DISCLAIMER: Yes, Frankie Valli, Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi, Bob Gaudio, and Bob Crewe are real people. Since Jersey Boys is up here for fanfiction and since I've read a few, I figured what the hell. I recently watched the movie, so obviously this will be Movieverse, and the movie is fucking AMAZING oh my God. Now.

This is the story of Tyler Hampton. She's a young girl from Oak Leaf, Texas, who originally delved into acting into being her big break, keeping writing and singing on the side. She was a senior at Red Oak High School and was planning on graduating in the year 2015 with her friends. She enjoys everything every young woman in 2014-2015 would enjoy-Instagram, her phone, Facebook, etc. Also, she's a huge fan of Dallas Stars hockey, Michael J. Fox and, you guessed it, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. One night, this young seventeen year old girl is sent back, by an unknown force, to the 1960's. It's not exactly the height of the Four Seasons (because, as of this point, they are the Four Lovers). Tyler befriends Frankie at a club, and slowly makes her way into the band. What happens then makes the whole world go crazy as the Four Seasons hit their peak and get famous. But every rise has a fall. During the time they're making it big, Tyler keeps having flashbacks to home, to 2014. She wonders how people are reacting to her being gone. She prays, she does everything she knows how to do (which isn't much) to get back home. She soon realizes, though, that her future belongs in the past, with a very successful group which originally was just a quartet of men. That group is slowly breaking up, Tommy being the first to leave (mainly by force). Nick soon follows, storming out of the room they were in. The last of the group does their best to continue on and sing songs. Their songs, which are just mainly Frankie singing lead with Tyler on the back vocals, are very successful. But that small peak also crashes for Frankie after he learns about his daughter. Tyler helps him slowly, but surely, heal, and acts on impulses that she's held back for years. By the time the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame comes along, things are never the same for the young girl who came from the future.

Obviously most of this didn't happen, and is fictional. Some things in Tyler's life, however, is true. This is just something I randomly thought of. I thought it would be fun to write and fun for y'all to read. Enjoy. And no flames please! Thank you! This goes along with the movie, to an extent. I will be writing it word for word. Enjoy! :)


I never came from the old neighborhood. I came from a small town in Texas. I had friends, went to the local high school – planning on graduating in 2015 – and enjoyed my life, being raised by my grandparents.

We lived in Oak Leaf, Texas. Probably never heard of it, have you? I kind of expected that. I attend Red Oak High School. You might remember that place for the whole Pink Out Fiasco last year when a young kid wore everything pink to support his mother with her breast cancer and got sent home for it. Now does that ring a bell? If it does, then you'll know what kind of a school I attend. But I'm sure, scholastic wise, it's one of the best in Texas.

I wasn't your typical so-called "White Girl". I didn't enjoy Starbucks; I didn't wear Uggs and tight leggings just to show off my ass. Nor did I wear sweaters and scarves every single day with my hair down, long and straight as a board and make-up that would make a clown cringe. No, I was the more old soul kind of gal.

I enjoyed music from the 1990's to the 1950's (the 1960's and 1980's being my two favorite decades) and movies from the 1980's to the 1930's (Gone With the Wind being a personal favorite).

Instead of fawning over Zac Efron – who I never even found attractive during his High School Musical days – I fawned over Michael J. Fox – that's Marty McFly to some people – who is now a fifty-three year old man. I hardly listened to modern day music, preferring The Beatles and Elvis Presley over so-called singer Justin Bieber and One Direction.

But my favorite band of all was Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Listen, I know it's weird. But the way Frankie could hit those high notes during those songs, just oh so casually switching to a falsetto (I think it's falsetto – I just know it's high and beautiful) without a problem, made the chills run up and down my spine. I knew practically all of the words to their songs. From Sherry to December, 1963 (Oh What A Night), Can't Take My Eyes Off You, and even My Eyes Adored You. Of course I knew a lot more, but there was too many to list, and I figured you would get bored.

You could catch me at any time of day, any day of the week, sick or well, trying to sing one of their songs. My voice was pretty good, I won't lie, but each time I tried to hit those high notes it would crack and the blush would fill my face until I looked like an overgrown tomato.

I wasn't a very big sports fan either, but when it came to Dallas Stars hockey you could never tear me away from the TV. Especially when it was Tyler Seguin scoring a goal. That boy could play, and man was he hot.

I didn't have much contact with my parents. They never reached out and I never reached out to them. My father would rather I be dead and my mother and I were very estranged. Little did they know, however, is that they'd never hear from me again.

I have no idea how it happened. I was sitting in my room, surrounded by my journals and writing some things down, my music low on my iPod dock. I was absentmindedly singing along to Rag Doll, writing my seventh screenplay. It all happened in a blink of an eye. The next thing I knew, I was in the middle of a big city. People bustled about, minding their own business. A couple of them gave me a dirty look and a few bumped into me. Holding the urge back to flip them off or speak, I made my way down the sidewalk, glancing in through a few windows before stopping. Originally, I was wearing just a t-shirt and jeans from Rue 21 with two different kinds of socks, my hair done in a simple messy bun. I wasn't expecting a different type of outfit. A simple light, salad green dress with white heels along with my red hair being straight until the very end, to where it flipped out all nice and fancy made me look extremely out of place among the people walking around wearing shirts and jeans. I also had a white purse and white gloves. If my grandmother could see me now, she'd think I raided her closet, I thought to myself.

"Hey, princess." One man smirked at me and my eyes widened and I quickly made my way down the sidewalk, my heels clomping a little too hard and loud on the ground. I must've been a sight to see, since I didn't exactly know how to walk in heels. A couple of girls snickered as I made my way inside a club. It was packed and a band was up there on the stage.

"Table for one?" a man walked up to me. I looked at him, my eyes wide. I didn't expect to be talking to anyone.

"Uh, no, thank you." I nodded once. "I'll just... I'm waiting on someone..."

The man nodded and walked to help someone else. I walked to the back of the club and crossed my arms, leaning on the wall. After a few moments, the lead singer walked up to the microphone and started singing.

When he did, my eyes widened in realization.

I had heard that voice many times before. I had his music on my phone. Instinctively, I opened my purse to look at my phone before remembering that this was early 1960's and having my phone with me was some kind of foolish dream. I'd have to learn to live without it for a long while. But I knew who it was.

It was Frankie. Frankie fucking Valli. He's cuter in person, I thought quietly. Looking around the room to try to find a calendar (I couldn't exactly yank someone by their arm and ask them what year it was); a few things were running through my mind. One was if Frankie and they were famous yet. Another was what year it was, and then the last thing was wondering if I would ever get home.