Golly, the guild sure is a lively place! So many odd characters, so many goings-on... Oof, I already don't know what to write in my diary tonight... See, I've been having an awful hard time getting to sleep nowadays. It's not Loudred's snoring – well, I suppose that's part of the problem, yup yup! – but rather it's Croagunk. Croagunk's taken to spending the nights in our room! He doesn't even say a word – just slips in and plops himself down right across the room from me! By golly, he freaks me out! It's not like he's ever been mean to me or the like, but just him being there gives me this crawly feeling up my spine! Yup yup! So now I've been writing more diary entries than normal to keep me busy during the nights. But I am kind of sleepy... If Croagunk's just lying there, he ain't doing me any harm, right? Might as well just try to get some sleep. Chatot'll have my hide if I'm too tired to do my work tomorrow, by golly! Well, good night!