"Harry, this fellytone is great! We can leave, the nargles said so. They said mama would've wanted us to go." Pale blonde and luminous eyes peered up at raven locks.

"I have a cousin who's in Japan. We can go there." Luna's suggestion had just sunk into Harry's mind before two, very distinct red heads showed up.

"Sir Forge, it seems that little Harry-kins wants to be rid of us."

"Nonsense, Sir Gred, you must've heard wrong. That loss of lobe must've affected you."

"Don't you mention my ear, you ugly, red head!"

"Oi! We're twins. You're as ugly as I am!"

Before the twins could continue with their banter, Harry stepped in.

"Gentlemen, I believe you have just insulted yourself."

"How so?" the twins chorused.

Harry could only laugh. "Fred just said, you were as ugly as each other. Emphasis on the UGLY."

"Oh dearest Harry, do you not find us handsome? Dashing? Rugged and fierce?"

He could only laugh at the twins' antics, but the quip towards his sexuality still hurt. Ron and Hermione, it turned out, were incredibly homophobic, and after war, they found out. And went directly to the Daily Prophet. It had cause in irreversible crack in their friendship.

Luna seemed to notice his distress and gave him a hug. "So Harry, would you like to go to France with me?"


Exhausted green eyes flashed with a spark of life with the thought of new opportunity.

"Baking? For your cousin Henri Lucas? Sure."