There just outside the door, stood Loki. He was slightly beat up, and very tired looking.

You stand there speechless.

There she is...just as beautiful as I remember.

Thor steps up behind Loki, looking just as beat up.

"May we come in?" Loki asks.

You step aside and Loki and Thor enter the apartment.

"I know it has been longer than I promised...but I have returned...for you." Loki says closing the door. "Just as I said I would."

You still do not respond.

"Darling are you..." Loki begins to say.

Before he can finish you hug him tightly.

Loki wraps his arms around you.

"I...I..." You stutter. "I missed you." You begin to cry.

Loki touches your face. "I know, I know."

"I lost the baby..." You clear your throat and glance over at Thor nervously.

Ah yes, that is right...I had nearly forgotten about that part of the plan.

Loki pauses, he turns away from you for a moment.

"Brother." Thor touches his shoulder.

Loki shrugs him off.

Thor turns to you. "I am truly sorry..." He looks at Loki. "..for both of you."


You close your eyes for a moment. "I have done my grieving."

There is a long moment of silence.

"So, what brings you here? I mean...Loki weren't know in prison?"

Thor and Loki exchange looks. Loki sighs and then begins to explain to you all about "the conversions" and some evil elf guy named Malekith going after Thor's girlfriend named Jane Foster.

"So...Thor broke you out of prison?" You say after Loki explains everything.

"Yes." Thor nods.

"Isn't that like treason?" You ask.

"...Yes." Loki nods.

You sit down on a nearby chair.

"Sorry, this is a lot to handle." You say.

"I can imagine." Loki places a hand on your shoulder.

"You said you are here for me...what do you mean?"

"We are taking you with us." Loki says.

"Wait, what? Where exactly?"

Loki and Thor exchange looks.

" can't mean...Asgard!? I thought...didn't you just tell me that you committed treason?"

"Well..." Loki sighs.

"I will handle our Father." Thor says confidently.

"Your father." Loki corrects him.

"How do you even get to Asgard?" You ask.

"You'll see." Loki says.

You pause. "Okay well we have to wait until Nat and Clint get back."

"No time." Loki says.


"Loki is right. As much as I would like to see my Midgard companions we must get back to Asgard before Father unleashes an entire fleet of troops after us out of rage."

"I just wanted to say goodbye." You sigh.

"You will see them again surely." Thor reassures you.

No she would not. I will never let her return here again. She will stay with me, where she can be safe.

"I will help you gather your things. No need for clothing though, you will have plenty of clothes made for you on Asgard." Loki says.

You nod and lead Loki into the bedroom you shared with Natasha.

"You shared this chamber with the red-headed woman?" Loki looks around.

"Yes." You grab the gray note book sitting on your bedside table and rip out a page. "I'll have to write her a note I guess."

You quickly scribble out a note and place the piece of paper onto her bed.

You grab a bag from the closet and through in the notebook (which you had been using as a journal), a couple of pens, a watch Natasha bought for you, some pictures of your family and your childhood home, your favorite cat stuffed animal, and two tee shirts from Disney World.

"I said you need not pack clothing." Loki says.

"I know...But I like tee shirts." You shrug.

"Very well." Loki rolls his eyes.

You bite you lip, looking him over. "Are you okay? Like you aren't hurt right?"

"I will survive. It takes a lot more than a few scrapes and bruises to kill me." Loki pulls you into a hug. "I must ask...are you alright?"

"I am. I guess...I'm just a little shocked." You say nervously.

"Did you not believe I would return?" Loki looks hurt.

"I always hoped..." Your voice is weak.

Loki kisses you passionately on the lips.

"I promised you and I will never break a promise to you."

You feel your heart flutter.

"Although, I do not blame you for not believing me. I am after all, the God of Lies." Loki smirks.