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chapter 3- an awkward meeting...

"Kazuya, hey Kazu wait up"

A loud voice hits his eardrums from behind, a raven headed figure running towards him. That person got forest green eyes and a tall stature with innocently blinding smile. Miyuki Kazuya could only sigh in annoyance, though he is his bestfriend at campus but his cheery behavior is making him being mistaken as a lover of him. Well to be sure this person isn't gay at all, more importantly he already had a fiance at home.

"Kazu-chan why didn't you greet me back"

He whined as he slung his hand freely around Kazuya's shoulder. Feeling a little bit sore from the affections that is given to him, Kazuya elbowed him right on the appendix.
"Ouch! Hell what's that for Kazu"

That person fall down the pavement clutching his stomach. Kazuya fixed his sling bag and sighed.

"That's for being an idiot"

Kazuya continue to walk towards the building leaving him crouching on the ground.


That person tried to retaliate but is stopped by Kazuya's icy glare.

"CHIBA HARUKI! Are you going to continue lying on the ground we don't have all day"

Kazuya started to run towards the building leaving behind a flustered Haruki whom clumsily picking up his things and trying to catch up with him.

The scent of deep fried food had stuck onto his uniform. But that is to be expected from an instant food restaurant that he's working for at the moment. For a person like him which being smart isn't one of the main option in life he must took on various job and get as many experiences as possible.

"Ei-chan, take this to table free"

Although he is working as a waiter the scent of the food still stuck on his clothes. Professionally he took the order right to the table and continue to clean-up the other tables mess. Working in an instant food restaurant give him quite a decent pay but more to the privileges he get free lunch too since the boss is such a nice man. The radio that had been played all day long in the place suddenly play the newest song from an idol he had worship for sometime. The title is "Here I Come" by Kazu. The deep voice of the singer had somehow touches his heart. ~here I come, let's forget about yesterday~ ~its a new day, forget what people say~ ~here I come so reach out to me~

The lyrics somehow managed to pierced his heart and the song itself pictures about someone wanting to move on just like he, himself.

"Ei-chan can you go and take the order, Mia put's"

The brunette smiled at his boss and walk to the cashier's place.

"Welcome to "Aired Grill and Fries" what can I get for you"

He asked the customer only to be answered with silent. When the raised his head to see the customer face he's shocked to see that it was his stalker.

"Hello Ei-chan, I bought flowers for you"

That man is holding a bunch of white roses which he handed towards Eijun.

"YOU, what're you doing here"

Eijun asked menacingly.

"Nothing in particular, I just want to see my love that's all"

The atmosphere begins to tense. The customers began to look at both of them, watching the drama progress.

"Didn't I told you to leave me alone"

Eijun tried to solve the issues only to be pulled over the counter and his hand pinned on the other side.

"Let me go"

He struggled to get free only to get the grip around his hands tighten and his body bent into an unusual angle.

"My dear surely you don't meant what you say isn't it"

That man tighten his hold on the brunette hand and tried to use his other hand to caresses Eijun's cheek. Suddenly a loud bang sounded and that man's already on the floor.

"Are you all right sweetie"

The handsome face of Chiba Haruki swam into his view. Eijun's face flushed a bit, flustered by the face of his savior. That's when he met face to face with the face he tried to let go all this years...


Miyuki Kazuya spoken and stuttered as he recognized the face of the one and only Sawamura Eijun...

"Both of you know each other?"

That is the beginning of their new story or will it be the end to it forever...