Hello again, here is the start of my new story, unlike the other one (Hidden, which was there to provide you with some laughs) this one has a few more elements of horror.

Chapter 1

The invites were all written. A plie of crisp white envelopes lay on the table in Giggles bright pink bedroom. The guest list on lined paper next to the pile, with bright pink ticks next to every name.
Giggles leaned back in her pink plastic chair, streched her legs then tweaked to bright pink bow in her hair, matching the blush of her soft fuzy cheeks. Her dark lashes flickering as she looked over her invites, the feeling of satifaction deep inside as she realised that she had finished.
She sealed each envelope place a stamp on every one then raced down to the postbox.

This was going to be the best party.

The biggest party.

The most important.

Because it was hers.

Her friends would feel so lucky, they were still 'in'.
The others, well, they never got one any other year, so why should this one be any different? It wasn't her fault that she knew that her parties weren't for everyone.

There was always some losers who passed her at school, thinking that she had made a mistake. No. Giggles never made a mistake. Sometimes (when she was in that kind of mood) she would slow her steps, stop and take in the tiny look of hope that lay in the poor saps eyes. How gullible.

It made the walking away afterwards so much funnier.

Everything was ready, everything was in place.

Music: Her boyfriend Cuddles and his band were playing.
Food: Her mother was making the very best food, none of this quiche nonsense.
Entertainment: A pool, Swedish sauna and cedar hideaway in the woods were all ready to go.

Giggles soft hand reached out to the pile of invites. She picked up the one on the top.

Miss Flaky Quills
13 Applewood Way
Happy Tree Town

A sly smile appeared on her lips.

This party was going to be a little different from last years. There would be a new way to entertain her guests.