Jack gasped bolting upright coughing up some black sand the last of it "JACK!" tooth crushed him in a bone crushing hug "um t- tooth c- cant breath!" tooth let go "sorry im just so happy your alright," jack looked to see happy faces of the other guardians "it's good to be back um listen guys about-"

"No need jack we knew you didn't mean what you did we knew it was not your doing" north cut him off with honesty sandy shot fireworks in happiness it showed pictures of him and snow ball fight "Sure sandy we can do that plus I am sure they need it!" he said with enthusiasm he stood up for what seemed like ages he could breathe and feel his element working with him not against him he opened the wind only to be knocked down by the strong caressing basically hugging force of the north wind "I missed you to wind!" he hopped on the strong current and flew out leaving the guardians behind to get to burgess themselves he flew fast as a speeding rocket he was perfectly in his element now he looked down seeing a frowning Sophie, pippa, Jamie, cupcake, and Monty he through the first snow ball making ammo they shouted in happiness "SNOW DAY!" yep he was back and for good and so the happy snow ball war begun bunny hopped out only to be pelted with multiple snow balls from Sophie jack and Jamie "my own lil ankle biter betrayed meh dis means war you frostbitten snow flake" he declared throwing a boomerang able to knock down the snow he was laughing under the Jamie laughed only to be pelted by a snowball by cupcake "Oh it's on!" he threw one back unknown to them that none of jacks predicament was over "oh how happy they all look don't worry jack we'll fix that very soon" the familiar outline of dark jack could be seen in the shadows of snow and disappeared in flurry of flakes

It grew to sunset north, tooth and sandman joined in a few hours later, they each had their own teams and forts while jack just watched sitting on a lone tree branch watching the fun unfold also thinking about what pitch said "am I really not a guardian do I only hurt people?" he asked himself he looked down at the smiling faces "nah no matter what he says I am a guardian," he smiled seeing the kids trying to get a snow ball at him while he was semi paying attention to them before he could even register to paws behind his back he was in a snow drift headfirst hearing the laughter of the guardian of hope he conjured up a mini sleet storm above bunnies head he gasped "Oi I was only joking around frostbite put out Ah!" he screeched making all the kids laugh harder yeah this is a life he would never want to ruin or give up they're like a mixed family but I guess their kind of my family in a way and I wouldn't trade anything for them.

Ice and beautiful snowflakes blow the screen to a dark credits

(this is actually the end now you got to read sequel which I am going to fix summary and stuff cause I really messed up and I am gonna make it perfect so now for the last time "wind take me home till next time!")