Normal POV: Kenai was woken up in the middle of the knight by Koda´s screams, he quickly go up from bed and ran to his brother room, he opened the door and looked to Koda, who was covered in sweat and taking long breathes of air.

"Koda what´s wrong?" he asked approaching to his bed, then he sit down close to Koda and put a hand on his brother´s shoulder.

"I had a nightmare" said Koda, then he looked to his brother "I was… again on the orphanage… alone"

Koda launched over Kenai for a hug, Kenai was surprised at first, but then he hugged Koda back.

"It´s alright, I´m here" Kenai said softly, then he broke the hug and looked to Koda to the eyes, he laughed "There´s been years since you give me a hug like that"

"I´m sorry, it just… it felt so much real, the nightmare"

"There´s nothing to be sorry about, I miss them to be honest" Kenai said laughing, and then he rubbed Koda´s hair.

"Stop it" Koda said playfully, the two of them laughed.

"Want to talk about the nightmare?"

"Well… it was more like a memory, the first time I arrived to the orphanage, and… you know, how the boys… bother me"

"Been the new one is never easy" Kenai.

"But I´m fine now… I don´t know why I…"

"I understand"

"You know" Koda "I never really thanked you for getting me out of that place"

"There´s no need to" Kenai said smiling "I knew we were doing the right think"

"Really?" Koda asked "Because for what I remember, we have our differences at the beginning"

"Well… they weren't that bad"

"You called me nasty hairball the day you meet me"

"And you bighead!"

"Your head is enormous!" Koda replied "You can´t blame me for that!"

"And you look like a hairball"

"I don´t, and why you call me by that in the first place?"

"Because, the first time I saw you, the only think I saw was your hair, you were hiding behind that old and dirty red couch, you remember?"


"And I thought. Is that a hairball?"

"You have to be kidding"

"No, I don´t" then Kenai laughed "It´s pretty funny now that I think of it"

"I don´t look like a hairball, not now and no then"

"And my head isn´t that big!"

"Are we really arguing for this?"

"I think we are"

The brothers were silent, until they broke in laughs.

"We´re stupid"

"Yes, we are" Kenai said smiling "Are you better?"

"A lot" Koda smiled "Thank you Kenai"

"You're welcome, I think we should be back to sleep"

"Yes, goodnight Kenai"

"Goodnight" Kenai, he kissed Koda´s forehead and then hugged him "I love you little brother"

Koda hugged him back.

"I love you big brother"

They were hugged for a long time, until Koda broke up the hug.

"Go to sleep, tomorrow you have the day turn" Koda scolded Kenai.

"Fine, fine mom" Kenai said, he smiled and walked to the door, but he stopped and looked one last time to his brother, he smiled "Goodnight"

"Goodnight" Koda said.

Then Kenai walked to his room, Koda go back to bed, and fall asleep, he didn´t have any more nightmares that night.