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The Friends and The High Council

Story 1: Once Upon a Time….

Chapter 1: At the beginning…

Once Upon A Time...Oh, well, what time that was? Well, it was a time before anything could be made certain. Some say out of nothingness, Gaia came forth, and from her earth came forth every creature on earth for good or for Evil. Some say that at the beginning, the earth was nothing but raw magic. And that from that magic came everything that we may know. How? Well...that's magic. Sometimes you don't have to explain it.

Others say that the world was formed for great battles between gods, giving them a new area to do battle in. Or that it was the carcass of a fallen god. And still others say that there is but one God, and that by his love and his creativity, all life throughout every multiverse was created, endowed and blessed to shine light into the darkness, and to allow for magic to flourish in every existence.

Whatever the case, a world was created, a world where magic dwelled, and there was great potential for good. Yet where there can be good, there is also potential for Evil.

And in one corner of this world, there arose...Demons. Monstrous beings obsessed with power and domination over all others. These demons were rumored to be among those cast out of heaven for choosing to rebel against God, or they might've been rebel spirits, wanting nothing more than to control the earth around them, mutating thanks to their hate. Whatever the case, the demons steadily grew in number, but with each one wanting power, none could prove themselves strong enough to rule them all.

That is, until one fateful demon arose to change everything….