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There was an extra chair at Flaky's lunch table from that moment on. Flippy had been well and truly absorbed into the group, as when you go through something like that together, you can't help but at the very least be acquaintances.

Contrarily to his original belief, Lifty was not removed from the friendship circle, in fact without that big secret, he found that he could relax. However there was still that large part of him that would always feel little guilty for his twin.

However when he looked back on the memories of his twin, he looked back at the good times, the times when money wasn't an issue, when social status didn't matter. When it was just them against the world.

That's who Shifty really was.

That poor tortured soul would never be his twin. Not in Lifty's eyes anyway.

The gang was talking, eating and definitely not pressuring Flaky and Flippy into kissing.

When a purple paper plane landed on Nutty's head.


Toothy reached over and grabbed the plane. He carefully unfolded it to create a note. He read it out loud.


I don't know if you know who I am, but I know who you are. I just want to say sorry. I thought Giggles was playing a prank, and it was the first time she had included me in anything. And if I appeared like a horrible person, it's just that Mr. Pickles and I have ha d a little falling out, so I was in a horrible mood.

I hope we can be friends.


(Second table to your right)

The gang craned their necks and saw the blushing girl, hiding in her woolen jumper. However they quickly turned away when Giggles moved in front of Lammy to give them a deathly glare. It was apparent that she didn't take the empty chair next to her lightly.

"That Lammy has some nerve begging for forgiveness, what she did to you guys was terrible." Flippy broke the silence.

"Yeah, but she clearly didn't know what was going on." Toothy defended her.

"It's Giggles, what did she think was going to happen? Everyone knows that she is bad news." Flippy countered.

"Well, if she was so bad then why on earth were you friends with her!" Toothy looked over to the blushing girl on that table, and he just felt like he needed to defend her.

"So, anyway, Petunia says that she's going to go on a date with me!" Handy exclaimed out to his friends. Successfully managing to stop the awkwardness.

"That's great Handy!" Flaky smiled, not just for Handy, but she was glad the argument stopped, she didn't know who to defend. Her friend, who she had known or her life, or her boyfriend, who she loved, but didn't know for that long.

Petunia regularly visited handy, who was "so brave" and "must of had a living nightmare". Not that these things weren't true. It's just that she didn't say them to anybody else.

When thinking about Handy's apparent luck with the ladies no one heard Flippy mumble "I thought I could change her."

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