The Dark side of Frost

(Jacks Pov Intro)

It was dark out in the cold winter frost of the night, the wind blew snow fell and icy blankets of powder white ready for morn piled high among the streets, if you believed in Santa or Easter bunny or tooth fairy or the sandman.

let me just say they are as real as can be, how do I know this because I am also a guardian the name is jack frost the winter spirit of ice and winter! (And he he mischief) well if you believe for those who are reading that still do believe can see us read on this tale darker proportions but for me I am in for the worst day of my entire life as a guardian.

(North Pole 12:30 till children wake)

The clock stroke 12:30 at midnight almost morning Christmas morning to be exact, everyone in the north pole workshop were sleeping finally their work done for the night everyone accept one young guardian (explanation jack lives in north's domain till he makes his own simple as that he sleeps across from north cause north worries about him at night)

He tossed and turned whimpering as whatever is attacking his sub consciousness brutally with no mercy Jack ice powers spike outside freezing his room to an icy temperature deathly freezing that could kill. North's top elves walked by with cookies they shivered past jacks door they realized the whimpering noises jack made unsettling broke their hearts they immediately ran to north's office/room to tell him of jack's distress.

(North's pov)

I was tinkering in the night I could not sleep a wink I was way too excited for Christmas morn and possibly for the celebration tomorrow chopped a block of ice making a working choo-choo train it whistled as it moved around my office on ice tracks made by jack, he worried about the poor frost spirit lately he been in distress and seemed to be hiding his pain from us it almost seemed like he was icing over his emotions,

the door slammed open I was in the middle of making a teddy bear of ice when I broke the ear from the jarring noise. I scowled now what? He spoke annoyed to the elves they jumped up and down mimicking freezing powers and the room being cold and a the other seemed to be mimicking tossing and turning,

North immediately recognized what they were telling him he jumped out and ran to jacks door he nearly slipped on ice it was below zero down half the hall and the cries were now frantic screams of fear.

I summoned my to swords and busted jacks door down it was freezing and the poor thing was fighting an invisible enemy. I went to his side shaking him whispering trying to get him to wake but he still clawed and fought me, I realized there was no waking him this was a job for sandy he's going to freeze everything in his path if he doesn't calm down! So north went to the globe room he pulled down a lever sending a specific message to sandman only for him he probably was doing his job as we speak but he probably ready to take care of another dreamers fears.

(Sandman's pov 3:00 South Pole village)

A little village boy and girl were terrified of their nightmares but a golden mist slipped through the crack in their window and all was safe there in the golden mist was the One and only Sandman also known as sandy,

he sprinkled golden dust and the children smiled in their sleep their sweet dreams were here and as soon as that he was gone he rubbed his forehead realizing its time to go back home a job well- before he could even think that he saw the northern lights shine a golden color meaning sandman was needed alone at North pole. He flew in a golden chariot made of dream sand and hurried to the North Pole.

(No one's pov)

The ice was getting worse and jacks cries more frantic it pained north to see him like this he knew pitch was not behind it this time it is his memories. The elves sadly stroked the teens white freezing cold hair to at least hope he felt their comfort. There was a whoosh and golden sand appeared sandman looked worried he looked at north's saddened face and then looked at the bed a exclamation point appeared above his silent voice at jacks tossing form, he thought pictures asking what's going on,

North explained they just came in to see everything icing over and jack wont wake up we tried everything! Sand man pushed the elves aside near jack he shushed the troubled ice guardian sandman brought some golden sand and sprinkled it above his head Jacks breathing hitched but came to a steady breathing pattern and he layed still calm as ever, sand man smooth his hair back in worry and comforts he put his finger up shushing north and anyone to leave the room sandy closed the door tucking jack in taking one last look before being satisfied.

Sandman shook his head in disbelief couldn't help but feel angry that jack was feeling such torment and they never saw it before the ice lessened and the rooms temperature turned to normal North looked at sandy he spoke barely above a whisper we need to know sandy what's going on in that little head of his we need to find out so we can help him get over it! Sand man shook his head and made signs saying it's not that simple jack won't even let us near him let alone let us know what's going on! But we have to trie sandy come on Christmas is tomorrow let us worry about the decision in the morning now is the time for happy feelings and Christmas cheer, sandman nodded and disappeared on a golden sand manta ray. North looked at the young frost spirits door in wonder jack please let us help you he pleaded.