Koda´s POV: Okay, so my brother has now a girlfriend…


This is my chance to have my payback on Kenai; after all, he has been bothering me all the time since I told him about Emily, so, it´s time for a little vengeance from my part…

After the festival is over, we gave Emily and Anastasia a ride to their homes, and after that, we went to ours.

Once we are inside of our house, I leave my backpack on the couch and I turn to see Kenai with a malicious look on my face, he looks at me confused.

"What?" he asks me.

"You know what"


"You are in love!" I said jumping around him "You are in love!"

"You are so childish" he says rolling his eyes and looking away, but I´m not going to give up so easily.

"But you are in love, now you have a girlfriend, and you´re gonna give each other a lot of kisses, you´re gonna write her poetry, maybe I should look for another place to live"

"Hey, you aren´t going to leave this house until you finish high-school" says Kenai pointing at me, then he approaches me "And Anastasia isn´t going to live here"

"At least not yet" I replied "Who knows in the future?"

Kenai gives me a serious-angry look, but then he launches over me and knocks me down in the couch, then we start wrestling, until Kenai manages to sit over me, and puts my head against the ground, my arms are under his entire body so I can´t move them, I tried to quick him but I can´t.

"Never start a fight you can´t win little brother" says Kenai "Second, never try to tease your big brother"

"You did it with Sitka and Denahi!" I yell at him, my brother is very heavy, and I´m in a very uncomfortable position.

"It´s different"

"Torture me all you want to Kenai! But I´ll not stop, now that you have fallen in love!" I said smiling at him "I will tease you with it from day to night!"

"Oh come on Koda!" he says getting up from me, then he offers me his hand, I accept it and he helps me to get back on my feet "You´re acting like a child"

"Well, when it comes about mature you aren´t the right person to talk, I mean, your teasing about Emily aren´t so mature"

"Fair enough" he says smiling, then he playfully hits me on the ground, I laugh and I shove him playfully.

"So, who´s my future sister in law?" I ask him.

"Her name is Anastasia, and nobody has talk about marriage" Kenai "We start our relationship today"

"Well, you date her after she went to the Animal Shelter, reasons why you came home a little later some days, and there was that lovely look on your face"

"So you tell Sitka about Anastasia"

"You tell him about Emily"

"Ok, ok, you won this one, yes; I have a girlfriend but… I don´t think it´s going to be easy"

"Why not?"

Kenai sits down on the couch, then he points with his head the other side, I sit right next to him.

"Anastasia has… bad experiences with other man on her life, and she didn´t want to get hurt, again, that´s why she told me she didn´t wanted a relationship, but…"

"But?" I ask, now I´m really intrigued.

"She wanted to try it" Kenai "To be honest I also want to"

I smile, seen my brother happiness makes me happy.

"You love her"

"I like her, I can´t said that I love her yet, but… it could be, in the future like you said little hairball" he says putting me into a headlock, I laugh and go out of it.

"Anastasia don´t need to worry, you will not let her down" I said putting one hand in Kenai's shoulder.

"How can you tell that?" He asks me.

"Because you are my brother, and I know you, you´re a good person Kenai, Anastasia couldn´t have chosen a better boyfriend"

He smiles and hugs me.

"Thank you Koda"

I hug him back.

"You´re welcome"

Then we separate and Kenai stands up.

"Well, it isn´t that late, do you want to see a movie?"


"Good, how about Shrek 2?"

"I love that movie"

"Well, I´ll put the DVD, you made popcorns" he says walking to the stairs.

I smile and stand up, it´s always good to see a movie with your big brother…