I can´t believe this, this new guy on the school, Koda, is already the friend of everyone!

I mean, how he do that?

While I was weathering the plants of the garden, I saw him playing football with his friends.

"That´s it Koda!" one of the boys told him.

"Shoot to the arch!" another one also told him.

So at the end, was Koda the one who score the winning goal, everyone cheered and congratulate him, one day and his already the sport.

Oh and there´s more, on Wednesday, on chemistry, we had to do en experiment, I, like always, was doing the work alone, like I said, I don´t need anybody, but, Koda, who was doing the experiment with his friend Bucky, ended first and everyone ask him for help, Bucky said that Koda was the one who do all the work, and Koda was grateful at helping the others, really, I´ve always see him smiling, and he doesn't complain about anything, he do his chores, delivery´s them on time, is polite with everybody, our teachers and classroom loves him.

I can´t believe it, how can someone be so…


I don´t know, he´s so strange, like the Friday.

I was separating inorganic trash from organic trash, because people is too stupid to see that we are killing our planet so I have to do it myself, all was going fine, until I felt that someone was looking at me, I looked behind me and I saw Koda standing watching me, he smiled at me and then he greeted me with his hand.

"Have a nice weekend Emily, see you on Monday"

That leave me astonish nobody before greeted me, or wish me a good weekend, and how the hell he knew my name? I never told him.

Oh and also, every time I arrive to the classroom, everyone's gets out of my way and whisper to each about that I´m going to curse them or something like that, and when Koda arrives, he said "Good Morning" and everyone gets happy and answered him with joy, that´s okay for me, except by the fact that Koda personally wishes me a good day.

Why he do that?

Why he isn´t like the rest?

Why he just don´t ignores me?

I don´t know, really, and, this…

I´m acting like a fool, he´s just been polite with me that´s all, all the other girls on the class are killing between them already for Koda, he´s handsome, I admit that, but, not made for me, actually, nobody is made for me, boys are stupid, and no, I´m not a lesbian (I don´t have anything against them) but, that stuff, I just don´t like it, I prefer been alone.

On Thursday I´m inflating the balloons for sport class, when I heard steps, it´s Koda and Bucky, great, they´re both sweating, surely they come from a football match.

"They said that if you look at her, right to the eyes, she will curse you" Bucky says.

They´re talking about me.

"Look at who?" Koda.


"There´s no one with that name in the school"

"Well, the girl with the blue hair"


"That one"

There´s a moment of silent and then Koda start to laugh.

"Come on Bucky, you don´t really believe that"

"But, she´s scary"

Koda laughs again.

"Grow up Bucky" he said before walking away.

"Hey, wait for me"

Bucky runs after him, damn, he do it again!

I don´t understand him, he´s so…


But, I don´t know why he´s the only one who don´t believe the rumors, but, I have to admit, it´s nice that somebody call me by my name, at least.

Are you tired of hearing stories about Koda been polite with me?

Too bad, because here´s one more.

On math class I have to pick up the homework's of everyone, I told my classmates to put their work on the desk that´s in the front of the room, but, surprise, surprise, everyone put it on the bench that it´s at the left of the desk, everyone except…

Guess who.


He even delivers to me.

"Here it is Emily" he said me with a smile.

That smiles, I´m starting to hate that smile!

And what did I do?

I took his notebook from his hands, and then I took the other ones from the bench and finally I leaved the classroom, I wasn´t meaning to be rude to Koda, but I didn't know who to react, this so strange to me, I´ve never before meet someone like Koda, even if he´s irritating, and, that hateful smile!

I kind of, like him, at least it´s nice to have someone that´s good with me, even if I don´t know how to treat him.

I wonder if we could be friends.

I´m walking to my house, once again it´s Friday, the best day of the week, I´m not doing my homework today because I have enough with school, tomorrow I´m starting homework and the Spanish project, today, I can read and update my fanfic, I hope.

But unluckily, I hit a rock and then I fall to the ground, my hands stop the impact but my things falls from my bag, shit, my books, cellphone, keys, everything.

I start to pick them up when…

"Oh Emily, let me help you"

It´s Koda, had be following me? Really, someone please explain me how the hell this boy knows when something bad happens to me? Or it´s just coincidence?

He starts to pick my things up; I take then and put them back in my bag.

"Thanks" I said, at least I have to thank him.

"No problem, I like helping others"

"Good, well, thanks, see you later"

I stand up and I walk away from him, I know that I´m been rude, but, I just can´t avoid it, like I said, I´m not use to this things so, it will be uncomfortable for me and to him, so, I better get going.

I take the bus and in least than one hour, I´m in home.

Neither mom or dad are in home, I have the place for myself, I take out my shoes and my jacket, I throw them to the armchair and then I sit down on it, perfect, I take the remote and turn on the TV, let´s see what bullshit is on.

Hellboy a good movie from one of my favorites movie-makers, perfecto, this is how I´m starting my weekend.

The phone starts to ring, shit, it was too good to be true, I walk to the shelf where the phone is, I took it and press the talk button, then I approach it to my hear.

"Hello" I said.

"Hi, excuse me, I´m looking for Emily"

What? No one has ever called to find me.

"Em, she´s talking, who´s talking?"

"It´s me, Koda" of course it´s him, how I didn´t recognize his voice?

"Koda? How do you…know my phone number?"

"Oh that, wasn´t easy, since no one has it on school, I went to ask to direction and they gave it to me, I said that it was for a good cause"

"Cause? What you´re talking about?"

"Well, when I was helping you with your things you leave too soon, you forgot your book, Let the Right One In, I was going to give it to you but you leave"

Shit, I run where I leave my bag, quickly I look for the book, dam it, there´s nothing.

"Emily, you´re still there?"

"Yes, yes Koda I´m here"

"Okay, I have the book, don´t worry, I haven´t destroy it or anything like that, it´s on perfect conditions and I want to give it back to you"

"Yes, yes please" I love my books, I feel that without one of them I´m nothing.

"So, do you want me to go to your house and…"

"No" I interrupted him "No Koda, you have done enough, It´s better if I go for it"

"Sure? I can take it to you"

"No please" I´m fair, all this is my fault after all "I´ll go for it, where I can pick it?"

"Right now I´m on my house, are you sure you want to come?"

"Yes, can you give me the direction?"

"No problem, do you have where to write it?"

From my bag I put out a notebook and a pencil.

"Yes I have"

"Okay, there we go"

I write his direction on one page.

"Okay, I can be there in… thirty minutes if that´s okay"

"It´s perfect, I´ll been expecting you"

"Thanks and Koda, sorry for all the problems I´ve caused you"

"Don´t worry, it´s okay"

"Thanks, then, I better start going"

"Okay, see you soon"

"See you soon bye"

I hang up and run to look my shoes, I was expecting a nice afternoon, I was wrong, now I have to go to the house of Koda, perfect, just perfect.