"This is definitely unnatural!" Red head twins chorused. "It is a flying hunk of metal!"

Harry was definitely annoyed. The twins had be saying the same thing for the past hour, and quite frankly, he was ready to punch them. The odd looks they'd drawn didn't help either. He looked to Luna for help, but was only left with a blank face staring at the clouds. He mentally cried.

Finally, the flight was over, they'd gotten past all the security stuff and were heading out of the exit gate, when Harry was suddenly pulled to the side. He looked down to find luminous eyes framed by blonde hair staring at him.

"Luna, what wrong?"

The girl only continued to stare at him. "Harry, when you see him, don't do anything. It'll all work out in the end."

He could only nod, confused.

Then he saw why. The man Luna was steering him towards, looked like a Malfoy. However when Luna shouted out in French, the taller figure looked up and the warmest grin burst onto his face. The Twin Terrors just stared. What? Beauty can be appreciated.

"Luna, it is so wonderful to finally meet you! My little cousin, we shall be like siblings." His smooth French washed over them in a soothing alto.

"Henri Lucas. We meet at last. The Nargles say you mean well." At this point, her eyes sharpened into a glare. "But if you hurt Harry, I will Bleep, your, *Bleep* and make sure you never recover, we clear?"

Henri could only stare in shock at the petite girl.

"Now, you'll take care of Harry, right?"

Henri's eyes followed the small, blonde figure as she dragged away the red headed twins. His mind refocused and now drew his attention to the slight figure next to him. Raven hair was streaked with green and purple, feathering down on a jumper clad shoulder. Emerald eyes, framed by sooty black lashes, while a small, button nose was dusted with freckles. The grey oversized jumper, made the frame of the teen looked even smaller, though tight black jeans held his attention most. The material outlined the lithe muscles, knee high converse covering the rest.

He was snapped out of his observations when the figure shifted uncomfortably.

"Harry, right?"


"Shall we go?"

" 'Kay."