A/N: Finally, one of Aiko's children will be sent into the world by Auntie Remi. :D Or, in other words, this is one of the plunnies I've adopted from Aiko. Title and summary are both from her, word for word. Remi only takes credit for the execution (no muse, you are not executing one of Aiko's baby!). This will be a drabblechap, Remi-speak for like a multichip but with shorter and choppier chapters. Enjoy!

1. whisper rising

The whisper was rising up.

It had started with just a single murmur in a digiworld street that had scared Ken out of his wits. Because he was the only one who recognised the name. The only one who even vaguely remembered, though Gennai seemed under the impression that they all knew…

They didn't. That just made things confusing. And frightening, as the whisper began to spread. Random places: the streets, villages, the large empty – and then everywhere they went in the digital world. From digimon with feverish skin and heated lips. Originally they'd look almost normal, just wandering with dazed eyes. Now they weren't wandering much. They were lying in beds and cots being nursed.

Them Chosen had been reduced to nursemaids but no-body was laughing. Maybe someone would have, if it wasn't for that whisper, that name. If Ken hadn't almost jumped out of his skin like someone had doused him with frighteningly cold water.

If the rest of them could only remember what the name 'Milleniummon' even meant to them, why that pit of fear seemed to grow every time they heard it until they didn't want to come to the Digital World anymore, to listen to that whisper rising up louder and louder, more and more…

And if only they could ask someone for an answer. But all they got were whispers of the name. Except for Gennai, who'd started to say something before vanishing into the datascape so that Koushiro had, as of yet, failed to dig him back out again.