She loves me and I must leave her...I could cry with joy. She thinks she loves me...

You wake up tangled in your blankets.

You roll over and your heart stops, Loki was gone!

You sit up. "Loki?" You call out.

No response. You stand, about to leave the room when Loki enters the room carrying two plates.

You sigh with relief.

"I prepared two of pockets in the electric cooking device. Did you just call for me?" Loki asks.

You blush. "Oh yeah...I thought..."

"That I left without saying farewell. No, darling not I." Loki kisses your forehead. "We must speak." He sits on the bed.

"Yeah okay." You sit next to him. He hands you a plate and you bite into a hot pocket.

"Today I am turning myself in." Loki says.

You heart skips a beat. "How? I mean if you just walk up to the Avengers they'll kill you!" You say quickly.

She cares if I die. She CARES.

Loki touches your cheek gently. "I have a plan darling...but I would need your help."

She is just so damn beautiful.

You pause. "Okay, what do I have to do?"

"Well, this is where is get complicated." Loki sighs.

I do not want to ask this of her...but the Avengers would never kill an innocent mortal woman.

"I will transmit a signal out of your apartment. This will notify the one called Tony Stark to my whereabouts because surely he is tracking any signals that could come from one of Asgard. Once notified, you can guarantee the Avengers will come storming in after myself. However, they will be greeted with us. Now, I need you to trust me, and trust me completely for this to work. Do you trust me?"

"I...yes. I do." Something deep down told you that you should trust him.

"The Avengers will be more open to talking this out rather then attacking."

"How do you know they won't attack?"

"Because of something I will say."

"What are you going to say?"

Loki pauses, he removes the plates from the bed. "Well...something that will be true but is not true yet. I thought of this plan last night while you were bathing."


"Worry not, it will insure your safety and my safety."


Loki kisses you. "You said you trusted me."

Your eyes meet.

"I do."

"I must make it seem as if you are with child, my child."

"...what? You want me to pretend to be pregnant? Loki, they have tests...they'll know. Iron Man's suit scans people...He'll know I'm not..."

"Well either I impregnate you right here and now or I use this thing called undetectable magic to make it appear as if you have been pregnant for many months."

You laugh nervously. "No need to impregnate me here and now then..."

"I agree, here and now is not the time. Later, in the future...certainly but no not here."

You raise an eyebrow. "In the future?"

"Yes darling , in our future."

Your heart skips a beat.

"What if I don't want their to be an our future?" You ask.

"One of my abilities includes hearing other peoples thoughts. Your thoughts last night suggest there will be an our future." Loki says casually.

So he knew you loved him...he knew!?

"Now the way my plan will work... involves you going through some pain. You will feel as if you are pregnant. You will feel the illness and the achiness."

You groan.

"Okay, but what happens when I magically do not give birth in 9 months?"

"I will have it seem as if you are already six months into carrying my child, and when month eight comes around you will "loose" that child in the form of a "miscarriage"."

" it going to hurt like a miscarriage?"

"It may."

"So wait, why do I have to pretend to be pregnant?"

"Imagine the Avengers finding us here, I am kissing you passionately... It will take only a moment for them to piece it together. The look of horror and confusion on their faces will be priceless. Loki, the killer...visiting a mortal...kissing a mortal...a pregnant mortal. They will not shoot with you beside me, they will talk it out. They would never shoot and risk hurting a pregnant innocent. It is the only way to insure that they do not kill me. Next I will bargain with them for your safety. Do you trust me?"

"You already know I do." You say. "But why can't I just try to talk to them? You know are good now?"

"They will think you are a naïve child in love with a monster."

You pause. "Am I?"

"In love with a monster? yes." Loki nods. "I am a monster."

"You are not..."
"Will you submit to this plan or not?" Loki changes the subject.

You bite your lip. "Two months of pregnancy pain?"

"Darling...they'll kill me...they will not hesitate..."

You think about Loki...seeing him die...loosing him. You think about your didn't know why you felt the way you did...but you did. You had this love for him...for this practical stranger.

"If it's what you really think will be best...then I suppose I agree to it."

Loki kisses you. "I promise will be real. You and I...we will be married again and we will have a child together. Lots of children...we'll be a family. I...I love you. You are my are what I need to be saved."

"Saved?" You ask dazed by his eyes.

"Yes...from myself." Loki kisses your forehead.

You heart flutters. You loved him. No doubt, you wanted him to stay. You didn't want him to go.

"Please...just stay." You hold his hand.

"If I will be at risk. Let me tell you...I will NEVER put you in danger. I will never ever let a possible threat near you. I promise I will protect you."

You squeeze his hand. "Do the spell thing..."

Loki sighs. "Lay down."

You lay back.

Loki places his hands on your stomach.

"This may hurt a little."

There's a flash of green light and then the pain.

Your stomach felt like it was going to explode.

"Almost there darling." Loki says calmly.

You tear up. "It hurts Loki."

"I know...I know...I am sorry."

Right when you feel like you are going to black out, it stops.

You look down and gasp.

Your once over-sized shirt was now stretched almost to the max due to your enormous stomach.

"I have a baby belly!"

"Not a real one..." Loki says.

You jump up and run into the bathroom. You look in your full length mirror.

"Weird." You poke your rather large stomach.

Loki enters behind you and kisses the back of your head.

I always loved her looking pregnant.

You examine your reflection and think what it would be like if you were married to Loki and actually pregnant. Then you realize that's actually want you want someday. You want him to marry you. You sigh. Maybe one day...if he actually returned like he said he would.

"Ready?" Loki asks.

"Let me put on some clothes." You say looking at your pants-less legs and stretched-out tee.

"I will get the transmission set up..." Loki turns to leave the bathroom.

"Wait." You grab his hand and then pull him into a hug.

"I...I know that you know this...or at least I think you know...but I need to tell you before this all begins because...It's important. You came into my life...quite abruptly. Talking of love and what not...I never thought I never believed...that I would you you. But Loki, I you that is. I can't explain it, I honestly don't get it myself. We don't really know each other well...yet I can't let you go. I don't want you to walk out of my life. But I know you have to. I need you already and it scares me. So please..." You let go of him and look him in the eye. "Return to me."

"I shall. You are all I want anymore. Believe in me, Asgard is nothing...Midgard is nothing...a throne is secondary to you my love."

"Then let's get this show on the road...I guess." You sigh.