Chapter 68: Epilogue

"At least I didn't have to destroy this one." Sirius says after ending Narcissa and Lucius' marriage. Narcissa rushes forward and hugs him.

Some people are evil, right to the core. I never thought Lucius was, proof of this being the very smooth divorce he obliged to. He is a lot more quiet without the mark. Sirius is planning on having a little family get together after we leave Gringotts. Tonks, now a daughter of a Black, offered to bring me as her +1. I'm always down for parties. Lucius takes his leave and I flash us to Grimmauld Place. Harry, Hermione, Bella and all three Tonks' are already in the living room. Narcissa is engulfed in a hug by her sisters.

20 years later

"Girls!" I call out. "It's your brothers' first day. Get down here!" After doing this four times already, I thought they'd be ready.

Jake and Ryan start Hogwarts today. I insisted that they take the train with Jade and Ivy, It really is the only way travel your first time.

"We've been ready for an hour." Jade says.

The boys tend to go for green and blue hair, whereas their sisters wear pink and purple.

"We're ready Daddy." Ivy says as she comes down the stairs, trunk floating in tow. Whilst not strictly legal to do so, I've been teaching my children since they were five, I couldn't let them go to Hogwarts unprepared.

"Ready, Freya?" I ask my ever faithful companion once everyone is assembled.

"Grab on." She says, holding out her arms.

Dora looks teary eyed as we land on the platform. It will be lonely with just the two of us after so long.

"If it isn't Merlin." I hear a familiar voice say.

It's become a joke amongst my close friends over the years, the things I have done with magic always seem to have the press reusing my moniker of "Merlin", Not really inventive. Dora and Freya find it much more funny because of who I could have become.

"Could it be? The fabled Chosen One?" I turn to Harry and his family.

"Two more to unleash this year?" He nods his head towards the brightly coloured hair.

"I pity the girls in Hogwarts." Jake and Ryan wear matching grins. "Try and stay out of broom cupboards for a few year, ok?" They exchange a look and grin wider.

"Sure thing Dad." Jake says.

"I hear the luggage compartment isn't used during the trip." Ryan says and they take off towards the train.

There is a chiming sound, signalling for any remaining students to board the train. I pull Dora into a one armed hug and wave as the train slowly moves forward. It gets harder and harder to let them go each year.

100 years later

I look through the glass that resides in every St. Mungos doorway. A large group of people are gathered around the sole bed in the room. Unruly black and brown hair, a homage to their ancestors. Many people would sell their own soul to be inside the room, or even to catch a glimpse from my vantage point. Today marks the day that Harry Potter departs from this world. His children and many times great grand children gather around his bed to see him off to join his wife. Hermione left us not 2 weeks ago and now, Harry has but 2 minutes remaining. His eldest son, Sirius, grasps his hand, tears flowing proudly from his eyes. Harry's aura flickers slightly as a tear falls, stopping inches from the floor. Nobody moves as I open the door.

"I didn't think you'd come." Harry says, No stranger to frozen time.

"I couldn't miss my brother's big day now, could I?" I sit on a chair that hadn't been there moments before.

"Still conjuring the same chair?" He laughs softly.

"Cheap parlour tricks." I allow myself a small smile.

"How long do we have?" He pushes his glasses up his nose.

"Harry." I shake my head. "We both know I could sustain this for a thousand years." He grins.

"Small talk was never really been our thing." He nods. "My answer is still the same, you know." I chuckle. Many times I have offered Harry immortality. He is as light oriented as they come, a good balance for the evil.

"I figured as much." I blink back tears. "You've gotten old."

"We've gotten old." He corrects ,e. Far from the scruffy black haired man I once knew. "Even if you haven't changed at all." It's true, of course. I'm still 23.

"I can't persuade you to stay?" I ask one last time.

"Zack." He says sadly. "I've lead an amazing life, but we both know that I've been declining for the past fortnight. My magic is leaving me." He sighs. "You know better than most what a broken heart can do."

"I know old friend, I know." I look up at his family. "They've all got the hair." I try and smile.

"You'll watch over them for me?" He asks. "When I'm gone?"

"As long as there are Potters, I will protect them to my dying breath." I look back at Harry. "You look a lot like Albus did. I never thought you'd go for the beard." He laughs softly. We sit in silence for a minute.

"I suppose it's time for me to go now." Harry sighs and leans back against his pillow, shuffling to get a comfortable position. I watch as he settles and looks at his family for the last time.

"Give the girls my best." I say. The tears break free and roll down my cheeks.

"See you on the other side." He says as I stand up.

"You'd better count the days." I give a wet laugh, picking up his cloak up from the table.

I walk to the door and take a final look at the Man-Who-Lived. I release my grip on time and walk away.


A/N: And there it is. The end of this story. Thanks for all the support you've given me, it really means a lot to me. I hope It's been as fun to read as it has been to write. The ending is sad, but i hope i've wrapped it up nicely. Thanks again, and for the last time, Enjoy.

Tonks isn't dead! I just realised that it looked that way. She just happened to not be there