Well hello there! I'm not very good at these openings, but I will try to give a little glimpse into what this story is about.

The new characters that come into this story are not from another show, game or series. They're characters based on my real life experiences, including one based on me. I won't spoil which, but I'm sure you can get the idea :p

This is my first attempt at all on a "Emotional-ish" thing. I'm usually someone who sticks to action and excitement, but deciding to go a different route.

This has been a long process to write, with real life issues and what not. Still, my plan is 30 chapters for those that wonder. I've got the plan out. Just have to get to writing. For those that stop by or have started reading way back and have stuck with it, thank you. It means the world to me.

My goals in writing this are pretty simple:

1) To stretch to a new kind of writing I'm not used to

2) To be able to vent out some real life things in a creative way

3) To try and tell an interesting and emotional story.

Thank you again for reading, and enjoy :D