Title: Red

Author: Okami Endless

Rated: T

Genre: Humor, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Family/Friendship, Slightly darker than canon (because of its supernatural-ness)

Warnings: beginning suspense, vampire!Reborn, slight twisting of canon (see previous warning), abuse, sociopath tendencies, LUCE & KYOKO, no pairings

Disclaimer: I don't own KHR

Summary: Tsuna didn't think he'd end up in an alleyway beaten, or end up being bitten by a vampire who called himself Reborn. Apparently he's heir to the Vongola mafia family. Well great, just great. Twin-fic

Tsuna was shocked, unable to move from the emotion that rushed through his veins, because standing there in front of him was the woman Reborn had shown him pictures of and dare he say, actually liked, more than anyone else in the world: Luce, the former Sky Arcobaleno.

Luce, with a ripped up white dress and pale, white skin that was surely a sign the woman wasn't alive. Bandages were over the right side of her face and her right eye, which were stained with dried blood over the area. Her right leg looked like it had so many stiches around the thigh and ankle that for all intents and purposes someone must have deliberately dismember it once upon a time from her body.

The one-eyed Luce smiled at him, leaned down, and patted him on the head. "It's nice to meet you, Tsuna."

If Natsu saw him now, Tsuna was sure his twin would laugh at his misfortune before turning into his more murderous self and attempt to kill the Varia. Anyone who Natsu didn't like that got within three feet of Tsuna, friend or enemy, he'd punish. Of course, afterwards he'd beat Tsuna for 'forcing' him to do extra work because Tsuna was too weak to do anything.

Mochida Kensuke was an example of this. He had kissed Tsuna's hand and proclaimed that he loved Tsuna and wished to be his boyfriend when Tsuna was only thirteen. Natsu, who had been acting like a lovely popular guy who was so devoted to his dead girlfriend that he didn't date, had full-out stomped up to Mochida and slapped him, and then attempt to throw Mochida out the window.

When it was all over, Natsu had given a very convincing fake smile as his façade clicked back into place.

"I'm just so glad my twin is safe! I thought Mochida was going to force him if he didn't agree and I just lost it! Sorry guys." Natsu had said, right before dragging Tsuna away by the back of his shirt.

Then his Hyper Intuition had screamed at Tsuna to move, but he wasn't fast enough to dodge and a bullet went through the back of his left knee.

Reborn claimed Tsuna's smile could cause a war. Basil, along with Hayato and Takeshi, couldn't disagree. Luckily, Natsu had seen none of this, as he had been running away from the Ninth, who was insisting Natsu take the half Vongola ring. Natsu, who had already been offered the half ring by Iemitsu, had refused, saying he wouldn't wear it until Tsuna had a ring of his own.

"Is there other ways to fix the curse?"

"Not unless you think death is freedom." replied Reborn.

"So then you have created all this elaborate scheme, just for your own interest." prompted Timoteo, raising an eyebrow.

Reborn smirked. "I'm not playing the mafia game Timoteo, I'm the founder of it. I play to win, and I've already reached the final boss. Can you say the same?"

Timoteo sighed. "I didn't plan on having two 'final bosses' to beat, Reborn. What do you propose I tell the other Arcobaleno?"

"Tell them if they come here I'll shoot them. I won't just tell them. If they want the answer I've given you, they're going to have to fight for it."

"So you care about him? You, the greatest hitman?" A laugh came from the possessed Tsunayoshi's lips. "Isn't that a weakness, dear Sun Arcobaleno?"

"I can protect them," said Reborn. "Don't get any ideas, Mukuro."

"Yet you asked me, an escaped Vendicare prisoner, to help you. That's your protection? How amusing."

-the bathroom door open and dug through the cabinets with one hand to find the first-aid kit.

Grabbing it, Gokudera ran back to the kitchen where Iemitsu sat, groaning in pain, Tsuna stood, looking too terrified to move, and Natsu lay unconscious on the ground. He began by wrapping his shoulder so he could work more efficiently and then moved over to Iemitsu. As his knees touched the floor to bend down, the Storm found himself in a puddle of blood.

"Dammit, this is a fucking mess," said Gokudera. He grabbed Iemitsu's arm that was pressed close against the man's chest and wrenched it away from him forcefully. As he put the bandages on the man hissed in pain but didn't try to shove the Storm guardian away.

"Why are you…?"

Gokudera grimaced, putting the last length of the bandage around the bloody stump. "I only attacked you because you inured my bosses, nothing more. I don't hold a grudge and I don't intend to get on the Ninth's bad side so I'll help you, but don't expect a 'your welcome' after this…"

Basil looked distraught for a moment, but complied, knowing it would be bad to go against the future Vongola Decimo, whoever that might be. To Basil he could see that ever if the truth had come out about the Sawada family, they could never fully recover.

The behaviors of the past would always haunt them, no matter if the twins had forgiven each other and Reborn got the whole Vongola Decimo problem sorted out. The fact still remained that if Mukuro's illusion was broken, the scar on Tsuna' neck would still be there and it wasn't just going to magically disappear, and his voice would never come back to what was perceived as normal, and it would always be a natural reflect to flinch and shy away whenever someone raised a hand near his face.

It was silent for a few seconds before chaos happened.

"M-my tuna-fish killed someone?" Iemitsu's face looked torn between tears and disbelieving rage.

Fon stared at the twins, analyzed their movements that could give a clue that Tsuna was lying. Yet with the orange eyes practically holding up a sign that he was tapping into his Hyper Intuition, the boy stood firmly. It was hard to read him, but Natsu was a different story. Natsu, the one that hurt Tsuna, the one that tried to kill him, the one that had already fallen into despair, looked as if someone had slapped him.

"Hello Tsuna-kun." said Haru. "I'm Haru, desu. You probably don't remember me but I was one of Kyoko's best friends. She told me a lot about you and Natsu. It's nice to meet you, though not your twin. How could someone so nice corrupt such a pure soul? How dare he!"

Tsuna didn't dare ask just what Reborn had done to make this girl in front of him so convinced that Natsu was evil. Bad things happened when 'stupid' questions such as those were asked.

"That's not good. Sasagawa, I'm guessing. The family name of one of Natsu's guardians it seems." said Reborn. "I'll see if anyone from that family has been killed within the last decade. It seems we've got a murderer around here, and if my suspicious are right, I'll find out why Natsu hates Tsuna so much so I can keep them from killing each by sorting this out."

"I shall be taking your brother with me, baka-Natsu. Also, before you go attempting to kill Tsuna again," Natsu stiffened, eyes widening. "I would like to see you in the living room after we are done. I have a few things to say to you about your past behavior."

Tsuna blinked, dumbstruck, at Reborn. Reborn was planning something, he could sense it.

"H-how-," Natsu was surprised for a moment, then angry as he turned on Tsuna, his voice rising, "You! I thought you would have learned by now you useless, pathetic brother! You told him something! You – you spoke again, didn't your dame-Tsuna?!"

Fear made Tsuna flinch away. He was vulnerable, trapped in his near-empty room with Natsu blocking the doorway. That look was similar to the last one – but now It was unrestrained. A desperation of some sort was shown throw Natsu's face, and Tsuna knew exactly why.

Natsu was afraid Tsuna had told Reborn why he had stared to punish and abuse Tsuna. The reason why he had become angry – and jealous – at Tsuna's innocence. Tsuna was just like Natsu's dead girlfriend – the one Tsuna had seen Natsu kill.

Mukuro slammed the edge of the trident into Hibari's gut, sending the prefect smashing into the wall. "Drop the honorifics Tsunayoshi and I might consider it." said Mukuro, swinging his head to the side as he said it to avoid a flying tonfa coming his way. "The Japanese are fickle with names and I don't want mine to be ruined by such customs, don't you think skylark-san?" he sneered the last part at the prefect meaningfully taunting him with his use of pet names.

'Isn't there some sort of catch?' wrote Tsuna.

A sly smirk only graced Mukuro's face again. He put a hand out for Tsuna to grab. Tsuna let himself be pulled forward when he laid his hand in Mukuro's and heard the faint whisper near his ear as Mukuro pulled him close that was meant only for him to hear.

"A sky without it's deceiving Mists is never as bright as it could be, wouldn't you say, Sawada Tsunayoshi?"

Tsuna flinched back, eyes glowing orange. A fierce look was placed on his face, making Mukuro's smirk widen and Nagi give a gasp of surprise. Tsuna knew exactly what Mukuro meant – Reborn had told him enough about Dying Will Flames and the guardians of Vongola.

"I won't be a mafia boss, Mukuro, and I'll never be Vongola Decimo."

The hitman was only more concerned when he entered the house to find blood on the walls. It was Tsuna's blood, he was certain, and a lot of it. He ran to the bathroom, following the blood trail. The moment he saw the bloody, beaten up state the brunet was in he punched a hole through the door, a snarl rising from his lips and killing intent unleashed.

From the airport doors that opened for him, Iemitsu stepped out into Namimori and shuddered, getting a bad feeling. Bianchi's eyes widened, wondering what could make her lover so murderous. Hibari Kyouya grinned at the presence of a new carnivore and his uncle, Fon, spit-taked his tea when he felt his fellow Arcobaleno's rage. The pure feeling of emotion and wanting to murder something traveled through all the pacifiers, alerting the other Arcobaleno that someone had royally pissed off the world's number one hitman.

"Stop running away you dame apprentice!"

The mentor lunged at the apprentice. The two fell to the ground with Tsuna pinned underneath Reborn, his hold tight on the man's fedora. He refused to let it go, but Reborn was persistent and pinned both his hands above his head with his left hand while he snatched his fedora away with his right. He snorted when Tsuna glared/pouted at him.

Which was the scene Nana walked into when she entered her kitchen. Tsuna's eyes locked onto the wide-open mouthed look from his mother instantly as she dropped her grocery bags to the floor unintentionally. A shadow covered her eyes and Reborn was no stranger to know what their position looked like to the mother.

"I…I'll just go…in the other room. I don't want to interrupt anything, ahaha…" spoke Nana before she stepped out of the kitchen.

Tsuna's face burst into a deep red color, clearly embarrassed, while Reborn chuckled, putting his fedora back and releasing his hold on his apprentice.

The Ninth sighed. "I see. Then I cannot order you to leave him, can I?"

"No." Reborn's voice was hard as steel and as sharp as a knife, allowing no complaints past. "You can't."

"And if I forcefully take him with me?"

"I would blow your mansion to bits." was Reborn's harsh retort.

"I'll be waking you up early, so go back to sleep dame-Tsu-chan." Reborn said, snickering and making no effort to hide it. "Lucky for you your hyper intuition wakes you up right before I try to hit you with anything, so you'd better hope it works when I dump a piano on you."


"And don't have such a dumb look dame-Tsuna. You're cooking breakfast too."

R-Reborn! T-that's not f-fair!

"Too bad. Now go to bed like a good human."

"Chaos, I'm Reborn, the world's number one hitman."

Red - Chapter One

His wrist was sprained again. Just by trying to lift himself up with his hands he found that a jolt of pain shot up his arm like fire and he slumped back down against the wall. With the little strength he had, all he could do was lean against the alley's wall and hope no-one came to beat him up again. He doubted he would be moving anytime soon. He didn't want to collapse in the road after all.

Tsuna looked up at the darkened sky and sighed. He was past curfew. Natsuhiko, otherwise known as Natsu-sama, by his fangirls, would likely hit him again for being late and forcing him to do the dishes. Natsu had put the curfew in place as an excuse to hide the fact that he wanted to know when and where Tsuna went and as such, Tsuna had to come home right after school. Natsu wasn't protective of him, per-say, just extremely controlling and obsessive.

He sighed again, letting his head drop and rest on the wall. His ribs hurt and he probably had a cracked rib somewhere. His arms, legs and stomach were bruised from being kicked when he had fallen to the ground after the bullies had started to play toss with him, pushing and shoving him around. His face hurt as well. He guessed from the pounding pain in his head that his headache was showing and the pain at his right eye that he had likely been kicked there too and was likely bruised. He also had a few cuts from the rough road when he had fallen, his hands and knees scrapped as well as the side of his face where he had been stepped on.

Silently wondering if things could get any worse, Tsuna closed his eyes. He knew it wasn't smart to sleep in an alley, but without gaining any of his strength he would be more useless than he already was. He figured he might as well sleep while he had the chance since he was sure when he got home there'd be a world of pain in for him that would injure him further than he already was.

It was at that moment however, when Tsuna's eyes closed, that he felt a hand coming around his mouth, covering it and any screams he might have released. Tsuna's eyes shot open, only to find himself staring into two red eyes, and let out a muffled whimper. He tried to push the red-eyed person away but with only one arm it didn't do much good and only landed a harsh smack to his head.

Dazed, Tsuna groaned in pain. Being hit in the head while having an ear-splitting headache did not work wonders with his thought process or his confused mind. His eyes quickly widened when he felt hot breath on his neck and he let out a squeak, squirming and trying to push himself further towards the wall in an attempt to get away.

It was futile, and both Tsuna and the red-eyed attacker knew it.

Fangs sunk deep into Tsuna's neck and he gasped at the sudden sensation of light-headedness. His arm dropped to his side and he felt his body becoming weaker as his blood unknowingly left his body. He blinked a few times, wondering why his vision was getting darker, but could find nothing besides the arms holding him against the warm body and the wall, trapping him.

Minutes seemed to pass by before the fangs finally withdrew from his neck, leaving Tsuna with lidded eyes staring at the man that had bit him and a body unable to properly move.

The brunet blinked when a hand ruffled his head and he scrunched up his nose as best he could, confused. Obviously he had been bitten by what was supposedly a vampire (and his new fatigue surely proved that yes, he had just lost a huge amount of blood after being beaten by his usual bullies and left in the alley) and yet said vampire was not running away, nor dragging Tsuna with him like Tsuna had thought supernatural creatures were supposed to do. Not take a bite out of their dinner and then just crouch in front of them in a dark alley and ruffle their hair with a smug look on their face as if they had found their new son.

No, Tsunayoshi would not stand for this – or sit for it, since he was unable to stand at the moment. Despite being bitten and feeling like a car had just run him over, he wasn't going to just let himself sit there while a vampire petted him. So the brunet jerked his head to the side away from the hand, hissing lowly as a he received a sharp burst of pain for the sudden movement, but felt relieved when the vampire took his hand away. Instead the red-eyed creature glared at him, the smug smirk wiped off his face as if he had just been mocked in some way.

Tsuna flinched as a hand rose into the air near his face. The vampire paused, then let a smirk come to his face again as Tsuna warily opened his eyes, looking fearfully not at the vampire but the hand raised in the air.

Usually whenever someone came near him it was to hurt him, and he had learned that Natsu usually slapped him whenever he did something wrong. He had automatically assumed that the vampire was about to do the same and had flinched.

"Oh?" came the word from the vampire's mouth, seemingly amused at the brunet's action.

Tsuna's eyes glanced away from the hand and to the vampire's face. He was sourly tempted to stick his tongue out at the red-eyed man. The brunet slowly drew his eyes away from the vampire's face when the man took back his hand and his eyes followed it instead until he found it in a safe position, far away from his face.

He let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding, his shoulders sagging down. He closed his eyes for a moment, only wanting to sleep and for all the pain to go away, but it seemed the vampire wasn't satisfied with that for he snapped his fingers in front of Tsuna's face to keep him awake. An irritable expression passed over his face for a moment before it disappeared back into the knowing smirk.

Tsuna blinked questioningly at the vampire. Couldn't he just be left alone for once? Hadn't the vampire already taken his meal, so Tsuna naturally assumed that the vampire should be leaving to go back to whatever it was he was doing earlier?

"I'm curious. Usually my prey scream after I release them and try to get as far away as possible from me, and then I have to either knock them out or kill them and run, but you've done neither." said the vampire.

Attempting to shrug, but failing miserably, Tsuna shifted his feet, which were laid out in front of him. The vampire's eyes flicked down once before frowning.

"You're not injured that badly."

Tsuna's eye twitched. That doesn't mean I don't feel like crap and my ribs aren't broken and I just had who-knows-how-much blood taken from me! Stupid vampire. If I could move I would.

The vampire reached forward and smacked Tsuna's head again, causing the brunet to wince in pain and bow his head forward slightly, eyes shut tightly as he waited for the pain to go away. When he opened his eyes, he found a glare pointed at him.

"I can hear your thoughts, idiota." he said. "So don't think just because you won't speak that I won't hit you for sarcastic comments."

Tsuna glared, but it looked more like a pout. He knew he should probably be scared, sitting completely venerable in an alley in front of a vampire. He knew he should probably be running now and ignore all of his pain, but he was too tired. Rather, Tsuna didn't care anymore. For all it could matter, he could die and he doubted his mother or brother would even care.

The vampire chuckled darkly. "You're interesting, human, so interesting that I'm going to take you with me. I haven't tasted blood as good as yours in years."

Eyes widening, Tsuna feebly tried to squirm away from the black-clad vampire as he was picked up bridal style. The movement irked his injuries and sent fire to his insides, but Tsuna didn't care as much as the fact that he was being picked up – kidnapped even – by a vampire of all things and being taken away from the place he had fallen.

Tsuna flinched, letting out a gasp of pain when the vampire put more pressure than needed on his ribs. He wasn't prepared for the large jump the vampire took to the rooftop of the building. He must have had a shocked expression because the vampire smirked down at him, amused yet again.

"Scream and I'll drop you," he warned.

The brunet nodded frantically, not wanting to be dropped from three stories up to end up a splatter of guts on the ground. He kept his mouth firmly shut when the vampire started to run across the rooftop, blending in with the shadows, and move towards a location that Tsuna didn't know. It didn't take long with the fast pace that the vampire was going at to end up in a very large gated mansion that the vampire cleared with an easy jump. He was quickly walking up the driveway and kicking the door open to the mansion open before slamming it shut with his foot.

The vampire then, carrying Tsuna, took a few turns after going up the stairs and a hallway to end up in front of two large double doors, which he opened, and then walked in. It was a bedroom, simple, with only a large four-poster bed, a door off to the side which he was sure was a bathroom, a desk on the far side of the room with a full-size mirror next to it and a balcony with curtains in front of it.

Tsuna didn't have long to observe the more detailed aspects of the room like the marble floor and tall ceilings before he was thrown ungracefully onto the bed, bringing a pained cry from his lips as his cracked ribs were shifted. His sprained wrist was quickly wrenched upwards at Tsuna's will, who had landed on it.

Tears gathered in Tsuna's eyes at the newfound pain and a new panic was beginning to seep into him. He had no idea what the vampire had planned for him, and he doubted it was anything good if he was going to stay injured and left to fend for himself against the man.

The vampire watched the pained expression on the brunet's face for a moment, standing near the bed. He waited as the chocolate-brown eyes passed from the wrist up to him and gave a cruel imitation of a smile with sharp fangs that had the brunet shuddering. Tsuna remembered those fangs sinking into his neck, and although the wound didn't nearly hurt as much as his cracked ribs did, it was painful and burned around the area. He was sure his neck was coated with blood from the way the wound hurt so much and from any indication of the red-stained sheets around his head.

Noticing that the vampire was reaching to the nightstand near the bed Tsuna watched curiously as the black-haired man opened a drawer and picked up a coil of bandages. He then approached Tsuna leaning over the bedside and roughly grabbing the human's shirt collar, tugging him forward.

Tsuna stared wide-eyed, wondering what the vampire was going to do. Surely not bite him again, and if not, then why treat his wounds. Tsuna was used to cleaning up his own cuts and bruises whenever his bullies came after him, though the broken bones were always the worst since he couldn't hide those from his mother, so he was able to treat himself properly.

He wasn't given much thought about the fact before Tsuna's shirt was ripped up over his shoulders and tugged off, leaving the brunet gaping. The vampire ignored this and only pressed his hands to Tsuna's stomach, testing for injuries, and immediately drawing Tsuna away from his embarrassment as the pain in his ribs intensified.

The vampire took his hands away and then, faster than Tsuna could blink, was wrapping the boy in bandages around his broken ribs. Not the most accurate treatment, but enough to tell Tsuna the vampire didn't want him to injure himself any further doing something stupid. Willingly lifting his chin up as the vampire lifted his hands to Tsuna's neck, he wrapped a few rolls around the bite wound as well. He then tossed the boy back his shirt, set the roll of bandages down on the nightstand, and stepped back.

Pressing a hand to the bandages around his neck, Tsuna looked curiously at the vampire. While the sensible part of him was screaming at him to run and get as far away as possible, the other part was telling him it would be much better if he stayed.

Tsuna decided to go with the latter, since the vampire had helped him with his injuries and carried him to a warm place to rest. He took his hand away from his neck and held it out towards the black-haired vampire with a small, innocent, sweet smile.

The vampire eyed it, looking suspicious. Tsuna's resolve wavered slightly as he saw the vampire was hesitant and attempted to scoot closer to the edge of the bed and stick his hand up further. It wasn't a common tradition to shake hands in Japan, seeing as that was acknowledging others as your equal and was something usually only business owners did. However, with his broken ribs, Tsuna wasn't in any condition to go bowing in greeting. Finally, the vampire took it, grasping Tsuna's small hand in his own, wondering what exactly he was doing.

'Tsuna.' the brunet mouthed the word, though no sound making it out of his lips. The vampire nodded, a small smirk appearing on his face as he replied,

"Chaos, Tsuna. I'm Reborn, the world's number one hitman."

'And?' mouthed Tsuna, taking his hand back from the handshake greeting. The smirk on Reborn's face widened, making a small chill go down Tsuna's spine. He could see the vampire's white fangs when he opened his mouth, just slightly longer than canine teeth. If Tsuna wasn't looking so closely he wouldn't notice.

"And, as you already know, a vampire." Reborn added.

Reborn grinned, showing off his fangs purposefully. "And you're my new servant, as I need blood every couple of days and it's annoying feeding off drunk people and orphans no one will miss when I've found you; whose blood tastes far better than any other person's I've ever drank recently."

Tsunayoshi had a feeling his life had just gotten a lot more complicated.


Italics at beginning: from future chapters all the way back to the first. This is the first chapter I'll be posting of this story, and probably won't post for a while. I have 3/4 of this story written, I just need to type it up, which is the hard part. FYI this is not edited, so have fun with the grammar mistakes and awkward run-on sentences.

Also this story contains gore, violence, abuse, and a tiny bit of supernatural (only Reborn really, anyone else is human except for a select few) so if this is not your cup of tea, leave now. This is DARK. I'm warning you now. It is rated Teen for a reason.