A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
then the opening star wars music plays


After deafeting the red death hiccup lives a happy life with his dragon toothless and his loving girlfriend
astrid hofferson. While in another galaxy a war is being fought and it does not look good for the rebels.
blah blah blah blah blah blah etc.
the galatic empire has just found a small planet known as Earth

camera looks at earth and big ship following a little ship appears


A horn blows. "Begin!" a 19 year old hiccup yells. His girlfriend Astrid is vs. snotlout in a dragon battle. "Go astrid" hiccup yells out as he blows a kiss to astrid. "if I win astrid you marry me" snickers snotlout. 'Yeah sure I will" said Astrid sarcastically. " stormfly throw spikes at him and his dragon" astrid manages to yell out over the loud crowd. But before stormfly can react a huge explosion goes over berk followed by more. "Get down" hiccup yells running towards astrid. the sound of a tie fighter his heard over head. "what is it" astrid yells running into hiccups arm. "I don't know just run" hiccup says to her kissing her on the cheek. "Toothless!" and with that hiccups loyal companion runs over to him. "alright bud lets have look at what were dealing with" hiccup and toothless take off only to see dozens of tie fighters shooting at the tantive 5.

"Alright bud lets take down those...things before they do any damage" hiccup and toothless charge straight at the huge waves of tie fighters. toothless fires at them and destroys 10 of them but more keep coming. "There is now stopping them is there. well lets give that small flying thing some help." toothless gains some altitude before tie fighters shoot straight at them. astrid who is watching the battle below mounts on stormfly and takes off to engange the tie fighters going after hiccup and toothless." need help hiccup" astrid says joking around. " yes please" hiccup yells out. other dragon riders take to the skies and also engage the waves of tie fighters.

this is my first story so ignore the spelling errors an enjoy. this is only the first chapters of many plz respond to me how you like the story so far