Title: Bedbug
Pairing: SasuSaku
Summary: Post 699. In the month before he leaves, Sasuke makes his claim on her bed.
Note: Short, cute, and fluffy. :3
Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999.

It's been a week since their return to Konoha after the war, and Sasuke has not moved an inch. This is mostly understandable, given the state of his injuries and chakra depletion when it was finally over, and Sakura does not begrudge him the rest.

Upon their return, Team Seven took it upon themselves to offer Sasuke a place to stay. The Uchiha district is still in ruins, and though he has been pardoned, Sasuke's trust fund is still frozen for the time being. Unfortunately, Kakashi's apartment is over-run with nin-dogs and porn, and there's barely room for Kakashi, let alone another person.

And Naruto's place...well, it's currently condemned and in the process of being fumigated. Apparently mold from the refrigerator has overtaken the entire apartment and it's been designated a health hazard and unfit for living. Currently, Naruto is rooming with Rock Lee, and so far the experience is shaping up to be a disaster.

So it falls to Sakura to house Sasuke, and he nods gratefully when she offers. She was completely prepared to walk on egg shells around him and avoid talking about her feelings, but as it turns out it's completely unnecessary. As a gracious hostess, she offered him the bed the first night, planning on trading out every other night to keep it fair.

But it's been a week, and Sasuke is still asleep.

Standing in the doorway of her bedroom, Sakura purses her lips in chagrin. A week of sleeping on the couch has left her with an aching back and cold feet. When she was twelve, she would have jumped in bed without a second thought. But she's seventeen, and even if she didn't have control over herself, there's no room.

Surprisingly, Sasuke is not a graceful sleeper. He's sprawled out over the entire bed, limbs akimbo, his torso resting dead center in the middle of the mattress. His arms somehow manage to encircle four of her pillows, his head resting on the remaining two. A small pet might fit in the remaining space, but there is definitely no room for Sakura.

Huffing, Sakura stomps over to the side of the bed. Sasuke's mussed black hair has fallen into his eyes, and her eyes soften as she brushes it aside. He groans a little in his sleep, but doesn't wake. Sakura bites her lip against the lovely ache in her heart and turns away.


Sakura freezes midstep. She couldn't have possible have heard right, it was just the wind outside. Slowly, she turns around to find tired jet eyes watching her. Her face flushes crimon and she clutches the edges of her ratty old bathrobe to her. A pink tongue darts out to wet dry lips.

"What are you doing?" he asks her in a raspy voice.

"I...um..." Sakura shifts her weight from foot to foot self-consciously, "I was just checking on you. You've been out for a long time."

Sighing something that sounds an awful lot like "annoying," Sasuke adjusts himself so that the left side of the bed is free. He wordlessly pats the now-available space beside him, beckoning her over. Nervously shedding her bathrobe so that she's left in pastel-colored tank top and shorts, Sakura climbs into bed beside him.

"About time, I've been waiting on you for a week."

He carelessly throws a muscular arm over her, and she is immediately enveloped by his delicious masculine scent. He pays no mind to her flustered babbling and buries his face in the pillows once again. Sakura is effectively silenced as he pulls her close against his warm body. He momentarily lifts his face from the pillow to kiss the back of her shoulder.

"Goodnight, Sakura."