Chapter 2: Magical Blocks

We entered the elevator, I pressed the first floor button with the walking stick, To which the short Professor chuckled at. I decide that he could be one of the few that could understand my predicament about the elevators

"Say Professor" I started "Does this elevator move? Or is the door moving to other floors?"

He regarded me with an expression of glee.

"I do hope You are in Ravenclaw" He says with a short laughing

"Ravenclaw, Sir?" Playing my thick part

"Another of the houses of Hogwarts, I am Ravenclaw's head of house, We prize knowledge and questions like you just asked indicates you might do well there."He explains. "Now, to answer your question, this elevator is a small pocket of space, It doesn't move, but as you said, the door moves. I do believe that the journey is charmed in such a way that you arrive on the floor when is convenient, so you do not run into the last people to enter through the doorway."

As if by magic, the doors slid open, revealing the first floor. A few new people were now sitting on benches holding various parts of their bodies whilst moaning. A few missing fingers here and there.

I followed the small man to one of the healers offices. Head Healer P. Hutcherson. The office was fairly large, a big desk dominated the room and the walls were lined with bookshelves full of books, my eyes lit up upon seeing them. The healer was sitting in the large chair behind the desk, he looked to be signing various documents before he looked up.

"Ah, Professor" He greeted as he shook the small man's hand "It's good to see you. In good health I trust?"

"Very well thank you Paul, I see you have made Head Healer" Flitwick said, returning the pleasantries. "I received Your owl last night, What seems to be the problem with Mr. Jackson?"

This got my attention.

"We've run some scans and run into an old magical block." Healer Hutcherson began. "Now, We sometimes find magical blocks on muggleborn witches and wizards, it just means that it was put in place as a baby to keep the levels of accidental magic down, It's not commonly practised, but we see it from time to time"

This all made sense in my head. Put the block on muggleborns to keep them and their family safe.

Finding my voice, I asked "What's the problem then?"

"I think it would be best if Filius performed a scan and told you, His expertise in charms could be the key to unlocking this block" Hutcherson told me.

Flitwick motioned for me to stand, he pointed his wand at the floor and held out left hand out, palm facing up.

"May I?" He asked. The alien gesture for asking consent triggered in my head as I nodded my acceptance. He began to mutter in what I assumed to be Latin before his eyes widened.

"I can see why I was asked here" He spoke softly.

Waving his wand at me, he formed 3 orbs of light in front of me. Two green, the other one pink. This seemed to catch the healers attention, He leaned on his desk to get a better look.

"Now," The Professor started "These orbs of light indicate any long term spells keyed into your magical signature." This appears to be his lecture mode. "The first green one is what we call the trace. It is how we monitor when under-age wizards or witches cast spells in muggle areas. Any magical person under the age of 17 is prohibited from using magic outside of school in muggle areas, so the best we can do it to have relay stations all over the country to alert us to when magic is used in a certain zone"

I nodded my head, the trace appears to be on this body, it makes sense.

He continued "This second green orb is the magical block that Paul mention earlier, This was likely put on just after you were born to stop any accidental magic from occurring. Note the slightly yellow tendrils of light, this is probably where it was tested when the muggle motorcar you were in was attacked, your magic tried to protect you and I strained the block. I believe I can remove this with ease." He glanced over to the healer, who nodded.

Flitwick poked the tip of his wand at the second orb of light and muttered something I couldn't make out. There was a brief flash before the orb fizzled out. A numbing sensation spread over my body as the block was lifted along with a coppery taste on my tongue.

He briefly poked the pink orb, a few tendrils flicked out towards his wand.

Hutcherson spoke "This spell is what has baffled us here. We know it's some kind of block, but that's as far as we have gotten with identifying it." He frowned towards the end.

Professor Flitwick's eyes widened and the side of his mouth turned up. It looks like he enjoys a challenge. He began to wave his wand over various points of my chest. Wondering what the orb would feel like, I reached out to it, he smacked my hand away from it.

"Well, well, well" The tiny man muttered "Very interesting indeed. This is a rare type of magical block that was once used to dampen shape-shifting abilities of prisoners in the days of old" I paled slightly at this "Such as blocking the talent of animagi" The healer gasped at this

"Ani-what?" I asked whilst looking at him expectantly

"An animagus is a wizard or witch that, though transfiguration, can turn themselves into an animal" He supplied

"Well that's pretty cool" I said, slightly awed

"Yes well, it's rather hard to do, but this particular block isn't aimed at animals at all. It appears to be keyed for humans" Flitwick adjourned a thinking expression, I could almost hear his brain whirring. Hutcherson started to splutter.

"Surely You don't mean that?" He said with a barely suppressed expression of glee

"I am thinking of that very thing" Flitwick replied with a smile

"Erm ... Can someone tell me what that is?" I asked. In the back of my mind I had an idea, but I can't seem any more knowledgeable than any other eleven year old muggleborn.

The Professor chuckled at this "Zack. There is a very rare ability called metamorphagus. They are natural shape shifters." My mind was spinning by this point.

"It shows up in a few people very few decades, only two other metamorphagus currently live in Europe. One man that can change his eye colour and hair colour, he is fairly old. The only other happens to be a young girl that will be starting Hogwarts on September 1st with You. She can change almost every part of her body along with height changes to small extents."

Starting at the same time as me? I thought Tonks was supposed to be a few years older. Hutcherson's voice brought me out of my musings.

"It's very unlikely that you will have as much control as she does. Filius will be able to remove the block?" He said expectantly.

Flitwick began waving his wand again with a heavy frown. "It's not going to be easy, I'll say ..." He was cut off as the pink orb … popped.

There was a burst of light as it seemed to burst. There was enough force to knock me on my arse and Flitwick back into his chair as it slid across the room. He regained his bearings somewhat and rushed over to me, not realising that the other green orb dispersed as the pink one burst.

"Mr. Jackson, are you all right?" He said quickly, concern on his face.

"No Sir" I said "I'm half left"

He looked at me for a moment before laughing. It doesn't seem like he does anything by half as joined me on the floor as we laughed. Hutcherson was pulled out of his reverie as he threw his head back and stared laughing along with us.

As we began to cool down and put chairs back in there places I began to realise what was happening. Firstly, If Tonks was anything to go by, some of the ages appeared to not be 'canon'. The second big thing was that Flitwick unknowingly just destroyed my trace, and the third is that I am a metamorphagus. Cool.