As Mary and Juliana sped away from N-Tech, they both smirked and exchanged glances through their turbo-suit-helmets.

"Why did you do that?" Mary's ultralink Liz asked from inside her suit. The suit looked just like Max's, only, instead of where the blue was, there was purple in some places and yellow in others.

"Just for fun," was Mary's answer.

"We could have gone to the park," Juliana's ultralink Marcy said. Juliana's suit looked like Max's, too, but she had blue and orange.

"It was just a joke. Besides, there wasn't any real damage," Juliana rolled her eyes. There was a loud sound and an explosion. They quickly sped up.

"We need to get out of here before Max Steel gets here!" Juliana yelled to her sister. Mary nodded in response.

"Follow my lead!" she yelled back. "Go Turbo: flight!" she screamed out. Purple and yellow colors and hexagons surrounded her body. After they faded, she didn't have her speed suit anymore, but she had her flight suit on.

Juliana followed her lead, "Go Turbo: flight!" The same happened to her, but instead of purple and yellow, there was blue and orange.

Juliana burst into the air after her sister. When they reached high enough to be out of fire, they screeched to a halt and sped towards the city Copper Canyon. As they soared through the sky, they looked behind them.

Oh, this is just great!Mary thought sarcastically to herself. Max Steel was on their tail.

"Come on, Steel! Let's show these guys whose boss!," Max said to his partner right before speeding up.

"Sis! Stop, drop, and get ready to fight!"Juliana ordered. Marcy nodded to her younger sister. They abruptly stopped flying and dropped.

"Go Turbo: canon!" they yelled in unison. After the brief flash of lights, they were covered in a huge set of armor. They crashed into the ground and got up. Their canon mode faded away and they were covered up in their standard mode. Max Steel landed right behind them.

"All right, boys. I don't know how you guys have turbo-suit, too, but if you come along quietly, I won't hurt you," he said with a cocky tone in his voice. They turned around to face him.

"Wait, you two are girls?" he said with a shock.