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Dr. Temperance Brennan was working late at the Jeffersonian. "Booth I'll go home soon. I promise I have some paperwork to do and then I'll leave."

"Bones!" Booth groaned. "We have a case, and you can't be tired. Please just go home and get some rest?" she smiled into the phone and rolled her eyes. They both knew that she wouldn't go home before everything was done.
She was about to reply that she would be fine and that she wasn't going anywhere until she was done when she heard tools dropping in the lab. She quickly looked around trying to discern where the tools dropped.
"Bones? Are you still there?"

"Yeah... Booth I might be being paranoid but I think someone is here." her voice had dropped to a whisper. She normally wasn't this paranoid but their last case was particularly nerve raking.

Booth from his relaxed position on his couch shot forward in alarm his phone almost falling out of his hand.
"Bones don't be getting any ideas. Just get out of there."

"Booth it's probably nothing. I'm going to go check it out and make sure."

"No! Bones just keep walking and stay on the phone. Act normal. Do you want me to come over there?" Brennan couldn't help but look around the lab as she was walking because her curiosity had gotten the better of her.

What she saw was a mop in it's bucket. She sighed in relief and mentally scolded herself for acting so foolishly.

"No Booth it's fine. It was just a janitor nothing to worry about. "

"Bones! I told you to just keep walking! What part of that don't you understand?"

He said holding his phone between his ear and shoulder as he shrugged on his jacket.
"I understand you like the clearest crystal Booth."

"It's crystal clear Bones. You understand me crystal clear. Are you sure you don't want me to come?"

"First off that does not make sense clear is the adjective that describes the crystal, and second yes I'm quite positive that I can take care of myself."she said as she made her way through the lab toward the car garage.

"You're jumpy that's perfectly understandable for the case we were just on."

"Booth, while the case we were just on was more unsettling then usual, I am not jumpy as you said."

In the small span of silence while she waited for a response from her partner she heard the tell tale sounds of pursuit. Who ever they were, they made no effort to conceal that they were following her. Their footfalls were heavy and not concealed in the slightest. It was as if they wanted their presence to be known . She took the phone away from her ear and called into the near pitch black darkness

"Hello? Can I be of assistance?" In response to her question the steady foot falls picked up in rate and noise, and that's when she knew she wasn't being paranoid. She was being pursued. She put the phone back to her ear and dropped her voice to hardly a whisper. "Booth I wasn't been paranoid I'm being pursued." She walked faster in a direction away from the foot steps that hadn't ceased since her acknowledgement of them.

Without hesitation Booth flung himself out the door of his apartment. "I'm on my way right now. Where are you?"

Brennan looked around her and saw a supply closet. The footsteps were drawing closer as she evaluated her options. She could either run, or she could make a mad dash to the closet and hide. "I'm at the stair well to get into the parking garage. Booth should I run?"

"No Bones stay were you are and wait for me! I'm turning the sirens on and I'll be there in ten minutes tops."

"But you told me to keep moving!"

"Bones! Since when do you ever listen to me? Just hide!"

She had already made a mad dash toward the supply closet as Booth spoke to her. She reached for the door and swung it open flinging herself inside. She tried to shut the door quietly, but it was in vain and she gritted her teeth when she heard the click of the door shutting. Huddled in the far corner of the closet, she felt around for anything that might be used as a weapon. What she discovered made her want to slap her forehead in stupidity. In her rush to get away from who ever was pursuing her she had dropped her purse, and in her purse was the gun Booth lent her and she had failed to give back.

"Booth I don't have your gun..."

Her voice dropped off as she heard the footsteps louder then they had ever been coming right toward her now vulnerable position. She held her breath in fear that it might be too loud. Her adrenaline was sky rocketing as the foot steps slowed and eventually came to a stop. Her heart rate increased and her head throbbed with the effort to keep her breath in. She could hear her heart beat and despite her normally rational mind she irrationally thought that whoever was outside the door could hear it as well. "Bones? Bones are you still there?" There was a pause that seemed to stretch a life time as Brennan struggled to keep her breath in. Then her would be captor's footsteps where heard again, but this time mush fainter. Only when she heard the door to the stair well close did she dare let her breath out. "Temperance! Are you okay?"

The use of her first name by Booth brought her out of her almost trance as she continued to suck air into her deprived lungs. "Yes Booth I'm here. I think whoever it was is gone now."

Booth let out an audible sigh of relief as he sped through traffic almost to the Jeffersonian. "Okay Bones don't go anywhere. You don't know for sure if the person is gone."

"Booth I heard whoever it was descend the stairs to the parking garage. It would be safer for me to leave then for you to go to the garage."

"Bones I'm serious don't move from where you are I'm almost there, and don't worry about me I have a gun."Booth said as he hung up the phone.
Brennan rolled her eyes as her partner took on his usual protective persona. Although she trusted Booths judgement she couldn't stand being in the closet any longer. The adrenaline coarsening through her demanded her to do something.

She eased her way out of the closet scanning her surroundings with limited success due to the small amount of light. She retraced her foot steps in order to hopefully find her missing purse all the while keeping close vigilance of her surroundings.
She soon found where she had dropped her purse. She reached down and grabbed it, but as she stood she heard footstep once again. This time they were dangerously close and loud. She spun in a circle frantically trying to discern which direction the footsteps were coming from as the sound echoed through the empty museum. She started to reach inside her purse feeling for Booth's gun when she felt a hand grasp her shoulder. She repressed a shriek of terror as her and her would be kidnapper turned her around so they were now face to face.

"Bones I told you to stay where you were!" Booth said. She could see the look of both worry and disapproval as the flashlight he held illuminated his face, but under the disapproval she saw something else entirely. She was never very good at reading emotions, so she brushed it off. And after seeing Booth Brennan couldn't help but relax, and even allowed a small smile to spread across her face.
"I'm sorry Booth I had to grab my bag. As you can see nothing bad happened to me." She said matter of factually.

"Come on Bones I'm driving you home." Booth said as he gently took her hand to lead her out. He could sense she was about to protest so he quickly added. "No objections I'm driving you home. Where you will stay might I add until I pick you up in the morning." He smiled a smile that said he had won the argument, and continued to lead her toward the parking garage. Brennan saw the tension in his shoulder and he was squaring his jaw. She knew her partner, and with the evidence presented she could conclude that he didn't think that they were entirely safe yet.

They managed to get to Booths car without incident, and as they both settled in to their seats Brennan decided to check the contents of her purse to be sure whoever was in the Jeffersonian with her hadn't taken anything. As she rummaged Booth gave her a lecture about how in situations like the one she was just in that she should listen to him. She found everything to be in order and she finished rummaging, but to her utter dismay there was now a large cut on the inner lining of her bag. Reaching in the tear she pricked her finger. She quickly pulled her hand back and stuck her pointer finger in her mouth. She tasted the blood caused by the prick, and reached in the cut again this time with a little more caution.
She pulled out what looked like a thumb tack and a piece of folded paper. The bleeding of her finger had mostly stopped so she pulled it form her mouth and opened the note addressed to her.

The first drop of blood for me.

This is only the beginning

Next time don't hide in the closet

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