"Thank you, but all I require is a position on your sofa." Loki smiles politely.

Did this guy seriously kill all those people?

"Uh sure...There..." You point to the couch.

Loki nods and takes a seat.

"I will be right back..." You look down at your towel, this was the perfect excuse. You could go and say you needed to change, but really you'd call the police! "I am going to change." You back out of the room.

She was planning to call the police. Loki could hear her thoughts, but he didn't want to scare her.

"Very well." Loki calls after you.

With a wave of his hand, he disconnects the phone lines.

You pick up your cell phone and attempt to dial 911.

"No service!" You whisper loudly and then cover your mouth.

Oh my God! Oh my God! You had a crazy guy in your house and the lines were dead.

You throw on an oversized mickey mouse tee shirt and a pair of plaid pajama pants then return to the living room.

Thankfully that worked.

"You know, I swore you wore a thing with antlers on your head." You nervously say as you get him a pillow and sheets from the hall closet even though he said he didn't need any.

"My armor was taken from me when I was captured." Loki says.

"Right...So Mr. Tough Guy, how did you escape? I mean aren't the Avengers like the best heroes in the world?" You ask.

"They under estimate my power." Loki smirks.

He remembered saying that as well. Oh! Him saying that meant you were going to leave the room and before he followed you into the bedroom and well...he didn't want that to happen again. He wanted to take things slow.

"Alrighty... Well here's the couch. Goodnight. Hey, if you ditch before I wake up lock the door." You begin to retreat to your room.

"I am turning myself in tomorrow." Loki says.

You stop.

"Why?" You ask, suddenly curious. "You got away, didn't you?"

"Yes...well...let us just assume I know that my prison sentence will be short. I should just face it and have it done with."

"Short? For blowing up New York? No way." You enter the living room again.

"I will not be serving prison time here in this realm." Loki says.

"Huh?" You sit on the couch besides him. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I will be returning home, to Asgard."

"So...you and Thor really are from..."

"Another world? Yes." Loki nods.

"What's it like there?" You ask dreamily.

Uh oh, this conversation was suppose to happen the next day. Things are moving fast.

"It's beautiful, everything is gold and the road has many colors in it. Unlike the black roads you have here on Midgard." Loki tells you.

"A rainbow road? I'll pass. I hate that place in Mario Kart..." You laugh at your own joke.

Loki got the joke now, but he had to pretend he did not.

"Mario Kart?" Loki gives you a confused look which causes you to laugh even more.

Loki missed your laugh.

"Do not laugh at me!" Loki demands, but he can't help but smile. "I do not know who this Mario Kart is, but your laugh...It is wonderful." He says causing you to blush.

"Maybe I'll introduce you later..." You smile. "How long do you plan to stay here?"

Time to be a gentleman, even thought he wanted you so badly.

"Yes well...I must be going to sleep." Loki says.

You didn't want him to go to sleep! You wanted him to keep talking to you! You wanted...you wanted to kiss him!

Loki's heart fluttered. He really should stop reading your mind.

"I guess...you are right." You sigh. "I just..."

"You just what?" Loki asks you.

"I just..."

Why were you attracted to this man?!

"I want to kiss you." Loki says.

Your heart nearly jumps out of your throat.

"May I?" He asks politely.

You bite your lip and nod.

Loki leans in and you close your eyes. Your lips touch and your stomach nearly explodes with butterflies. Your head is full of fireworks and your lips are on fire.

"Woa." You say slightly dazed when your lips part.

"Agreed." Loki smiles.

You look at him again. "Would you maybe...I don't know..."

You knew what you wanted...S-E-X.

It had been such a long time for Loki.

"Yes?" Loki questions.

"Would you like to...uh...sleep in my bed?" You ask. "With me?" You add.

Loki eyes you.

He couldn't hold back the urge.

"Yes." He says with a smirk.