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Chapter 17: Epilogue: First Day of my life


Yours is the first face that I saw
I think I was blind before I met you
Now I don't know where I am
I don't know where I've been
But I know where I want to go


August (3 years later)

Sebastian hid his knowing smirk behind his drink as the blond all but collapsed into the chair across from him, the strobe lights of the club causing the rather long strands of hair to have a reddish tinge to them.

"Finally decided then?" he asked though both he and his companion knew that it wasn't really so much a question, as a statement.

The man across from him shrugged his shoulders with an air of bred nonchalance, though the look on his face was far from. "I want to….I mean it's been the most fun I've had in a while but….I don't know….can I? really?"

"Why wouldn't you be able to?" Sebastian retorted quirking an eyebrow while turning his attention to scan the pulsating dance floor a few feet from where they were now sitting. He didn't have to look all that hard—the man he was looking for tended not to be one who was easily overlooked.

"I actually kind of like Anderson though"

That comment had Sebastian drawing his attention back to one of the four in their group for that night. He wasn't surprised in the least by Draco's comment, but could tell that the pureblood heir was.

"Well, isn't that a good thing? Considering this is sort of a double date and all…." Sebastian drawled.

Initially when Harry had shared his rather Slytherin plan with Sebastian (and yes, over the past few years Sebastian had heard and learned much with regards to Harry's world and his former schooling; including the school house's, rivalries and characteristics. He was most certain that he would have been sorted into the house of green and silver had enough magic to attend) he had been a little skeptical over the whole thing. While yes, he had gotten over their misunderstanding—something that was made easier by knowing that Harry loved him and only him- he was still not Draco Malfoy's biggest fan. The fact that the aristocrat had been single and unattached (ever since he had taken Harry's advice and refused to marry the Greengrass heir) were not points in his favor.

The only reason he had agreed to back Harry's schemes was on the off chance that it actually worked and Draco and Blaine found what they were looking for in each other. Anything that made for less competition for him, was a good thing after all….he had a sneaking suspicion that Harry's motivations for their eventual hook up came from the same place. Not that he would ever confront the green eyed minx on that—Harry would deny being jealous of Blaine and Sebastian's continued close friendship with his denying breath, just as Sebastian would do in regards to Draco and Harry's.

So far their friends had only gone out on a few dates here and there, but much to Sebastian's surprise it would seem that Harry's instance that they would be good together was not entirely false. Now if only the stubborn idiots could admit the same.

Draco squirmed, looking decidedly uncomfortable—much to Sebastian's amusement; it was so rare for the blond to show his unease. "I-I never really expected to actually like him when I agreed to this…" he finally admitted, refusing to meet Sebastian's eyes instead keeping them trained on the pattern he was tracing on the table in front of him.

"Then why agree to ask him out in the first place?" Sebastian asked though he had a feeling he knew the answer—an answer he was not all that happy about.

"It seemed to make Harry happy and…" Draco confessed before abruptly cutting himself off from whatever else he was going to say. Sebastian was surprised that he was still aware enough to do so, knowing that the only reason that Draco was really talking to him to start with was due to the large amount the blond had drank over the course of the evening.


Draco flushed and shifted again appearing as though he was going to ignore the question entirely. So, Sebastian decided to push "And?" he repeated adding a bit more force to his tone and keeping his gaze trained on the uncomfortable wizard in front of him.

"hefitmytype" the blond muttered quickly.

"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that…want to repeat it and slower?" Sebastian stated not letting his gaze waver.

"He fit my type… he looked a lot like….never mind. Anyway, that was why I agreed to go out with him. I figured a one-two dates, maybe a quick fuck. I never actually expected to like him and now…" Draco trailed off his angry tirade petering out as quickly as it had shown up.

Sebastian had suspected that this was what the problem was—not that it made him any happier to hear it. He could guess at what was left unsaid; while he knew that Draco had never again overstepped his boundaries in regards to his feelings towards Sebastian's husband, he knew that the blond still had them. He had known even without the blond having it confirmed that Draco had agreed to go out with Sebastian's friend because Blaine looked a lot like Harry. It was rather ironic really….considering that was the reason that Sebastian had first slept with Harry; his resemblance to Blaine.

He also knew that the whole reason that Draco was now seemingly unsure and hesitant in continuing to pursue something with Blaine was because the blond found out that he actually liked him. It was no longer a casual thing, a quick fuck to the blond, and Draco's original reasons were causing him to feel guilty.

Sebastian decided to throw the man a bone, after all a successful relationship between Blaine and Draco was what he wanted—and not just because it meant Malfoy was moving on, but because he seriously did think that the two could be happy together. And he wanted that for his friend. "Well, it worked for me"

Malfoy's head shot up in surprise "Wait….what?" he asked his confusion over the comment apparent.

"It worked for me. Didn't Harry ever tell you how we got together in the first place?" Sebastian asked with a shrug.

"Yes…." Draco trailed of his confusion not fading, "you hooked up after meeting at a club, accidently bonded and the rest is basically history"

"Yeah, what he didn't tell you—and didn't know until not that long ago was the fact I initially slept with him was because he looked a lot like someone else who at the time, was unavailable and I was hung up on. The whole accidental bonding was a blessing in disguise as it forced us to actually get to know each other and it made me realize that the person I was initially pining over was not right for me like Harry was…." Sebastian explained, "….so the fact that you basically agreed to go out with Blaine for the same reasons, only to find that you actually enjoy his company is not the end of the world."

"It-it just feels….I don't know, wrong?" Draco denied half heartedly.

"What does it matter what your intentions were to start with?- that's in the past, what matters is how you feel now. Tell me do you like him? do you think that you could make Blaine happy? Is there any chance of developing something more with him? because if not, then you're right…walk away before he becomes to invested, but if the answer is yes; then you would only be hurting both him and yourself by not giving it a shot" Sebastian finished draining the last of his drink and setting the glass down on the table with a decisive thunk.

He didn't have to stick around to know that his words had gotten to Draco, so he didn't. "If you'll excuse me….it seems as though I have left my husband all alone on the dance floor for far too long" and with that parting comment, Sebastian made a beeline for the one and only man he cared about these days: Harry.

The idiots would figure things out….eventually. After all, he and Harry did.


Harry felt more then saw him approach—it was surprising, even to him how in-tune they had become over the past few years. Even after they had finally patched things up he had never expected to reach the point that they were at now. Not that it was a bad thing for once...no, it just was not what Harry had expected.

To be fair nothing in his life had really turned out the way he had expected and he could safely lay the blame solidly at one; Sebastian Anthony Smythe's feet.

Back when he had faced off against his parent's killer, he had never thought to imagine his life afterwards—hell, he hadn't really expected to have a life afterwards. But he did—and it was both a frightening and a wonderful thing.

After the almost catastrophic misunderstanding both he and Sebastian had come to the realization that they were going about things the wrong way. While the suddenness of their forced bond had forced them to get to know each other in a way that they likely would not have should it not have occurred; it also set them up for failure. The 'no choice' part of it, coupled with their individual paranoia's, suspicious characters and general mistrust in anyone and everyone, had not helped. It had led them to a horribly painful decision at the time, but one that Harry could not regret making: they had decided to split up.

And no, it was not a split up in the most traditional sense of the word—for one they had to wait until the mandatory year was up before officially severing the bond, and secondly they had started right back up dating within a week of severing the bond. But this time they both knew that it was their freely made choice to do so and this time they had taken the time to date, learn more about each other's quirks and past before advancing to a more permanent and serious relationship.

True, it had caused a fair amount of gossip and confusion amongst their friends and family, but in the end they ignored everyone else's opinions and had done what was best for them. And now three years after they had first met, two since they had split up, they were once again bonded and married in the eyes of both the law and magic—and this time they had chosen it.

That seemed to make all the difference.

Not to say that everything was rainbows and sunshine afterwards (though there were quite a few occasions that could be classified as such; including when Hunter's locker had been searched on an anonymous tip- unearthing a fair amount of contraband and illegal steroids. Something that had firmly smashed all hopes of getting accepted into Harvard for the teen—and the fact that Sebastian had been rather horny and walked around with a smug grin for days after had been entirely coincidence. Entirely). There was still quite a bit of fighting and head butting between the two stubborn males—especially when Sebastian was caught up in exams or when Harry had been forced to work long hours at the art gallery.

But there was no more big lies between the two, and no matter how bad their tempers and words got—they always talked it out once they had cooled down.

They had come out tonight to celebrate because Sebastian had just finished yet another year of schooling, with only one more to go before he could graduate with honors in applied mathematics and start looking for a job. That paired with Harry's own recent success had made a night of letting loose with their good friends an easy choice.

While Harry had never chosen to continue with his own schooling—instead starting to work at a gallery straight off, he had been slowly but surely making a name for himself in the art world. He had just managed to sell several pieces in the last show—nothing huge or flashy but something that he could truly say he was proud about. Knowing that he had sold them on his own raw talent and not because of the fame that had attached itself to his name since his defeat of Voldemort, allowed for him a rare display of pride.

In fact he had sold enough pieces to get himself a spot in the next show several months from now- Sebastian had shown him how proud he was of him-in his own uniquely Sebastian way (a way that Harry was set on returning tonight after they got home and some privacy).

Harry found himself drawn from his contemplation by the feel of a warm body pressing up against his back; a body that he would recognize anywhere.

Turning slowly, and as seductively as he could—making sure that he rubbed against Sebastian in all the right places as he did so, he sent his husband a smile.

"Hey stranger, want to dance?"

The answering smirk was answer enough.


Song artist and song: Bright Eyes: First day of my life