninjas are supposed to protect civilians. We're not dead yet!" His men cheered as they poured on the speed towards the young couple….The young armed couple….The young armed couple who were already on battle alert.

Illyana had a vicious look in her eyes after hearing the words 'take those two hostage.' "So they want to play with us huh? Let's take them out Naruto-kun."

Naruto nodded and took a low stance. "The one leading them is further out in front." he said. "Take him out with your axe and I'll hit the main group with a wind enhanced shuriken barrage when you teleport clear." Illyana nodded and tensed her muscles as she reached up placing her right hand on the handle of her war axe. Naruto created a shadow clone of himself that started rapidly going through hand signs.

With the ninjas pursuing Kosuke's group….

The ninjas pursuing the bandits were none other than Lee, Tenten and Neji –otherwise known as Team Gai. They'd been sent on a simple mission to destroy a bandit camp and after completing their mission were promptly jumped on the way home by Kosuke's merry little band of miscreants that they were now pursuing angrily after wiping out half of them. "There are two people ahead of them." said Lee. "We must use the power of our flames of youth to protect those innocent bystanders!"

Neji's eyes widened as he activated his byakugan. "That's-"

With Illyana and Naruto….

When Kosuke got within ten feet, Illyana exploded into action. Her axe shot out in a blur and connected with Kosuke whose guard was wide open. He never saw it coming and was cut down in a rather spectacular spray of gore. Illyana had already teleported clear before his bisected body hit the ground. The bandits tried to stop themselves seeing their leader explode into a fountain of blood. As they came to a stunned halt they heard Naruto yell, "Shuriken shadow clone no justu!" as he launched a shuriken that rapidly multiplied into a hail of metal towards the hapless bandits. At the same time his clone unleashed the Wind style: Gale palm jutsu that increased the speed of lethal steel stars to an incredible velocity. By the time Illyana reappeared behind Naruto through her stepping discs she teleported through the one sided massacre was already over.

With Team Gai….

Team Gai slowed to a halt seeing the sea of blood that was once their quarry. "….It's Uzumaki Naruto and another person." finished Neji in shock. "Only his chakra looks like that. I don't know what else to say." Neji slowly led his teammates down to where Illyana and Naruto were standing. "Uzumaki Naruto? Is that really you?" called out Neji.

Naruto came over to the others and quickly recognized them. "Neji; Tenten, Bushy Brows! Were you hunting those guys? Sorry if we stole your thunder. Illyana-chan, these are good friends of mine! Come and meet them." Placing her (now cleaned) axe back in its holster; Illyana came up and interlaced her fingers with Naruto's. "Everybody, this is my beautiful girlfriend Illyana." She smiled softly and waved before she was introduced to them one by one.

The members of Team Gai were all stunned for different reasons. Tenten was shocked at how efficiently they took out the bandits but also at the sheer brutality of it all. She also wanted to get a good look at that war axe Illyana was carrying. Tenten was a weapons mistress after all. For his part, Neji was amazed that Naruto had grown so strong. His chakra levels were staggering! He also wondered about the exotic beauty Illyana he had at his side. Where was she from? For all that matter, how did Naruto of all people get such a hot a girlfriend?

Lee's brain was in a totally different gear. "Naruto-kun, while I am thrilled to see you after all this time I have to ask; what of your youthful love for Sakura-chan?"

The first thing that Naruto thought was 'Sakura who?' but then his brain kicked back in. "Oh! Eh, Sakura loves Sasuke. I've moved on. Illyana-chan is the only one for me." he said as he gently hugged Illyana who returned the gesture.

Illyana cocked an eyebrow. "Who is this Sakura person you're talking about Naruto-kun?"

"She's one of my old teammates. I used to have a huge crush on her but I've outgrown it I guess." answered Naruto.

"Is this the girl with pink hair you mentioned that pummeled you regularly for asking her out on dates at the Academy?" asked Illyana.

Naruto nodded. "Yep, that's the one." Then he added thoughtfully. "Looking back I wonder what it was I saw in her."

"I didn't realize she was the same Sakura that was on your team. I guess I just never made the connection." commented the young sorceress.

Naruto shrugged. "It's okay. I guess I never really thought to bring it up. Most of what we talked about was during my training trip with Ero-sennin. I'm sure we'll run in to her when we get back to Konoha at some point or other."

Lee's eyes were even wider than normal. 'Is this the real Naruto-kun? I thought he'd love Sakura-chan forever! But then again it's obvious that he and this beautiful spring flower are overflowing with passionate flames of love and youthfulness for one another. Perhaps I should congratulate them.'

"….Are you in there Lee?" asked Tenten with annoyance in her tone. She was clearly not happy about being ignored.

"I'm sorry Tenten, I was just trying to figure out how to congratulate Naruto-kun and Illyana-san about the springtime of their youthful relationship." explained Lee.

Illyana's first thought was 'What a weirdo.' Regardless, Naruto thanked Lee anyway and said how happy he was with Illyana now that she was in his life and that brought the smile back to her face.

Naruto asked, "Are you guys headed out for a patrol or are you headed to Konoha like we are?"

"We were headed back to Konoha when that group of bandits attacked us." explained Tenten. "I guess we owe you our thanks for, um….liquidating them for us."

"No problem! We were just acting in self defense." laughed Naruto uncomfortably. 'Was it really that bad?' he thought looking back at the bandit's remains. 'I guess it was.' "Well, anyway…."

"We'll get a forensics crew from Konoha to take care of the mess." said Neji. "Though I doubt they'll be able to identify any of them."

"Since you are already headed the same way we are; why don't you and your youthful companion join us Naruto-kun?" asked Lee.

Naruto looked at Illyana. Her lips said "Yes, let's join them." but her eyes said 'What the hell is up with this guy and all his youth?!' Naruto just smiled and gave her a peck on the lips.

The group was travelling at a moderate pace because the members of Team Gai were worn out from fighting and chasing two groups of bandits all day long. They stopped to refill their canteens and take a short break. Tenten asked, "So Illyana-san, how did you and Naruto meet?"

Illyana looked a bit embarrassed. "I was trapped behind some rocks in a cave. Naruto-kun rescued me and saved my life even though I'd stopped breathing. He was able to resuscitate me and nursed me back to health."

Neji looked surprised, "How did you end up in a cave in, if I may ask?"

"I was experimenting with my bloodline that allows me to teleport through my stepping disks and ended up in the wrong place." Naruto and Illyana had carefully gone over her background story to be as close to what really happened without giving away too much.

"Stepping disks?" asked Tenten.

Illyana nodded and said "Watch." As she created a disk of light and travelled through it to the opposite side of the camp they were on.

"Your bloodline is teleportation? How youthful!" said Lee amazed. "A new bloodline such as yours would surely be welcomed in Konoha."

"I can teleport myself and others over long distances but the further away it is, the harder it is to be accurate." explained Illyana. "That's how I ended up in that cave."

"What did Master Jiraiya think about all this?" asked Neji.

"I was training solo at the time so Ero-sennin didn't show up until I'd nursed Illyana-chan back to health." said Naruto. "The two of us were already involved by the time he came back on the scene." They could all hear the bitterness in Naruto's voice.

"Sounds like you two had a rough go of things." said Tenten.

Illyana sat back down with Naruto and hugged him. "We had a rough time but it was worth it since we have each other now." she said. The two shared a short kiss.

"Well the important thing is you've grown stronger together." said Neji as he deftly deflected Lee giving a long speech about the power of youth. "Where is Master Jiraiya now?"

"Hell if we know." snorted Illyana. "The last time Naruto-kun had regular contact with him was two months ago near River Country. We decided that since I'm back up to fighting strength that we should head for Konoha."

"So you're moving to Konoha Illyana-san?" asked Tenten.

Illyana nodded. "Yes, I don't know the way to teleport back to where I come from without risking my life so I'm moving to Konoha with Naruto-kun. It's way outside the Elemental Countries."

"Interesting." said Neji. "I'm sure Lady Tsunade will be interested about land beyond the Elemental Countries. You should probably keep your bloodline and your origins quiet until you've talked to the Hokage though. We'll keep it a secret of course."

Tenten added, "Anyway, I'm sure Lady Tsunade could help you find an apartment or something until you get settled."

"Why would I need to do that?" asked Illyana. "I'm moving in with Naruto. That reminds me; Naruto-kun said that Lady Tsunade is an amazing medic."

"That's right!" exclaimed Tenten with stars in her eyes. "Not only is she one of the greatest Kunoichis ever but she is the greatest medic in the elemental countries. Are you injured or ill Illyana-san?"

"Injured? No. I just figure she can get me on some proper birth control so Naruto-kun and I won't have to be so concerned about my monthly cycle." answered Illyana truthfully.

Tenten blushed at the exotic blonde girl's frankness about the subject. "Then you two are…?" Illyana nodded. "….Well, I'm sure Lady Tsunade could help you with that." said Tenten a bit embarrassed.

Lee and Neji were both stunned into silence and were staring at Naruto who was snacking on some jerky he'd packed for himself and Illyana. 'They're already….intimate?' wondered the two male members of Team Gai.

Wanting to break the awkward silence and stop the open gawking at him and his girlfriend, Naruto stood up and said. "Well, are we all ready to go?" Konoha awaits!"

The group soon was on the road again and the members of Team Gai couldn't help but notice the easy familiarity that Naruto and Illyana had as they talked happily and held hands as they walked. It was as if the pair had always been together. Tenten felt like she was looking at a happily married couple instead of girlfriend and boyfriend. For his part, Neji found the exotic Illyana to be extremely attractive but it was painfully obvious she only had eyes for Naruto. Lee was wondering about the possible repercussions this situation could cause with Sakura-chan. He'd spoken to her on occasions about Naruto and she'd talked about how much she missed the knucklehead. In Lee's youthful opinion Sakura almost seemed possessive of her teammate. Lee wasn't looking forward to that fallout….or maybe he was concerned for nothing….


Next chapter we'll be headed to Konoha and we'll see some chaos and politics involved because of Illyana's arrival and new bloodline. Blue out. 12/4/14