A/N: This isn't a self insert, Zack is not me nor am i Zack. I write this from his PoV because it's easy. It's not well written so turn back now if you're here for something good.

Chapter 1: Magical Maladies and Old Faces

August 1st 1991, Today is the day I get to leave St. Mungos. I was surprised to find myself in the wizarding hospital, having believed it to be fiction just a week ago. It was almost poetic when I was informed that my fictitious parents died in a car crash. Normally I would have been concerned, but when frowning witches and wizards were running wands over my body, I was on edge.

So, to recount what's been going on, I woke up on the first floor of St. Mungos a week ago. From what the Aurors have told me, a few hippogryphs escaped a reserve and ravaged a few cars on a motorway before they were captured. The car I was travelling in was hit by another car and sent it off the road, killing several people. When the Aurors arrived they performed a scan for any magical persons, they found me. I don't think they were expecting an ignorant muggleborn wizard when they took me to St. Mungos.

Yesterday they informed me that Professor Flitwick of Hogwarts was coming here as he was one of the few people in Britain that could explain why the healers were frowning so much, as well as doubling as my escort. Although no one has told me anything more than a few of my bones were fractured.

The room I have called home for a week is fairly spacious, a large bed and side table and an adjoining on-suite. I have a window that supposedly overlooks a muggle street. I can't see any staff that would stop me getting up, so I might as well see what view I have. Throwing away my cover I notice that the room is fairly chilly, possibly a heating charm on the duvet.

Swinging my legs to get up didn't work very well as I'm not used to being a scrawny eleven year-old. Far too much force caused me to crumple onto the floor, evidently this body hasn't fully healed from the hippogryph incident. Dull aching attests to it.

"Fucking window" I grumble out.

Giving my body a quick once over, I cross over to the window. The muggles across the road don't even spare the hospital a look, where as the ones on this side of the road disappear at one end and appear at the other, almost like the space the hospital takes up is folded to the muggles. It looks almost peaceful from up here.

Suddenly, a large family of redheads appear in a heap.

"The Weasleys" I mutter, allowing myself a small grin.

As the untangle themselves from what I assume was a portkey, I see Molly berating Fred and George, evidently my window has some sort of sound dampening spell on it as I can't hear what she says. If I were to have to guess, judging by the way an eleven year-old Ron Weasley was covering his face, the twins had done something.

I tighten my bathrobe around me and grab a walking stick from the umbrella stand, I've no need for it, but you never know when you might need such a thing. Luckily they don't need to lock my room so the handle twists and opens. The silence of my room is broken as the door opens, apparently whatever was holding back the cacophony of the hospital doesn't work when the door is open.

The dull roar reaches my ears. The bustling staff and whimpers of patients makes me realise that the silence was wonderful.

Navigating the crowds of people, in my blue and white stripped pyjama bottoms and bathrobe, I headed towards the elevators. The ground floor is where the check-in is as well as the ward for artefact injuries. As I enter, I press the ground floor button. At first nothing seems to happen. I debate pressing it again as I can't feel any movement.

After a few more seconds the doors spring open, admitting the Weasleys. Arthur, Bill, Charlie, and Percy are missing from the crowd. I have to fight down a smile seeing that Ron is sporting a 2 foot long tongue. I lean over and press the button for the third floor; Potion and Plant Poisoning. Molly turns to look at Me.

"Thank You, Dear" She says with a smile. I nod back to her as she turns to berate a snickering pair of twins.

"I've told you time and time again! Don't feed your ridiculous sweets to your brother!"

She says loudly. I notice Ginny was smiling whilst regarding me with curiosity. I wink at her, causing her to blush and become suddenly interested in the floor.

"It's not our fault Mum!" Fred said. Or maybe it's George, I'll never know.

"He shouldn't have been in our room!" The other said

"We can't be held responsible if he eats thing she shouldn't!" The first one said

"Enough of this boys, If you hadn't made them in the first place then we wouldn't be in this mess!" Molly finished with a glare that had them suitably cowed. It appears that the twins have already made their "Ton-tounge toffees".

The doors slide open, despite the lack of motion that muggle elevators have. I wonder if the elevators here move at all, or if the door moves to different floors.

Molly ushers along Ron and Ginny as the twins shuffle out of the elevator. As Fred and George see them disappear around the corner they looked at each other for moment before bursting out in laughter. I quickly join in with what I'd held back in front of Molly.

"I take it you two did that to, Ron was it?" I say wiping the tears from my eyes

"That we did" Twin one said

"Although truly he did it to himself" the other chuckled

"We can't be responsible human food bin" The first said with a grin

"Zack Jackson" I say holding a hand out to both twins

"Fred and " The first started

"George Weasley" The second twin finished

"This is like watching a comedy duo" I mutter, shaking two hands, then crossing my arms to shake the hand of the other.

"We've not seen you around Hogwarts before"

"and trust me when we says we've seen everyone around Hogwarts"

My give my head a quick shake.

"I start my first year in September" I tell the pair

"Ah, another firsty to join the fray" Fred or George started, I'm never going to figure it out

"Perhaps we'll have another Gryffindor, oh brother mine"

"Gryffindor?" I ask, deciding to play my part of the muggleborn

"That" A voice squeaked from behind me "Is one of the houses of Hogwarts" it finished. After jumping a few inches of the ground in fright, I look behind me to see a small, black haired man in smart robes looking at me with a smirk.

"Professor Flitwick?" I ask after the twins are done laughing at me.

"Yes Mr. Jackson, I will be escorting You to Diagon Alley today, after we take care of business here." He tells me as I hand him my Hogwarts letter. "The healers told me to come and fetch You, although what you are doing on the third floor, I'm not quite sure" He says with an arched eyebrow.

"I was in the elevator when a boy with a long tongue came in, I followed these two because the nurses here are not great for conversation" I tell him whilst running my finger through my hair as a nurse scowls at me.

"Well, Let's see what the healers needed me for" He tells me as he heads towards the elevator.

"I guess I'll see you two at Hogwarts?" I turn to the twins "Don't look now, but I think Your mother is coming" I tell them with a smirk

They whip round with expressions of horror, only to see a distinct lack of their mother. I take this moment to catch up to Flitwick, Just as we reach the elevator I hear

"I do believe we've been had, Fred"