Naruto: Magik

Chapter 44

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[ ] Signifies hand signs

{ } Signifies a foreign language.

Last Time:

The young Sinclair woman was tired and sore but she asked a ton of questions which Illyana patiently answered. "I still can't believe you're actually alive Illyana." said the redhead. "After I quit the X-Men to lead a civilian life; the last thing I expected was a long dead friend to come and rescue me. I really thought I was a goner."

"Consider this a new start." replied the blonde sorceress. "You've been through a lot. I think you'll like it here in Konoha."

Rahne smiled weakly and asked, "When are we going back to Earth 616 then?"

"We aren't going back as far as I'm concerned." answered Illyana. "I want nothing to do with that place. Here there is no hate for people with mutant bloodlines. I think you should stay here but ultimately it's up to you. Considering you left the X-Men I figure you've had enough fear and hatred. I know I have."

"I….I think I'd like that." said Rahne. "I've wanted peace for a long time now."

The blonde kunoichi smiled and replied, "Some of our other friends are here as well. Kitty, Laura and Elizabeth will be happy to see you."

The redhead's eyebrows raised in surprise. "This is where Kitty and Laura disappeared to? The X-Men have been searching for months."

Magik heard Naruto's stomach rumbling and chuckled. "I believe it's time for lunch Rahne. Naruto-kun and I are famished. I'll let Kitty and the others know you are here so I figure they'll come by this afternoon. Naruto-kun and I will stop back in this evening. In the meantime; you just relax and concentrate on healing up."

Rahne smiled at her friend said, "I'll see you later Illyana. It was nice meeting you Naruto."

With that; the pair of blondes took off to tell the others about Rahne and grab some lunch at their apartment.

The redheaded mutant wondered, 'I wonder what tomorrow will bring….'


Fire Country

In the southwestern part of Fire Country near the River Country border was the remains of a largely buried pyramid like structure which had mystified scholars for centuries. It was called Jiggurato-yama and was rumored to hold great treasures of some ancient civilization. A lot of treasure hunters had ventured to the ruins but nothing of real value had ever been found. There were remains of a people there that live and worked in Jiggurato-yama in ancient times. There was very little else. Often wooden swords and weapons were found among the remains but they would crumble into dust if handled. Beads and pottery of no particular value were occasionally found.

Some scholars thought the pyramid sank into the earth due to some cataclysm and others thought it had gradually been buried by deposits from the many rivers in the area. There were so many theories surrounding the place that no one knew the truth. One scholar named Mizuzawa believed that the people who built Jiggurato-yama were wiped out long before the Ninja Era on the Elemental Continent. Professor Mizuzawa was obsessed with finding out what happened to the ancients there and spent most of his life researching the sunken pyramid. A lot of people considered him a genius but others considered him a total loon.

Mizuzawa lived to see his 87th birthday and at the urgings of many of his followers had written a huge set of books on Jiggurato-yama for future generations. Sadly he'd never found a successor to continue his work so the books were just a matter of posterity. The old Professor often dreamed of his younger years and wished to continue his work. He was writing in his journal late one night and dozed off. He never woke up and passed peacefully in his sleep. Professor Mizuzawa's last words he wrote in his journal were '….the Jiggurato People's topaz necklace….'


The next morning his saddened students found him and laid him to his eternal rest inside an empty sarcophagus within Jiggurato-yama itself. They felt it was a fitting tribute to a man who had dedicated his life to exploring the ancient ruins….


Konoha, Hashirama Lane

Naruto and Illyana were in a new eating establishment named Sora's Teahouse having some lunch along with Team Shizuka. Truth be told the young couple were exhausted from being up most of the night at the Konoha Hospital with Rahne. They had intended to go home and eat but ran into Shizuka and her team and decided to fill them in about the werewolf like mutant. Kitty Pryde and Laura Kinney both liked Rahne and were very concerned about her well being. Elizabeth Braddock knew Wolfsbane from the Wildways and Shizuka saw this as an opportunity to make a new friend. The group was talking animatedly about the redhead's well being and what had happened.

"You are saying a bunch of flatscans*① tried to beat Rahne to death?" growled Laura. "Where are they?"

Illyana's eyes flashed and she said. "They're dead. Naruto-kun's wind blades turned them into mincemeat."

Kitty cringed and Laura nodded in approval. "That will teach them to mess with us." said Wolverine's clone.

Shadowcat considered saying something to voice her displeasure but Elizabeth shook her head and said, "There isn't always a peaceful solution Kitty."

The brunette nodded slowly but then was distracted by a huge man with blue skin and shark-like features entering the teahouse. Naruto followed her stare and saw it was someone from his past; the one and only Hoshigaki Kisame who was now sporting a Konoha forehead protector. Naruto hissed under his breath, "Kisame…." Then he motioned to the girls. "Stay behind me."

Illyana was alarmed and the others wondered what was going on as Naruto stood up and walked over in front of the towering blue skinned ninja. The tension was thick in the air and the whole restaurant got quiet suddenly. Kisame looked down at the blonde and said with a friendly smile, "Well I'll be damned; if it isn't Uzumaki Naruto. I haven't seen you in years. You've grown a ton since Itachi and I hunted you. How's it going?"

Naruto smiled showing his elongated canines and replied, "I'm doing okay….Where is your partner? You two always seem to run together."

Kisame shrugged. "Itachi's at the hospital getting his new peepers checked. I figured I'd try out this new place to eat in the meantime."

The blonde continued to grin and said, "Is that a fact…? I'll have to drop in and see him then."

The former missing nin nodded and replied, "He'd like that. We could talk about old times. How about a drink?"

"So when did you get the Konoha forehead protector?" asked Naruto conversationally.

Kisame said brightly, "I got it today! We're comrades now. Tsunade-sama made me a full Jonin!"

Kyubi's jinchuruki's teeth sparked from grinding them. "Maybe you should go to the hospital…."

The blue skinned man chuckled and said, "I'm sure Itachi can take care of himself."

When Naruto looked up at Kisame the shark-like man saw the blonde's eyes appeared to have cross signs in them as the orange loving ninja activated his sage mode and four tails of power simultaneously. "So who did the murder to get that headband Kisame? I'm sending you to the morgue in pieces!" The blonde hit Kisame in the jaw with a Sage and bijuu chakra enhanced uppercut that set off a shockwave so powerful that it blew the windows out of the teahouse. The former Mist ninja was sent rocketing upwards at incredible speed. Kisame never knew what hit him as he flew through the roof of the building and sailed clean over the front gates of Konoha only to spectacularly hit the ground leaving a twenty meter trench behind him and crashing into a boulder hard enough to reduce it to powder….


Team Kurenai and the X-men saw the gates of Konoha come into view. Kiba smiled and said, "Home sweet home."

That was when Kisame went skidding by and took out a previously healthy boulder with an ear splitting crash. The former missing nin came crawling from the proverbial wreckage and mumbled through his broken face, "What in tha hell hith me…?"

Hinata gasped and said, "Oh dear; that's-"

"HOSHIGAKI KISAME!" roared Naruto as he shot through the gates at incredible speed. "YOU MURDERING SON-OF-A-BITCH! I'M GOING TO SLAUGHTER YOU!"

Kisame looked up and his eyes nearly bulged at the raw power coming off the younger ninja. He held up a broken index finger and sputtered, "Now-now wait a minuth! T-this ish all a big mithunderstanding!"

Logan watched intently as Naruto pounced upon his reeling opponent with the intent of stomping out Kisame's lower intestinal tract as well as the blue skinned man's life. "This kid's really good." said Wolverine in a tone of approval.

"Should we help him?" asked Piotr in a concerned tone.

Hinata shook her head and answered, "I believe Naruto-kun has it well in hand; thank you."

The X-Men all sweat dropped at Hinata's reply and Kurt said, "I think that Piotr meant the other one; Kisame-san I believe?"

Kisame was panting as he released a massive water jutsu that turned to steam when it hit Naruto's chakra cloak. The angry blonde shrugged it off and made a fiery red rasengan. "You are dead Kisame…."

That was when Jiraiya and a small army of ANBU appeared. "STOP NARUTO!" yelled Jiraiya. "Kisame is really one of ours now. Stand down!"

Naruto glared at Jiraiya and the ANBU with enough ire that they all shivered. The blonde hissed, "On whose authority Jiraiya…?"

The Toad Hermit sighed realizing just how enraged his apprentice was. 'At least he's listening.' "Naruto; Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame have been pardoned by Tsunade and the Jonin Council."

"I'll go talk to Baa-chan then." said Naruto as he dispelled his rasengan. Without looking back at the wrecked Hoshigaki Kisame; Naruto walked through the ANBU army that parted and gave him wide berth. Then he vanished in a body-flicker.

Kisame fell over face down in the dirt and said, "Th-thank the godths…."

Illyana and Team Shizuka were inside the gates watching as Naruto did his best to kill Kisame before he vanished. They followed the orange loving ninja after he punched Kisame through the roof of Sora's Teahouse. Illyana was rather giddy at her mate's show of prowess and how even the ANBU stepped back in outright awe of him. "That's my man." she whispered under her breath.


Over with the X-men they watched as Kisame was picked up and put on a stretcher moaning in pain the whole way. Hinata had a rather evil smile on her pretty face and said, "It seems that Kisame-san upset Naruto-kun a bit. Too bad Naruto-kun couldn't finish the job." 'I guess Illyana-chan and I will have to take good care of Naruto-kun tonight.' she thought lustfully.

Kiba scented Hinata's arousal at Naruto's display of power and thought with a shiver, 'Hinata-chan has become one scary chick!' Akamaru whined in agreement….

Shino watched as Jiraiya ran damage control and commented, "It will be interesting to see the fallout over this little affair. I wonder what exactly happened…."

"I had no idea Naruto had become that strong." added Kiba. "To flatten the Monster of the Hidden Mist is really saying something."


Kisame was on the stretcher talking to Jiraiya. "I guesth I should have waited before going outh in public without a dithguise before Thunade-sama made the announthement that I joined Konoha."

The Toad Sage sweat dropped at how ridiculous Kisame sounded talking through his caved in face. "Let's just get you patched up Kisame. I have to sort this matter out with my apprentice."

"What have you been feeding thath kid?" asked the shark-like man. "He damn near killed me!"

'I have no idea honestly.' thought Jiraiya. "Special training in the Toad Arts."

"I have a new rethpect for the toadths." mumbled Kisame as he was hauled off….


Hokage Tower

A fill in secretary was at Shizune's desk and saw Naruto come walking in. The younger Toad Sage was seething internally but had calmed himself down enough to pass off for normal to a civilian. He looked at the secretary who smiled brightly at him and said, "Welcome Naruto-sama! It is a pleasure to see you. How may I help you today?" Then she batted her eyelashes at the orange loving ninja.

'Damned sycophant.' thought the blonde sourly. "I was wondering if Tsunade-sama was in her office. I would like to speak with her."

"Let me buzz Hokage-sama for you right away Naruto-sama!" said the secretary in a flirtatious tone. A moment later she said, "Hokage-sama is expecting you; please go right in."

Naruto nodded. "Thank you."

"Anything for the next Hokage, Naruto-sama." replied the secretary enthusiastically.

The blonde ninja resisted the urge to roll his eyes and entered Tsunade's Office. Closing the door behind him; he said, "We need to talk Baa-chan."

Tsunade replied, "I've been expecting you brat. The ANBU reported that you wiped the floor with Hoshigaki Kisame." She frowned. "You made quite a mess in the process."

"Ero-sennin said Kisame is a Konoha ninja now." stated Naruto. "I want to know why. He's an S-Class missing nin….So is Uchiha Itachi. What in the hell is going on?"

The Fifth Hokage smiled tiredly and said, "I was expecting this question from you but not so soon. Have a seat Naruto-kun. This is going to take some time to explain. I doubt you'll like it but most of it was decided while you were away on your mission to the Fire Capitol. It is being made public at the end of the week. The last thing I expected was Kisame to get himself crushed into paste though."

"What about the ANBU?" asked Naruto. "I'm surprised they didn't jump him."

Tsunade explained, "The Jonins and ANBU have already been informed. I can't believe Hoshigaki was stupid enough to go out in public without a mask whether he had a Konoha forehead protector or not…."

As Naruto listened to the truth of the matter that Danzo was the one that ordered the Uchiha massacre; he thought to himself, 'What a gigantic clusterfuck. Shimura Danzo has twisted and destroyed almost everything he touched….'

It was a long discussion that took up most of the afternoon….


Konoha Front Gates

While Naruto was sitting down with Tsunade; Hinata saw her blonde sister-mate was there and called, "Illyana-chan, over here!"

Illyana saw Hinata waving and motioning towards the X-Men standing with Team Kurenai and the sorceress's eyes widened. Then she saw her brother Piotr and tears came to her eyes. She said in Russian, {"Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin; my big brother! I've missed you so much!"}

Piotr saw Illyana teleport from where she was and appear in a stepping disk directly in front of him in an instant. {"Illyana? Is it really you baby sister?"} The two siblings embraced and Piotr also teared up in happiness. When they pulled back to admire one another; he said, {"Look at you Little Snowflake! You've grown up to be so beautiful!"} He spun her around and the pair laughed in delight.

She giggled and replied, {"And you've gotten even bigger Piotr!"} The pair laughed again and embraced while speaking rapidly in their native tongue. It was obvious they were overjoyed to see each other even to those who couldn't speak a word of Russian.*②

Shadowcat and X-23 quickly trotted over to the X-men and were happily reunited with their friends. Laura gave a hug to Logan but was straight laced as usual. Kitty was very enthusiastic and exchanged hugs and a few kisses with everyone; especially Colossus who was overjoyed to see his Katya. Once the happy reunion quieted down they all signed into Konoha where they could relax in peace….


Konoha Training Grounds

Naruto was sitting on a tree stump meditating on what he'd learned and though the blonde didn't agree with the decision he could at least understand the reasoning behind Kisame and Itachi's pardons. That's when he felt the presence of someone on his personal bad list approaching. Naruto grit his teeth and said, "What do you want Hatake?"

Kakashi paused and said, "I wanted to try to make amends Naruto. I know I really messed up….Can I join you?"

The blonde sighed slightly and motioned to another tree stump to sit on. "Knock yourself out." he replied.

The lanky Jonin strolled up and sat beside his former student. He sat in silence for a moment and said, "I heard you'd been nominated to become a Jonin today Naruto. That's quite an accomplishment. I'm really happy for you."

Naruto turned to face his ex-mentor and said, "That's the first I've heard of it."

Kakashi raised his visible eyebrow and said, "Really? Several Jonins have been talking about it. I thought Tsunade-sama was talking to you about it at the tower."

The whisker faced ninja shook his head. "I was talking to Baa-chan about Hoshigaki Kisame."

"Ah, I'm really not to keen on that decision either Naruto." said Kakashi. "Itachi I understand but Kisame I have a hard time trusting. If it makes you feel any better; I hear Kisame landed himself in the hospital. I heard something about an exploding teahouse…?"

"No; it was an exploding me in the tea house." replied Naruto. "He came up acting all buddy-buddy with me and I hadn't been informed he was pardoned so I went to destroy him. If Jiraiya and the ANBU hadn't stopped me I would have finished him instead of just wrecking him. I went to see Baa-chan to hear from hear from her what the deal was."

Kakashi burst into laughter. "Ahahaha! So that's what happened! Kisame certainly deserves it! Hahaha!" The Jonin wiped a tear from his eye after his laughter subsided. "Man; you made my day Naruto."

Naruto shrugged. "At least I made somebody's day. Baa-chan wasn't too thrilled."

The scarecrow looked at Naruto and said; "I really miss you and Sakura you know. You two mean a lot to me. Could we bury the hatchet? I know it will take some time but I'd like to form new bonds with you guys." He held out his hand to Naruto and asked, "Can we do that? For what it's worth I'm truly sorry Uzumaki Naruto."

The blonde slowly shook hands with his former sensei. "Alright I guess. You'll need to apologize to Sakura too."

Kakashi gave an eye smile. "I will Naruto….and thanks."


Hokage Tower, Tsunade's Office

Tsunade was sitting with a Fire Country Official from the Capitol and listening to his tale. At her side was Shizune who was taking notes. The official was a young Lord named Furui Akira. Tsunade frowned and said, "The old Jiggurato-yama remains? Of course I've heard of them! Do you think I've been living under a rock? I've toured the place three times!"

Furui realized he'd made a faux pas and said, "A thousand pardons Tsunanade-sama! I was under the impression that ninjas were….ummm….not so informed about non-military matters."

The Fifth Hokage narrowed her eyes and replied, "Your impressions were wrong Furui-sama. Now then; would you like to explain the nature of this mission or do you need help sticking your other foot in your mouth?"

The young official grimaced. He was used to his charming manners and good looks getting him what he wanted but clearly the busty blonde Hokage had no intention of letting things slide. Clearing his throat; Furui said, "There has been a disturbance in the area of Jiggurato-yama. It's some sort of mass hysteria centered around the ruins. We want a team of your ninjas to go down and investigate. Any time Daimyo-sama's samurai have gone down to exert his grace's authority over the mob they have never returned." He handed over a scroll to Tsunade who began to read it.

"So you are the son of the regional Governor over the territory which contains Jiggurato-yama Furui-sama?" asked the blonde Hokage. "Seems your old man wants to keep his job and fix this mess before Daimyo-sama really gets involved." She cocked an eyebrow. "So tell me Furui-sama; just how many of your Samurai have gone in?"

Furui was sweating now. "About a third…."

Tsunade propped her chin in her hand and asked, "….And how many of Daimyo-sama's Samurai have gone in?"

"Ummm….none." squeaked Furui.

"Does the Daimyo even know about the mess at Jiggurato-yama?" asked Tsunade.

The Official broke into hysterics. "If Father tells Daimyo-sama the truth then he'll be sacked for sure! Father has been quietly lining his pockets and if an inquisitor comes down there to survey this disaster then it will be obvious! My inheritance will be taken from me and we will be shamed for generations!"

'Typical Politician….' thought Tsunade with a smile. "There, there Furui-sama. You just don't understand how things work with ninja. You don't lie to us and you don't try to cheat us. If you want this to slip by the Daimyo then you'll have to explain what's really going on and pay accordingly."

Shizune hand signed, ["You aren't really going behind the Daimyo's back are you Tsunade-sama?!"]

["Of course not!"] replied the Hokage. ["I just want to put the screws on Furui."]


Naruto, Illyana and Hinata's Apartment

Naruto came home to his lovely fiancé Hinata and she kissed him warmly when he came in and smiled. "Good evening Naruto-kun; I'm finally home from my mission!" She was wearing her little black and orange yukata that Naruto liked so much on her.

The blonde eagerly grabbed her hips and kissed her passionately. "I've missed you my hime."

The Hyūga Princess smiled hungrily and said, "Illyana-chan is greeting her brother and the other X-men so she sends her love. She and I got a surprise for you too."

Naruto grinned happily showing his elongated canines and said, "What is it Hinata-chan?"

"You'll see." said Hinata teasingly. She took his hand and said, "It's in the bedroom."

The whiskered ninja followed his hime eagerly to the bedroom only to find Shizuka lying seductively on his bed. Her hair was down and she was wearing one of those special yukatas too. Her light green eyes were full of fire. His mouth went dry when she said, "Hinata-chan and I are going to take good care of you tonight Naruto-sama…."


When Naruto woke up the next morning he was breathless, aching and sore. He did not have the strength to move. Hinata had been wild, Shizuka was absolutely serene and when Illyana got home she was very eager for some action too. He opened one eye groggily and saw his three hime piled on top of him and each other. Amidst the tangle of limbs and hair Naruto was pinned down. There was barely enough room to breathe. Feeling his body wasn't up to moving anyway; he decided that going back to sleep was best. His last thoughts before he drifted back to sleep was, 'I don't know if I'll survive another night like this….'


Hours later; Naruto and his mates were up and sitting in the living room discussing things. Shizuka in particular had a healthy glow about her and a pleased smile on her face. Illyana was very happy as well. "My big brother Piotr really is enthused about meeting you Naruto-kun! I was afraid that he would react negatively about me getting married to you but he seems excited….Of course Kitty vouched for you and that means a lot to him."

"Does he know about Hinata-chan and Shizuka-chan?" asked Naruto worriedly.

Illyana looked a bit guilty. "I haven't figured that part out yet…."

The other three sweat dropped in unison at the blonde sorceress' antics….


Hokage Tower, Tsunade's Office

Jonin Commander Nara Shikaku was looking over the Jiggurato-yama mission requirements to ascertain who would be best for the job. He turned to the Hokage and said, "Hokage-sama; in spite of the fact they are young; Team Anko is the best suited to lead this mission. Their experience with the supernatural would be invaluable for a job like this. Team Kurenai should also go to provide additional support. With Kurenai back on active duty we will have two solid Teams going."

Tsunade nodded. "Let's make it happen then. We have two Teams to brief."



*①: Flatscans: A derogatory term for non-mutants. As mutants consider themselves the next step in human evolution; a flatscan is considered an evolutionary dead end.

*②: Russian: It was never made clear to me if all the X-Men were taught the Russian language or not. It seemed to vary with whatever was convenient for the comic writer at the time. For the purposes of this fic it is assumed the X-Men know each other's native languages.

I've tried several times to get this story going again but every idea I came up with was too repetitive or boring and a lot was scrapped. Then I stumbled on a "Sunken City" off of Japan and finally got the inspiration I needed to continue. I'm going to be rereading the entire story to ensure fluidity on the newer chapters I have planned. I also hope to put some new chapters out of Dragon's Maw as well. See you next time. Blue out. 10/25/20