Dear readers

I promised sometimes ago (by way of editing the summary) to provide an update regarding this story by June 2021. It's a bit past that... sorry! A lot happened.

I finally graduated university with my masters degree (I got magna cum laude yay!), and have now started an actual job! But more than that, a lot also changed in my personal life. I've spend a lot of time thinking what I was going to do with this story, and ultimately I think it comes down to this: for several reasons, among them private, as well as the fact that I'm not at all active anymore in any way or form in the HP fandom, I'm not going to continue this story.

I'm very sorry for this. I loved writing this story, and I learned a lot from writing it! The support was incredible, thank you all so much! I've now found myself with two options:

1. I give this story up for adoption, and will provide whomever adopts it (if they so wish) with the notes I still have for what I planned for this story, years ago now.

2. I'll provide the notes as a sort of last chapter, so you'd at least know how I intended to end it (that bit I had planned out, actually).

I'm going to leave this chapter up for a while, and then come back and update the story to reflect the most popular option!

Again, I'd like to offer you all my most sincere apologies - I started this story in such a different time of my life, and personally I feel I've come really far, but that also means that what drove me to start this story back in 2014 is not what drives me now, and even though I still wanted to finish it, on reflecting on it deeply, I don't have the interest and motivation anymore, and I feel I at least owe those who were kind enough to read my story and offer feedback and encouragement that truth.

I hope you all remain well and happy!

See you soon-ish :)