Erik's POV

Having the girl live near me would be irritating. Unless new rumors spread through the opera, she would be a minor annoyance. This kindness was not for her, bur for the girl's sake, but for her father. The man was a talented musician and I respected his music, though I'd never met him in person. I never meet many people in person.

She made a bunch of noise when she cleaned. I didn't bother going back to my organ, for all of the commotion, but decided to read. Being only one floor below the girl, I supposed I'd have to get used to more noise than usual. There was a plus side though. At least I couldn't hear Carlotta's screeching, or, I'm sorry, singing as some people seemed to mistakenly call it.

After four hours of the banging of falling items, there was quiet. Curious, I ventured up a floor to check on the girl. From the mirror, she didn't seem to be there, so I opened the mirror and stepped into the now-clean room. She'd done a good job of repairing the dusty old apartment to its former glory.

I glanced around my, er, her rooms and my eyes fell upon the stack of music that I'd returned earlier that day while she wasn't paying attention. Next to it was a note

Thank you


I smirked and pulled out a piece of parchment from the drawer of the desk. We could play this game of passing notes.

You're welcome, this once

I paused, contemplating whether or not to put down my name.


Christine's POV

I'd used a fourth of the money left from Papa to buy groceries for the week. Good thing there's only two weeks before the auditions for the next opera.

After putting all of the food away in the cupboards, I went back to the bedroom to see if the note was gone. It wasn't but next to it was another note.

You're welcome, this once


The message splayed across the yellowing old parchment in neat spindly cursive. The pen got moved on to p of a stack that also got moved out of its drawer onto the surface of the desk. I could only take it as a sign. I took the next page of parchment and wrote.

So you do have a name, Erik


I left the note and took the music to put it away with the rest of it and decided to go explore the opera house. It was my home again, anyways now and everyone is or should be asleep by now. I made a quick sandwich and wrapped it in paper to bring with me.

During my explorations, I found nothing of extraordinary interest. After getting over the initial lavishness of the d├ęcor, there was really nothing but empty cold rooms filled with statues, books and empty chairs. I started from the chapel and was nearly at the roof already. I'd have to have been five hours since I left and it was almost dawn.

The pre dawn was causing a yellow-orange glow to be spread across the sky. The summer air was relatively cool as I sat under Apollo's lyre and ate my sandwich. The sun had finally come up by the time I finished and the city had begun to wake up.

When I got back to my rooms, it was seven in the morning. I'd encountered a few people on the way down, receiving a few funny looks presumably because nobody had ever seen me before. The first thing I did when I got back was go to the bedroom. Sure enough, there was a note waiting. I found myself anticipating it all the while I was traveling down.

I hurriedly picked up the not, discarding my cloak on the bed without care. Why was I waiting so for these brief notes? I suppose, besides Madame Giry and the manager, Erik was the only person I know.

Everyone has a name Mademoiselle. Do you not sleep?


I wrote another note to this man I knew nothing about, but why did I?

I could not sleep if I tried to. There are many things to think about.


I opened the old chest that laid in the corner and cleaned out the few books that resided in it, placing them on the floor next to it. I placed the notes in along with a title page labeled Erik's Notes.

I had nothing to do for the rest of the day, so I laid in bed with the blankets pulled up to my neck and attempted to catch up with the sleep that I'd missed that night. I lay staring at the ceiling for a long time, silent tears running down my face and dampening the pillow, not once feeling the tiredness that should be overwhelming by now.

After a few hours, I thought I heard an organ. The melody emitting from it was smooth and slow, even lonely sounding at times. Yet it escalated to sound angry and forceful in some parts. Once in a while it sounds to be full of what I can only describe as lust. The notes made their way and wrapped themselves around me until sitting in my stomach where they sat there burning and twisting. I let the music lull me to sleep and fell into a fit of nightmares.

Erik's POV

After a few hours of composing, I went back up. I found myself anticipating notes from this girl. It's the first person close to a friend that I've had in years, besides Nadir.

The girl was gone. At this time of night? Not even night anymore, it was three o'clock in the morning.

So you do have a name, Erik.


I replied.

Everyone has a name Mademoiselle. Do you not sleep?


Finding nothing else to do, I went back down to my lair and composed for another strand of hours. Having no need to break for sleep or food, composing was how I let most, if not all, of my emotions out. There was no one to speak to, beside Nadir and I wasn't going to speak about my emotions to that fool.

A few hours later, I paused. I thought I'd heard someone crying out. I took my cloak and wrapped it around my neck. Just as I was about to ascend, Nadir, speak of the devil, entered on his high horse.

"And just where are you going at the break of dawn? Any sensible person would be asleep."

I rolled my eyes. "Since when, you fool, have you known me to be a sensible person?" I shall be back in a half an hour. If you plan to grace me with your wonderful presence, put a pot of tea on to sooth the headache that will inevitably follow."

I left without saying another word. When I reached Christine's quarters, I found her jerking around in her bed and whimpering.

"No please, come back." She cried into her pillow.

I didn't dare come in, but I had to wake her up. One of the reasons I didn't sleep; my nights were plagued with torturous nightmares about my past.

"Christine." She didn't break. "Christine, wake up." I said, louder this time.

Christine's eyes snapped open and she shot up, her hair falling in a mess around her shoulders. It was only a second before she started to cry, pulling her knees to her chest and placing her forehead on her knees. This was the extent that I would go. When a woman started to cry, that was a red flag.I turned and left to my lair, when I heard faint singing.

I remember tears streaming down my face when you said, "I'll never let you go"

When all those shadows almost killed my light

I remember I said, "Don't leave me here alone"

But all that's dead, and gone, and passed tonight

Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

You'll be alright

No one can hurt you now

Come morning light

You and I'll be safe and sound

Song: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift