Without hesitation or a second thought Booth sprinted out of Angela's office.

"Booth where are you going?" Angela yelled after him. He didn't even turn around he couldn't, for all he knew Bones could have already been moved.

The feeling of deja vue washed over him as he approached the warehouse. His team had already searched in interior of the building, so he knew she was no longer inside the main part of the building. The sun was setting quickly so with his gun held out in front of him and a flash light above that he began to search the perimeter. He found nothing out of the ordinary. Moving on he searched behind the warehouse in a small overgrown field. On any other day he might have stopped and looked at the field, and how as the sun was setting it looked as if the field was on fire. The light made everything glow with a golden aura and the flowers seemed to bright to be real. He didn't have to walk far into the field to hear more than feel the door that he hoped would bring him to Bones. On his hands and knees he began to tear at the grass trying in vain to open the door. Soon most of the grass was gone and all that remained was a patch of flowers. Then it hit him. He grabbed the flowers and could feel the slight bite of cold metal on his hands. The flowers were fake and only served as a cover for the handle hidden within them. He grasped the handle and lifted the door which made and audible "creak" as he did so. He took a deep breath, and plunged into the dark hole in the ground.


Everything was cold, and she was beginning to forget what it was like to be warm.

"Oh doctor Brennan why do you and that FBI agent always make things so difficult? The plan was well thought out, and it would have worked, but then Pam didn't listen. No matter, things worked out better than I had originally planned out."

"This all seems like a very elaborate plan that you have set up just to kill Booth and I. So why do it?"

"You and your so called brilliant mind haven't figured it out yet? she asked. Then they both heard a loud "creak" and looked at the only entrance to the chamber. "Never you mind. Soon I'll put all your questions to rest, yours and your handsome FBI agent. And here's Prince Charming now." She finished as Booth ran through the door his gun in front of him. "Aww Seeley Booth just in time." A look of shock crossed his face and he lowered his gun slightly.

"You're dead." He stated.

"You would be surprised what a few large bribes and a look alike could do. I couldn't let you two win. I knew there was going to be an attempt on my life, so I did what had to be done and no one questioned that it was me whose head got blown up and not a different person."

"Enough. Let Bones go, or give me a reason to kill you for real."

Heather Taft rolled her eyes, and stepped behind Bones. Brennan heard a quiet "click."

"Booth don't shoot her." Brennan said trying desperately not to let her voice shake.

"You should listen to her Agent Booth. What I just did was step on a pressure plate. If I move or my weight goes off of this plate this whole place collaspes on us. So Agent Booth be a dear and put the gun down and set it on the floor in front of you." Heather said with a smirk. Booth looked at Brennan and did what was asked of him.

"You two, just the two of you have given me something to work for. I've had so much fun envisioning the perfect trap for the both of you." she grabbed Brennan's shoulder roughly and shook her.

"Did you know that you were supposed to be the one shot in the warehouse? Ugh I had it all planned out! Pam was supposed to shoot you on my command, but her infatuation with Agent Booth here made her deviate from the plan. When she had let Agent Booth track her I knew I would have to end her, but then imagine my surprise when you Dr. Brennan said that you LOVE Agent Booth!" She finished with a laugh. Brennan hung her head unable to meet Booth's eyes, while Booth glared at Heather. Releasing Brennan's shoulder Heather continued.

"Anyway I used this new bit of information to my advantage. I killed Pam and took the good doctor here, where we waited for you to figure out that she never left. It was the plan all along for you to end up down here Agent Booth. And your death's will be that much worse now that you each of you know how you feel about each other. You will die without ever getting a chance."

"Aren't you stuck in here with us Heather?" Booth said trying to turn the tables.

"I'm already dead, and the last thing I want to do is dig both of your graves. And that's what I'm going to do today."

Booths face fell and Brennan could practically feel the satisfaction rolling off of Heather in waves.

"Wait. Heather I have one request before you kill us." Brennan said sounding more sure then she felt. She heard Heather snort and could picture the sneer on her face.

"Well I can't say I'm going to honor it, but I'm curious. What is your last request Dr. Brennan?" Heather finished. Brennan looked Booth in the eye hoping he understood what she was trying to do. "Let me kiss Booth… Please Heather." Heather's laugh reverberated throughout the cavern.

"That's your request? Have you truly given up?" Heather asked. Brennan turned her head toward Heather.

"I'm going to die anyway, can't you let me have this one last thing?" Brennan said with a little venom.

"Fine Dr. Brennan I will allow you this last request. Agent Booth you may kiss her."

The confusion was plain on Booth's face, but he moved forward anyway. He leaned over her, his face mere inches away from hers. His breath ghosted over her face when he asked,

"Bones are you sure?"

"Just kiss me Booth." And that he did. He pressed his lips to hers in a tender kiss that made her toes curl. He cupped her face, and brushed his thumb over her cheekbone when they finally broke apart.

"Follow my lead." She whispered right before she threw her head back hitting Heather square in the middle of her abdomen. Both Booth and Brennan could hear the wind get knocked out of Heather. She fell back unable to stop herself.

Heather had made a fatal mistake when she only tied Brennan's arms and chest to the chair.

When Heather fell she stepped off the pressure plate, and in that moment Brennan was able to use her unbound legs and push herself backwards onto the pressure plate in hopes that her weight is enough.

"Booth get her!" Brennan yelled. Booth didn't hesitate and immediately grabbed Heather where she had fallen and pinned her arms behind her back.

"Now go. Get her and yourself out of here I don't know if it's set off, or if my quick switch was enough." Booth looked at her concerned. She hoped her face didn't show how scared she really was.

"Bones I'm not leaving you here."

"Booth we don't have time for this! Get out or we both might end up dead!"


"No Booth you have to get out! Save yourself and lock away Heather for good. I'll be fi-"

"God dammit Bones listen to me! I'm going to get you out of here ALIVE. We have to find another way!"

Then they both heard Heather laugh and looked at her.

" I didn't take you for the self sacrificing type, but too bad it's in vain! Now we are all going to die." Her face was red with anger and a vein was bulging in her neck as she strained against Booths grip.

"What do you mean Heather?" Booth asked her.

"What do you mean!" He asked again shaking her.

"We are all going to die! The dead man's switch is a trap door. It's supposed open before the explosives go off. They are on a timer, the door was just my way of escape!" She finished and Booth saw her open hand and in it he saw what appeared to be a switch. The switch dropped to the ground and rolled out of reach. Booth stood up trying in vain to search for the switch.

"Oops too late now Agent Booth."


"Bones I-" Booth began as he stood with Heather in front of him. Before he could finish there was a blinding light and heat so intense it seared the hair off his arms. He couldn't think he couldn't even breathe. Everything was just white hot pain.

When he woke up everything hurt. It felt like his entire body was on fire, especially his lungs. It was then he realized he was buried. Panic coursed through him as this realization hit him and he pushed himself up. Luckily he was not buried deep and was able to break the surface and gasp for air. The air only made everything worse. He began coughing and gagging on dirt and the very air that was supposed to keep him alive. His arms gave out on him and he barely had time to avoid a complete face plant as his head connected with the ground. Using his eyes he looked at what he could see. So far no Heather, he would never admit it but because of what she did to Bones he hoped she was dead and buried. BONES. She sprang into his head so fast he could have gotten whiplash.

"Bones!" He rasped out. He waited for what felt like forever with no response from her. Completely ignoring the protest from his sore muscles and burnt skin he lifted himself to his feet.

"Bones!" he said again hoping for a response and scanning the area for any sign of her.

When he saw her overturned chair his heart jumped into his throat. Shuffling over to the chair as fast as he could he was relieved to find her breathing. She was somehow alive, her hair was singed and she had some major burns, but she was alive.